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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Sep 8, 2021 - 6:19:20 AM

"The World CANNOT Come Under the Control of Any Particular Person, Group or Agenda."
By Les Visible
Sep 8, 2021 - 6:16:36 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There was an article linked at Revolver and it went to Salon. It's an uptown, liberal, propaganda-magazine website. The article was about how The Satanic Temple might be a big help to the abortion crowd. They are asking for a RELIGIOUS exemption for the taking of abortion pills in their ceremonies. What is really happening is that The Satanic Movement is positioning itself for a more mainstream profile. If you look at the Baphomet statue that Satan Org uses as a trademark, the way any corporation has its logo, you will see a very interesting feature. You will probably only notice if you are already informed, BUT... the pentagram which is traditionally REVERSED in all previous imagery of the icon, is now RIGHT-SIDE UP.


They are homogenizing Satanism for mass consumption. This incorporates all the trans-humanist movements and certain areas of New Age Think. It will be billed as a practical and modern religion for a modern age. They are not about evil anymore. It's really no more than looking out for yourself. Hey! Anyone can understand that, right?

They do have all the powers of The World at hand... if they happened to know what they were doing, which few if any of them do. They are mere carnival barkers for The Real Thing, which is... itself, not real to begin with. The Satanic Church is mostly composed of sexual deviants and anarchistic Antifa types. Behind the scenes, you can be sure, is heavy money.

It is very difficult to reach people who do not believe in The Real Thing because they can't see it. It is nearly impossible to explain anything to them, should you happen to know anything to begin with. There are some who do. That is why they use parables and allegory to clothe the ideas.

Carnal Minds, and the perspectives of Materialism are unable to view The Eternal because they are immersed in The Temporary. The Temporary is what is visible to mortal sight. The Eternal is not. This is why the eye has been associated with The Devil for such a long time across the span of Occult History, and even occasionally in fabricated and revisionist history. In more recent times, Tolkien brought us The Lidless Eye of Sauron.

The World deceives through Appearances. Appearances are a lie and The Devil is The Father of Lies. We could go deeper into this but it would make it needlessly dense. It's easy to see if you are not deceived, and it is appetite and desire that deceive you. It is WANTING. When you don't want anything you are incorruptible. For various reasons, it can take a long time to find out that all you have been wanting is not worth having. The World makes it look exciting. It drapes a model across a car. It puts beautiful pictures of beautiful people in faraway locales. It beads the perspiration on a bottle of beer in the hands of a girl in a swimsuit, whose callipygian posterior also has beads shimmering on it, ♫ HOT fun in The Summertime ♫

In this unruly and topsy turvy world of the moment, many mighty engines have been loosed in pursuit of the control of The World. The World CANNOT come under the control of any particular person, group, or agenda. The Earth is a Living Thing. Everything is alive in some way, even a rock. You might say that rocks are deeply sleeping without dreams. When plants break them up, then they dream in the plant. When animals eat the plants, and other animals eat the animals that eat the plants, another order of dreaming comes about, and so on up the ladder to Awakening, also called Realization, and Liberation as well.

We have different terms to describe The Same Thing. We've got; The Operation of The Sun, The Great Work= or The Knowledge and Conversation of The Holy Guardian Angel, The Pearl of Great Price, The Philosopher's Stone, The Cintamani, and there are a number of others. For Avatars we have; Kalki, Maitreya, The Mahdi, and... the Second Coming of Christ. Variation is an endless theme here. Now purists will insist that the first series are not at all The Same Thing. My perspective is NOT to argue about something, but to go on out (or in) and find it. I cannot figure out why people stand around and argue about these things. They get titles before, and degrees after their names, and become Professional Arguers. They become Self Important and a drag to be around.

God spare me from Intellectuals who are literally pounding sand; countless grains of sand that run through their minds in search of meaning. The ONLY real meaning is what exists prior to the sand. They might think about that for a moment and The Sandman Returns and it's Dream Time again. The First Matter is The Aether out of which Everything Else proceeds through vibration and precipitation.

Whatever it is that you believe is what you have talked yourself into. Unless you have DIRECTLY experienced it, you are engaged in mere speculation. Immediately following that, the mercantile gene goes active and someone sets out to sell it to you. Other mercantile minds see this and whip up their own version. Next thing you know you have a marketplace of The Same Thing, designed to look differently in different packaging. Religions are like this. The cash register is never far off, ESPECIALLY in Times of Material Darkness.

The Truth CANNOT be sold. The moment ANYONE sets out to sell it, even if they had some glimmer of it the moment before, it's gone. ALL of the higher virtues are like this. They will not lodge in profane hearts and minds. This is controlled from The Devic-Angelic realm. It's actually controlled deeper in than that, but they are the administrators of Supernal policy. Angels are direct xpressions of The Divine. They embody principles and powers. Their classes of angels are even called by those names, along with Dominions and Thrones, and Santa has his reindeer, Snow White has her dwarves. Interesting segue there, Visible.

