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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

"The Sun, Lady Nature, The Devic Realm, the Invisible Friends and The Stars are ALL LIVING BEINGS."
By Les Visible
Oct 19, 2020 - 5:13:07 AM

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October 18th 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... they tried impeaching him. They tried rumor and slander. They have used the mighty engines of Butt Boy Media but it did no good. Then they CREATED a pandemic, with a virus no worse than any of the others that have come and gone, and far less deadly than some, and they made the whole country paranoid and almost tanked the economy. That is ALWAYS the real issue. Strangely and inexplicably, the economy kept, more or less, choodlin along.

It HAS TO BE that Q-Anon is right about what they say he is doing (OF COURSE THEY ARE, or they wouldn't be so frantic about discrediting it.) Certainly, 'drain the swamp' indicates something. It has clearly shivered the timbers of entrenched pervs like Clinton sidekicks, John Pederasta and his brother. The President hasn't drained the swamp yet, but he has definitely disturbed the waters and brought all the bottom feeders to the surface; most especially the Crocodile Swine, jaws agape... snorffling in that great atavistic conflict between Fear and Appetite.

Now... They have poured in hundreds of millions from the Communist and Satanic mindsets, to buy the election, spread lies and suppress the truth, and hire every Name that is for sale in the social theater. They have loosed their PAID Minions of Darkness upon the Urban Public. No matter what they do, they cannot stop Mr. Apocalypse. Dr. Anonymous; one of our great contributors of Breaking News, sent this in to me this morning. As allergic as 'some of you' are to links, this is A MUST READ.

It seems... or so I am told, they are about to reveal the money trails that have been so influential in recent times. I could not figure out why the president exuded such an air of confidence lately, nor how it is that he has become so measured and restrained, not to mention poised and articulate. Now I see that they have had these heavy guns in reserve. I am thinking, more and more, that Biden may well step aside from his campaign. I KNOW that Heavy Pressures are at work behind the scenes.

What a time to be living in!!! Off to the side is Lady Nature, p-e-r-c-o-l-a-t-i-n-g. Then... there is the spiritual hierarchy and the influence of The Logos. There are also, OTHER forces from unsuspected regions; those which are hidden in plain sight and also far afield. I can't go into further detail about this because I don't have the details. I have only the whispers of the interior. God is Real and we are soon to get evidence of this unlike ANY that we have previously been exposed to.

Earlier... I was wondering... what if the bad guys win? What does that mean for all the decent people who make up the majority of us? Of course, the virus would go away. Then the relentless waves of sexual perversity, which came into prominence during the reign of the Chicago Bathhouse President, and which has been in limbo or reverse these last years, would have all of the beasts from the Infernal Kingdom crying out, "Surf's Up!"

I will be doing a transmission from the First Church of the Presence of God later today, in which I reference what Master Aivanhov had to say about what is causing so many problems on the material plane. I believe that the reader is going to find this VERY EYE-OPENING!!! I had NEVER had this presented to me in this fashion before and it makes all kinds of sense. It just goes to show how little we know. Sadly, for many people, the less they know, the more sure they are that they have ALL THE ANSWERS. They don't. Unless you are able to say "I DON'T KNOW." You are guaranteed to be informed, sooner... rather than later, in ways that you, in hind-sight, would have wished to avoid.

I realize that a significant mass of humanity is disturbed, one way or another, and living in a routine of fear and uncertainty. On the OTHER HAND, if you have been looking 'through' appearances, you are becoming more and more familiar with the ever-increasing presence of Celestial Forces and the attendant AWAKENING. I won't even attempt to describe what I have been feeling lately. What I can say is that whatever the focus of your attention is showing you, is the fruit of what you have put your attention upon. Yes... that sounds like STATING THE OBVIOUS, BUT... the level of Collective Myopia, operating with a force of contagion that would make Coronavirus run to Mommy, is the culprit. What I mean is that this is the reason so many people cannot see what is right in front of them. They are ALSO looking in the wrong places.

The Avatar IS coming and a period of Universal Brotherhood is coming with him. The Kingdom of Heaven and God's Righteousness is also set to descend, into the hearts of those who have opened them to this result. In every case, where a place has been prepared, it will be filled, AND this force will knock upon the doors of every fearful and closed heart as well. Some MAY open and some WILL NOT. If you don't go the one way, you will SURELY go the other.

