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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jul 21, 2021 - 6:44:38 AM

"The World is a POOR, POOR Competition for the Singing Joy of The King's Highway."
By Les Visible
Jul 21, 2021 - 6:41:15 AM

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July 20th 2021

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I, USUALLY, solve something to My Satisfaction in one of two ways. I reason it out, or I am informed by The Intuition, which... I will mention again stands for Inner Teaching. So it is that I was considering the vaccines in this light. We KNOW that the pandemic was a case of transference and deception because The Flu and the Common Cold disappeared, and so did all the other maladies whose numbers they needed to panic humanity. It reminds me of Israel changing the Arab names for towns and streets in The Occupied Zones, so as to say... "Well, they/it were never here in the first place."

I tied the Scamdemic in with the election right off. Then I went on to the vaccines, which I guess were ready and waiting all along. However... they aren't really vaccines, are they? And they don't really work, do they? People are dying from them in numbers that perhaps all the vaccines of history combined would not accomplish. People are also getting all sorts of alarming reactions. Some of them trending toward chronic conditions. On the whole... studying and reflecting, I can come to no other conclusion than that the vaccines are the product of malign intent.

Chaotic conditions the world over are being accelerated at this time. It's as if there is some kind of a race on. Something is coming. Something big is coming and it is going to sweep all other concerns aside. They may still be there but they won't matter, as the awareness dawns on all life to SOME degree or other. It will be seen from many diverse perspectives. Self-Interest will triumph in many and that runs from concerns over profit to SURVIVAL issues. It is not that hard to imagine that, depending on your state of being, it might look like a devil, or it might look like an angel. It could look like an alien, or whatever the heart imagines or The Mind PROJECTS

It looks like there will be people jumping for joy, and there will be people trembling in fear. There will be sadness and gladness all around. There will be people looking to hide and some to be seen who were previously unseen.

Study your life and see where your investments are. What did you do with your life? Whatever that would be is where you will find your investments. That could be really good news or really bad news. The best news is that one can do something about it. At any point where a person comes to epiphany, and there still remains life and breath, there is hope of transforming change and that means a change of destiny. One might have been doing nothing of any real importance for most of their life. One might have been doing mostly harm. One can step into a new world of understanding at any time. This is one of the features of an apocalypse and most especially of a Grand Apocalypse. With the coming of The Avatar will be coming a stream of waterfalling blessings. Those who are ABLE TO SEE or FEEL THEM will enjoy them.

Many things are coming with The Avatar. He is bringing his Qualities. He is bringing forgiveness and redemption for those who would avail themselves of it. He is bringing punishment for those who are unrepentant and defiant. I think resisting The Avatar would be like a temporary shadow, caused by a passing cloud, raising its fists to The Sun. It's no contest. This is something The Dark Side refuses to acknowledge. There are those steeped in evil who know how the power ratio works out but there is something in their nature that keeps them from getting it.

I am well aware of how things look down here and I am also conversant with History. I know what a bloodbath it's been. I can see the sorrow and loss. We've never had it so good as in recent years. For many of us, it seems that our appreciation and gratitude have left town. I was fairly convinced that it was true what got said here about Materialism=Insanity. I have now been completely convinced. I can see the trends running out of the moment, like programmed rivers. Trends have a destiny, just like everything else. It is obvious, everyone dies OR IS CHANGED. Does it not seem therefore that what you live for is what you will die for? Karma is a MOST INTRIGUING thing. It has my attention a good part of the time, especially since EVERYTHING is Karma.

Karma is a simple process, it seems; action and then reaction is as succinctly as I can put it. Then you add in terms such as equal, like, and opposite. That complicates it somewhat. Then you get into the uniqueness factor of individualized snowflakes. Isn't each grain of sand somehow unique and apart? The same applies to us. There are times when God lights up the entire universe with his conscious light, for a brief period (relatively speaking). It doesn't happen often, but it happens.

Of course, as an individual, you can experience this with every cell in all of your bodies being flooded with conscious light. This is one of the culminating moments in Yoga. If anyone knew what wonders await them on the spiritual path, they would walk no other path.

The World is dazzling, isn't it? More so than most would accept. Many think that they see through The World and they don't even see through themselves. Maya has both gross and fine aspects. The grosser and the finer run off into an infinitude of progressions. If you can manage to get undazzled, there is a much more incredible area of experience awaiting. This is another feature that comes with The Avatar. There are always a certain amount of signs and wonders. Some see a good amount of them and some see nothing at all. Beyond such pedestrian spiritual events, there is a deeper core of wonder at the treasure cave within, filled with endless possibilities of being and expression.

We live in a treasure house and cannot see the treasures. We see the bad copies and intentional perversions of them. They are presently plentiful. It takes a special sort of person to turn away from the bedazzlement of The World. Ironically, life WILL teach you the value of what you thought was worth having, pursuing et. al. This is the essence of Suffering. The Buddha put it as clearly as I've heard it, when he said, "All life is pain, caused by ignorant desire." Christ said, "Lay not up your treasures where moth and rust can consume them." Krishna said that by whatever path anyone might go, he is the end result. "All roads, Arjuna, lead to me." So... one suffers until one is tired of suffering, and then lets go of the instruments of their torment.

The Avatar is bringing the game plan and the road map for the next round of demonstrations for the purpose of (grin). The Avatar is all of your real hopes and dreams in a singularity. He's coming to reward and to punish. He has no wish to punish but the process is automatic. Here comes Karma again.

I've studied, and in some cases, experienced some of the states that different systems speak of, like Nirvana, Heaven, Awakening, Realization, Liberation, Jivanmukti, Illumination. There are a lot of words one could add here. I am not in any way seeking to imply that I am realized, liberated, or illuminated. What I am saying is that I have had a taste of them here and there. Some of the experiences were absolutely transforming and have stayed through my life. I can tell you this much, The World is a POOR, POOR competition for the Singing Joy of The King's Highway.

Yes, there are rocks in the road. There are ALWAYS rocks in the road. It might be said that WE are the rocks in the road. You can look at it as a drudgery, or dangerous, or you can see it with excitement and anticipation. The Attitude is yours. I don't want to be Down. Some people prefer it. Some like to sing The Blues. That doesn't work for me. I'm waiting on The Avatar and I know he's coming, and he's coming on the inside as well.

I don't know why this would be hard for anyone to believe. We have historical records of avatars coming and going. You would find if you could access occult history, that it is a cosmic clockwork thing. Whenever things get too disturbing down here, he makes an appearance, and he does it in REGULAR sequences. He's due clockwise and he's due world-wise, insofar as present conditions are evidence of.

Prior to his coming there is a departure of humanity from spiritual concerns. Often the traditions he comes into have become archaic, rigid, and often nonsensical. Ping! Ping! Ping!

As I have said, often, I don't have to convince anyone else of anything. I have ONLY to convince myself. I KNOW that God is REAL. Having confirmed this, I am left with no further options except to CELEBRATE it, and I FULLY intend to do so.

This is a time to pay CAREFUL attention to what is going on inside of you. Outside of you is, at best, a distraction. I know you have to go to work, put food on your family and complete the various chores that attend our being here. Well... the good news is that once you find God (who wasn't lost in the first place) you will still have to chop wood and carry water. These are Incidentals to your being here, and tied into your previous engagements. Far more important is that which is lifting you out of the dream world and into a cornucopia of endlessly flowing NOW. My recommendation is to go with that.

End Transmission.......

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praise for Dr. Falsie




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