On the other end, across an impassable gulf from the angels are the gangsters and their posses, the cabals, the revolutionaries and social reformers, the blood-oath bandits, and sundry. They each have their zones of enterprise. Depending on which plane of action you find yourself on, due to your Desire Body, there you will find the simulacrum that you seek. You don't have to worry about the specters of Armageddon, catastrophe, and devastation UNLESS IT APPLIES TO YOU. Like many, you could be ♫ looking for love in all the wrong place ♫

Surely this Plandemic of some common virus in a Halloween outfit has taught us a little something about Humanity. Quite a few of us have been convinced, coerced, threatened or whathaveyou into getting a vaccine that is not a vaccine for a garden variety virus. Some of us knew, right off the bat that THEY were lying, because... THEY are ALWAYS lying.

THEY work for the present permutation of The Lidless Eye. THEY want Civil War. They want to take over even more than they have taken over, and they can FEEL their control slipping away, and they can HEAR the chilling voice of The Darkness before The Light breaks.

Surely, you have noticed that the enforcement of masks and behavioral protocols is proving much more effective in the 'former' Crown Colonies of The UK, Canada and Australia. Why do you think that is? It is due to gun control. They did not have our Second Amendment, therefore our government still fears the people. For them, the best effort is to turn us upon each other. This they are working with Sexual Diversity, the vaxxed and unvaxxed, Black against White, and many other constructs, including the destruction of The Family Unit. They instigated the homeless problem so as to make the streets unpredictable. Here you see actual street scenes in Filthydelphia.

THEY are ruthless criminals who have convinced themselves of their own supremacy over other life forms. THEY are working hard to bestialize humanity and their living spaces. I, perhaps, should not say, THEY, as if I am setting them apart from the rest of life that is ALL interconnected on a shimmering web that cannot be seen by mortal eyes. It is THEY who have set themselves apart and us against one another. One of the key secrets to getting along in this world is to not hinder another in their pursuit of self-destruction. The key is to be in harmony with all life. Our job is NOT to set The World in order. The World is self-adjusting. God takes care of The Details. Our job is to align ourselves with The Divine, to be in resonance with Heaven.

If you can maintain a resonance with Heaven in any consistent manner, you can bring The Kingdom of Heaven into residence within you. This is not something you learn about or accomplish over the course of 3 weekends and a 4 day intensive at the end. It comes to the sincere, disciplined, and determined heart, once the hosting mechanism has been properly prepared, and not messed with by The Hosting Mechanism itself.

The Freak Circus is going to be going up a few notches very shortly. The Bad Guys know what they are up against, otherwise, it is dawning on them now and they are at various degrees of URGENCY about it. This is going to make for VERY Interesting Theater. What is happening has not happened before in a very long time. Why else do you think so many people have incarnated here at this time? It's going to be ♫ a hot time in the old town tonight ♫ Something once got said about, The Fire Next Time"; I am referring to the scriptural sources; not water but the fire next time. Fasten your seatbelts!

End Transmission.......

A few (maybe more than a few) links for your perusal=

World Economic Forum pushing out Covid-19 COERCION PROPAGANDA that trains vaxxers how to target non-vaxxers

Via jensingr at Rumor Mill News

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Did ‘gender studies' lose Afghanistan?

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Many things going on under the radar=
Liberals Fear The Thousands Of Trump Supporters Taking Over Local GOP Positions

Things are not so good in The Land of Oz=
New South Wales residents told to expect Covid-19 booster shots indefinitely

Via The Real History Channel
(all former Crown Colonies except for the US are the most Draconian on the planet)
The Sassoon Family aka 'The Rothschilds of the East
By Mike King

Via Gateway Pundit
Whoa! Don't hold back
Texas Congressman Goes SCORCHED EARTH on Republicans and Dems After House Committee Votes to Include Women in US Military Draft

(Here is that nine-part Twitter THREAD)

Via Nick Monroe at Post Millennial
Well... there is batshit, and then there is REALLY BATSHIT=
California's Board of Education sued over making kids chant and pray to Aztec gods in their curriculum

Paul Joseph Watson, Via The Truthseeker
Video: Hungary Fans Loudly Boo England Players Taking a Knee
For those paying attention to the three card Monte game of Virus and Vaccine, this is a good site to know about=
Rich in information, watch, download and re-upload this video series

wayback machine page capture from Post Millennial
REVEALED: Antifa has a pedophile problem

Via Infowars
Mr. Apocalypse again!!!
Ultra-Vaxxed Israel Now Has Highest CV Case Rate In The World; Sweden Bans Travelers From Israel

Via Breitbart
Now this... THIS is astounding=
Bill de Blasio May Run for New York Governor in 2022

Georgia Clark: 27-year-old Australian reporter hospitalized with pericarditis 10 days after Pfizer injection, encourages others to still get the injections

Via Breitbart
Hypocrisy abounds as the clueless march to their own personal Armageddon-on=
‘Dune' Director Denis Villeneuve Launches Climate Change Rant at Venice Film Festival: ‘Future Generations will Judge Us'

Via Breitbart
Mr. Apocalypse yet again=
‘Vampire Diaries' Star Kat Graham Says She ‘Dismantled' Her Identity and Now Identifies as ‘Toro Gato'

What a load of utter bullshit!
Top Secret Clearance Ambassador Tells All, Eugenics, Trump, Order of the Black Sun and MORE!


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