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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jul 30, 2021 - 7:13:52 AM

"The Sun Shines. The Moon Reflects, and Between Them, ALL that We See is Brought Forth."
By Les Visible
Jul 30, 2021 - 7:11:21 AM

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July 29th 2021

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We are not as faithful to the format these days, abiding by what it says on the masthead, concerning what the particular blog is all about. Now and then it happens (grin). More and more as the days go by, I only want to talk about God, and most of the thinking or writing that I do about any of it here, is to look for trends and patterns in life, and then use them as a launching pad to talk about God. Nothing else that I do talk about is important. It's like adding color and animation to a project. The bells and whistles see to it that the post is not boring (I hope). We'll leave off with all that creating a narrative and go directly to God in this posting.

This is going to be autobiographical and anecdotal. I apologize for that. I don't really like talking about myself but it is unavoidable at times because I was the one who experienced it. Fortunately, MOST OF THE TIME when supernatural events were occurring there was a witness or two. Those incidents took place in the external world. This incident I am going to speak of takes place in the interior.

In very recent years, The Divine Mother has been coming more and more into my thoughts. It was around the same time that I began to particularize The Sun as THE regent in the manifest. I started putting crystals out to absorb Telesma which I would take to bed with me when I slept at night or took a nap.

In recent months I began to go outside into the back yard, prior to retiring, to talk to The Mother. I'm sure it's over half a year now that I do this, and I have never missed a night (I don't think). These moments didn't last very long. I would speak to her briefly and then depart.

She never said anything to me for months but I did not concern myself with it. A few weeks ago I started to get short replies. Then... late last week she came and announced to me that she was The Queen of the Night, just as The Sun was the king of the day and that I would open my life to much greater possibilities if I recognized and observed this. Perhaps, since it was an actual spiritual experience and not something I talked myself into, it has dramatically changed my life. I can clearly feel her presence in the hours of darkness. It is the same with The Sun, whom I have considered a good friend for some time now.

This is especially satisfying to me because it is the resolution of a long-present conundrum. Earlier in my life, she captured most of my attention. She was always there for psychedelic episodes and became a familiar companion of mine. This went on for several decades and then I gravitated to and through Amitabha Buddha, Lord Ganesha, and some few spiritual teachers who captivated me. The Mother was reduced to the periphery. It's kind of magical the way she has come back through rituals that I was engaging in, and never thought would cause anything, but... they did.

When I said that I had a long present conundrum, I meant that I was unable to resolve in my head the male and female aspects that present out of the singularity of THE ONE, who is BOTH. Her telling me about it the other night brought it all into perspective. Of course, The Sun rules the day and The Moon rules the night. The Goddess is the whirling manifest of the dance of matter on the playing field of time. The Sun shines. The Moon reflects, and between them, ALL that we see is brought forth.

It is important to understand the difference between the Supernal and the Infernal realms. Devils are angels at a lower vibration. EVERYTHING exists as a vibrationary construct. If your objectives and appetites are of a lower order, you appeal to the residents of the Infernal Realm.. If your objectives are of a higher order, you come to the attention of the Supernal Realm. These are two worlds with VERY different priorities, and which have different destinies as well. We are watching one of them work its way out right now in the affairs of humanity.

What I am telling you about in this posting has to do with a perspective. Yes... it is subjective to my experience but the law of vicarity makes possible a wider experience. We live for, and against, and within each other. Some of the PROFOUND elements that make the material world possible are not to be found in the public thoroughfares.

Yes... God is indefinable and incomprehensible but (s)he speaks to us through symbols and signs, AND EACH OTHER. The two main players are The Sun and The Moon. Between them is woven ALL of the magic that mesmerizes the senses. Between them lies the understanding that takes one beyond those magics into a world of Light Magic. Magic has some bad connotations over the years, with corrupt secret societies and wielders from The Dark Side. It doesn't matter where you go. There is going to be Magic. You might not see it. Most people don't.

I am amazed at the transition taking place in my mind, as my understanding of ALL that takes place in this world is either of The Sun or The Moon. Yes... there are the planets and the influences from distant stars and systems, but ALL of it is filtered through the dance of these two. I can see and feel the palpable differences in mood that the night brings, and what the day contains. A great deal is falling into place in my mind that I had not been able to suitably arrange by myself.

In this world, corruptions of the magic of Sun and Moon are widespread and even accepted as standards in business, and in the streets. Most everyone is influenced by it to some degree, and your ONLY protection or escape exists in moving your thoughts and emotions to a higher playing field where corruption DARE NOT approach. Perhaps you cannot drive the moneychangers from the temple just yet, but you can drive them from your person, from your own temple, from your Adytum.

Yes, bad things are happening in the world and those causing them are promising even more. The new mask mandate, sweeping here and there, is evidence enough. Oh... there is ever so much more, BUT... "I say, I say." is it happening to YOU? Is it, or do you find yourself nicely detached from it all? Probably you are in that central zone of sometimes this and sometimes that?

There is VALUABLE and PRACTICAL Wisdom and Understanding to be had through a greater Spiritual Intimacy with The Sun and The Moon. Witches and others find The Moon an exclusive province and there are sun worshipers too. However, the deeper you go with both of them, the deeper you can explore your own nature because ALL of it is contained in The Sun and Moon. You can do this safely because you are seeking The Higher End. Consider the difference between a crime-ridden avenue and the pool at an all-inclusive resort. There are Hells and Heavens in the relative. Your INTERESTS and ATTRACTIONS WILL TAKE YOU to the zone where they are to be found!

I can't tell you what a joy it is now to experience the presence of The Mother at night. Then I wake up in the Kingdom of the Lord of The Day! I am ONLY interested in heavenly traveling companions but I understand the critical importance of Publicans and Sinners. They are the raw material we work with.

Here is The Mother by Sri Aurobindo.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

It is a short pamphlet and easily read over the course of an afternoon or an evening. A few decades ago, I was at one of my lowest points on Maui. I was struggling to get by and tormented internally. I was at my ex-girlfriend's condo while she was at work. I can't remember what I was doing there. I found The Mother on a bedside table and started reading it. I did not put it down until I was done. While I was reading it, this deep and wonderful flow of love began in my heart and it magically enchanted me for some time after.

The odd thing is that my ex-girlfriend was an atheist. I would NEVER have expected to find that little book there at her residence. Maybe someone gave it to her, I don't know, or I don't remember. I might have asked but it's not on instant recall.

It is a fascinating experience to have God the Mother at night, and God the Father in the day. Eastern Traditions embrace this fully. We in The West have misrepresented her to ourselves and each other, so we wind up with the darker side of her. I've seen both, in technicolor, and I prefer her in radiant and inspiring beauty. She will inspire you if you ask until she does (grin).

I don't know why this is what got talked about today, but I thought it might ring with some of the readers. May you reap the highest benefits in this time of transition!

End Transmission.......

No links today. Tomorrow they will be back.




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