Often, when we hear something more than once, we get into a State of Accommodation about it. We see it, we hear it, we read it, we give it a perfunctory acknowledgment but it does not pass into our visceral awareness. Once one has reached a certain age, there are windows and doors that close and it doesn't even get noticed. This is what accounts for The Walking Dead. Those who are no longer alive in any vital way but who are ONLY going through the motions, rotating in closed circles of habit, repeating on itself, waiting ONLY for the mercy of Death to claim them and IT IS A MERCY.

These people, who are DREAMING, they think they are alive. Living is GROWING and when you cease to grow, you stagnate. Observe Nature if you don't believe me. Every day, I awaken to a new hope and a certainty of positive growth and change and this is BECAUSE I seek, with all my might, to allow the divine to express UNHINDERED through me; to guide me, to teach me, to inspire me and ALL OF THIS, with the certain knowledge that the protection of God attends me.

We have (some portion of us) a period called Childhood, in which The Divine is operating in spontaneous fashion. It is a time when the Devic Realm is open to the experience and imagination of the child. There is a reason why the Satanic Agenda, which flourishes (as if hot-housed) in Times of Material Darkness, seeks to perform, as its PRIMARY FUNCTION, the rape, and despoliation of Innocence. There is a reason that people wind up Senile at a certain point of their life. It is the negative slipstream that blows across the road to Regenerated Innocence. Who even talks about Regenerated Innocence? It's not to be had at Walmart or Costco.

I walked into Costco yesterday, without a mask, my friend and I went to the returns counter so they didn't badge us. Then we did our whole shopping escapade and saw ONLY two examples of unmasked shoppers. One was a fitness jock, several inches taller and decades younger than me, with wife and two children in the cart and walking with a palpable defiance. Then I saw a fit lady with two children. It was the most crowded I have ever seen the place and my friend and I and these people were the ONLY ones, among hundreds, without masks. Not a word was said to us by staff; not at checkout either. Later I was in Safeway and saw NO ONE unmasked and no one said anything. Of course, we got looks.

As a telepath, I could feel some portion of the mind's thinking, "why am I wearing this stupid uncomfortable mask?" I do believe that my friend and I might prove to be forces for good overall. During the football game, which I have since turned off; I just don't care anymore. I saw a commercial for 60 Minutes. Tonight's guests are, that opponent of Putin who they are pretending got poisoned and that Illuminati/Satanic hack, Dr. Fauci. I guess that explains all the robots. These are the people who I was calling The Walking Dead. The people who will watch this and the other propaganda programs.

It is NOT my intention to disparage these people BUT I do need to say, FEAR MAKES YOU VULNERABLE!!! Fear causes YOU to empower shadows and to give substance to shadows and to block the light with them. This happens to children once they get programmed. The light gets blocked. Puberty does this in any case, BUT a twisted perspective on it does it ABSOLUTELY.

Perhaps I should not call them The Walking Dead. Perhaps I should call them the Marching Lemming Somnambulists or some-such. The TRUTH is though, if you are walking with your eyes closed, you can depend on running into obstacles, or tripping over something. Of course, the same thing happens if you have the Cellphone Virus.

You have to WANT to Awaken. Just as you have to want to find God. Once again, I include the words of Shankara; "These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation, and the company of the great-souled ones." You have to DESIRE this, because, Desire is the agent of God's Will. Low desire WILL take you to low places and high desire will take you higher. You MUST have an IDEAL. You must have an objective of greater and more profound intent. No matter how impossible it may seem to you at the moment, NOTHING is impossible. My ideal is to become a microcosm of The Sun. I speak to The Sun about this most days. The Sun and ALL of the other forces of the kind; Lady Nature, The Devic Realm, the Invisible Friends and The Stars are ALL LIVING BEINGS that can be communicated with. Wary they may be BUT you can PROVE YOURSELF to them.

End Transmission.......

Later today, this is the site at which the video will appear and at which the MOST RECENT video is to be found.

Please... if you have a moment, go to GAB and FOLLOW or whatever it is that they let you do there (grin).

Of course... and as ever... Pocketnet, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly are there to be found. As I have said, there are some fine people there.


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