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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

The Supernal Realm and the Infernal Realm and the Industrious Angels that Fly Between.
By Les Visible
Sep 1, 2019 - 10:26:28 PM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

This is the metaphysical corner in Visibilandia. Although we do not feature (at this location) discount crystals, Chakra Khan Cleansing, psychic past life readings from our resident Hell's Angel leather nun, Hallelujah- Oil Slick- Rainbow Morning, Reiki Applied, Lower Astral Colonics Twerking, or any number of other seriously sophisticated, new age, hornswaggle hulas, horizontal hulas or any hulas; not even bobble head hulas, we do have a few things you are extremely unlikely to run across at Divine Travel Cruises, hosted by that Renaissance Woman of All Things for All Ages on the Sliding Scale for Bell Curve Ex-Pats, Susan Shumsky who, no matter what anyone says, is not in it ONLY for the money; wait until you read about all the cool things she can do and is a master of!!! She even 'teaches' intuition! Wow! How do you teach Intuition? And Boy Howdy for that! There is a whole list of accomplished Masters of The Universe at that page. Here is just one of the fantastic, To the Moon Alice! Trips that you can go on. Wait!!! There's more!!! If you order now, you can go here to sign up for more things than you ever imagined were possible!!! You can just keep going to one place after another, for as long as your bank account or trust fund makes possible.

To be honest, I can't do all the things that Susan and the other people at that page can do. However, to be fair, neither can Susan or the other clowns. You really owe it to yourself to read the bios of the people who will be resident at the Too the Moon, Alice Trip on UFOs, most especially, Zadok 'Ra' Osiris. Not only are nearly all of them from 'a particular genetic demographic' but as you study their claims, well... why not just see for yourself? There are all kinds of opportunities to 'pay in advance' for certain 'services' that will be available on the cruise. Sadly, these are not going to be the kind of services you might have paid for in another time and place from practitioners dressed by Victoria's Secret, where you might have felt like you got your money's worth, as long as you don't get arrested but... the good news is that you can still remind yourself that, regardless... you did get screwed, even if it wasn't in the way you had hoped it might be but they do provide a champagne brunch.

I try very hard not to say I can do things that I cannot do. There are several reasons for this. One of them is that I do not want to be exposed as a fraud or a con artist. Now... it is true that there are people who think of me in a less than positive light but it isn't from selling pink slime as hamburger. Another reason is that I truly hate to disappoint people and promise something that cannot be delivered. What I promise, CAN BE delivered but it will cost you something; not money, which is the least valuable of what you possess. It will cost you time and effort and it will require Faith, Certitude and Determination. I suspect none of you would really appreciate it anyway, if it didn't cost time and effort. There is a certain satisfaction we gain from putting our life blood and our sweat into something; be that allegorical or metaphorical, after a fashion, or not. In this case you have to impress the source of the item(s) you are after and that source is not easily impressed. One finds out fairly quickly whether they are up to it or not.

I want to talk to you about spiritual powers. Most of you already have these powers but may not be aware of how to activate or employ them. It is NOT A GOOD THING to seek after powers of any kind. You are responsible for the results from your performance of them. Many an offender deeply wishes, in the aftermath, that they had not tried to be The Sorcerers Apprentice. It is always best to let these things develop naturally on their own, as the fruits of austerities and spiritual practices. That said, the evolution CAN BE hothoused. Sitting on top of every physical sense, is a spiritual sense and one of the main reasons that we cannot access these senses, is because we have, through habit and routine, overly identified with the physical side of our senses. This is especially true in times of material darkness.

There are some spiritual powers that we don't recognize as being spiritual powers. I assure you they are exactly that. We consider these powers to be qualities. Among them are Compassion, Understanding, Integrity, Faith, Certitude and Determination among quite a few others. These qualities, in their higher aspect, are the qualities of God and correctly employed, they can have the same impact as when they are exercised by divine agency. What we call Angels and what are termed Devas in the East, individually embody these qualities. There are grades of angelic beings. The Invisible Hierarchy and the Angelic Kingdom are not unlike the levels of management in a large corporation.

You might think that Archangels are the highest in the ranks. This is not so. I, in NO WAY, am an expert on angels. Most of what I know about angels is that they exist and this is because I have direct experience of that. According to certain arcane traditions, angels exist in 'spheres', of which there are three. Among angels, Seraphim are considered the highest because they are closest to God. After them come Cherubim, then Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and then, your generic angel. The last of these are our intermediaries and guardian angels come out of this group. You can do your own research if you are of a mind and want to know what the various ranks of angels do.

Isn't it interesting that in the common parlance of today, Seraphim and Cherubim are seen as cuddly little creatures on Valentine Cards and such?

The qualities I spoke of would no doubt be represented by the Virtues and in some cases, Powers. There is an angel who oversees each of the physical senses. There are angels that regulate the other angels. Angels, though mostly unseen, are involved in every aspect of human existence. This is also true of animals and plants as well. When you have demonstrated yourself to be a legitimate representative of ANY of the higher aspects of human behavior, you are going to come into contact with angels. I could go on and on about this subject but that is not the purpose of this posting.

I do have a question though, why is it that the only people who seem to see angels, are complete airheads and are looking to charge you for talking about them and- should you be foolish enough to oblige- will find yourself never wanting to hear about angels again. It just seems to me... I could be wrong, of course but... it just seems to me that any self respecting angels would tear off in the opposite direction the moment they even saw one of these people approaching.

It is angels who activate the spiritual powers in you that have been mentioned here. Contrary to what most people think, EVERYTHING you think and say and do is SEEN and KNOWN and recorded by an angel and perhaps even more so these days, by their opposite number in the infernal kingdom. We exist in the aptly named Middle Earth. Above us, after a manner of speaking, is the supernal kingdom (Kingdom of God). Below us and often, all around us, is the Infernal Kingdom. There is a spiritual war that 'appears' to be taking place and the objective is to bring Heaven on Earth, or alternatively, Hell on Earth. One could accurately state that both of these exist in the manifest, in certain locations on this planet. At this very moment there are people experiencing unimaginable brutality and others who are in states of also unimaginable rapture and grace.

As we make the ineffable the centerpiece of our existence, we are immediately led toward that greatest of all encounters. It starts right off. At any point one can step away into the pedestrian and mundane and most do. It is the rare and singular soul who has convinced themselves that THIS IS ALL THERE IS. For them, the keys to the kingdom of heaven are forged.

Most people believe that there is a principle of uncertainty in life; that there is such a thing as random occurrence. Most people, in one fashion or another, believe that the devil wars against God with some expectation of success. Surely from conditions here on Earth, it can seem that way. The Devil has only the power rendered by anyone through Fear and fear can ONLY manifest through a departure from righteousness. Otherwise there is no reason for any progeny of the most high to fear ANYTHING... EVER. Another interesting and mathematically dependable thing is that NO negative attribute can exist simultaneously in the same place as real Love. Love displaces Fear, Anger, Hate; all of those and their fellow travelers. It is some kind of cosmic truism, perfect love casts out fear and all of the others too.

I am going to state something that many of the readers have seen before but... since there is a new audience these days, it bears repeating. Any of you are free to disagree with what I say here but you will get no argument from me about it. All are free to believe what their present level of awareness permits for them; THE DEVIL WORKS FOR GOD. He is an employee. He operates as the tempter here to test the faith of humanity, until that faith has been justified in revelation. Following that, there is no further need for testing. At NO TIME is the almighty God not in complete control of EVERYTHING, nor shall there ever come such a time. That is the reason for the title of 'almighty'.

The battle is over. The battle is long over. It only continues in the hearts and minds of those still at war with themselves and by extension with everyone else. Whatever discord there is, is in those who are divided against themselves.

"Even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment, be not deceived."

You can't find that quote anywhere these days where it resembles that sequencing with those words. The argument is that the devil can make himself to appear as the real thing. It would profit the one inspired to inquire... to think about this and also WHY this quote as it once was, no longer is? Why would it have been changed so dramatically? I CLEARLY remember how it once read and does no more.

As I said, one can believe what they like but... once revelation and true epiphany have occurred there are no more devils. The devil is simply God as the wicked see him. In the meantime, it is not possible to convince anyone of the truth of anything, while the force of their own desires and appetites shapes the world they see. Everyone in rebellion is a fallen angel. Free will is the right to oppose the divine will. The divine will, seen in it's true light, is the course, designed by the grand architect, of what is best for us. Most of us oppose this because we think we know better and... as a man thinketh, so is he.

We live in paradise this very moment. We just can't see it because of the veils upon our sight, because we see through a glass darkly. The gates of Heaven are open wide for any who are of a mind to enter. When one ceases serving themselves and is able to forget themselves in selfless service, they are in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is selfishness that blinds us and fear is the whip hand that drives us forward, just as the devil's pitchfork is the goad, eventually we find ourselves on the path and require no further prodding. We do not have to suffer. It is all the result of ignorant desire.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is, appropriately;

♫ Then You Let Go ♫

And of course, for all your cutting edge news and incisive commentary, there is Pocketnet.


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