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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

The Strange and Curious Tale of Kalifornia. Will there be a Whole Lotta Shakin Going On?
By Les Visible
Jul 9, 2019 - 5:08:51 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well now... 6.4 on the one day and 7.1 on the next. I suspect most people (most people... heh heh) do not understand the progressive factor in Earth temblor measurements; each following level of magnitude is 33 times larger than the last. A magnitude of 8.0 earthquake is 33 times more powerful than a 7.0 temblor. A 9.0 shaking is an increase of 1,089 times and that is 33 x 33 times more powerful than 7.0 speaking of exponential!!! Logarithmic considerations need not apply (grin).

So... my take away from these 'natural' events reminds me of the way the divine works when it wants to get your attention, whether to awaken you or perhaps inform you that you are going the wrong way, or doing the wrong thing; he will gently shake your shoulder. If you do not respond, he shakes you harder ...and if you still do not respond, he picks up a two by four.

It's possible that these temblors in Kalifornia are a prelude to "a whole lotta shaking going on." I have had this feeling, increasingly more and more by the day that Kalifornia is in line for a MAJOR temblor event, many time greater than this recent activity. This has not come to my mind because of the San Andreas Fault. This has come into my mind, as I have observed the effect of Hollywood on society and the way it mirrors scriptural events from long ago. I AM NOT hoping for such an event. Many fine and decent people live in Kalifornia but... Kalifornia is Ground Zero for all the Soros/Satanist financing and subliminal programming, gender bending, sexual deviancy war criming against Nature.

It could be that 'the message' is being sent out, for those meant to receive it, to get out of Dodge for a few days, or longer. I'm sharing this because I am getting a really STRONG feeling about it. I hope I am just proven to be an over imaginative fool. That would surely be the best case scenario. At the same time... what has been going on with Kalifornia and the lunatic liberal governance, resulting in shit slick streets and indications of plague pandemic among the homeless cannot go on forever without dire ramifications.

Strange rumblings are coming out of Yellowstone. Bizarre news of flesh eating diseases is appearing, there is that situation on Skid Row in LA where beat cops are catching diseases and the filth and squalor of this location and the hundreds of others across the country are redux conditions of what set off the Black Plague in Europe. This came about because waste products were not being attended to in a sanitary manner. This brought the rats, which brought the fleas, which brought the Bubonic Plague. People were literally shitting into their basements and on occasion, the floor would give way and people would drown in it. I read this in historical reports from those times. It smelled quite bad in London back in the day.

The reason for the custom of men walking on the outside of women was to protect them from the contents of chamber pots and other things being tossed from windows above; as well as carriages going by. The times were filthy beyond what you probably imagine. We are now reversing, going backwards into similar things.

You might want to keep in mind the thought that Soros and others are slipping certain groups of people into the country who are infected with deadly diseases. No... I am not a victim of dark fantasies. I stop, look and listen because a train is ALWAYS going by. There are people who are ACTIVELY engaged in the attempt to destroy America. They are doing all sorts of things and REMEMBER... historically they have already done worse some number of times! Look at the poisoning of the Palestinian wells during the time of Israel's creation. Look at the whiskey and yellow fever blankets traded to the Native Americans.

Certain locations now are not safe and the danger mounts in relation to the greater density of the population and it increases to an even greater degree in some locations. If you are getting constant taps on the shoulder, you had better start paying attention. It's not just the politicians and the corporations. It's not just the masked and wild in the streets anarchists. It is summed up here, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

We are in a Grand Apocalypse and all that means is that it is a bigger and more intense apocalypse; greater by far than anything previously experienced in this period of 'recorded history'. It also means that invisible forces are intensely and relentlessly operating from both the supernal and infernal realms. This is a Grand Harvesting. It is a cosmic summing up and a perspicacious individual will avail themselves of the REAL opportunity for a quantum leap, spiritually. My friends, it is all about the 'degree of difficulty'. The irony of the cellphone pandemic should not be lost on you. The ubiquitous insanity of social media; the violent political polarities, the corporate greed...

...the total loss of a moral compass- all these things can be seen far and wide.

We are in times of great transformation but there is good news to be had, if... what I have been told is true. In The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar, we are told that the Kali Yuga is over and we are in the initial moments of Dwarpa Yuga, which is the finest period of time one could hope to be living in. We are also in the Aquarian Age, whose signature meme is- Brotherhood. If you have ever seen a drawing by M.C. Escher you get an idea of the times in which we live, a time of optical illusions. Things are not what they seem but certain agendas, with deep pockets, want you to not believe your lying eyes.

The power which is the source of all power, is in control of everything at all times, no matter what it looks like. Regardless of appearances, we are living in a time of broken eggs making omelets. Some things have to happen or we don't learn otherwise. It can seem like the dark side is winning but what is really happening is that the dark side and its proponents are being exposed before the eyes of the world. The main byline of an apocalypse is 'revealing', 'uncovering'. We are being 'shown'. What we make of it and what we do about it... that's up to us.

All sorts of people, many, many people are waking up and seeing and speaking out. The major art forms had been hijacked by agents of the infernal realm. Now... others are using these mediums to tell righteous and inspiring tales. I am not a Christian but Jesus Christ is my biggest hero. Several times I tried to read, "The Pilgrims Progress"- it was just too dense and archaic for me to get through. Now someone has made an animated film of the book and it is amazing.

When you think of it in the context of things like The Drag Queen Story Hours and such like. Yes... there are things that could have been done better, or differently, but the result is truly impressive as a film for children. Here is the IMDB page on the film.

Here is another inspiring film which also happens to be a true story.

Changes are in the wind my friends and Mr. Apocalypse is on the stroll with his walking stick, uncovering and revealing. All over the world, people are standing up and telling a very different tale. A great awakening is taking place. Please take the time to watch this video from The Candace Owen Show.

Nothing has anything to do with you, unless you have something to do with it. You've heard of the 'attractive force'. Usually people will associate it with romance. It is a cosmic power that acts upon ALL OF US. It can also attract you into all sorts of mayhem and chaos because you have an internal affinity with it. DON'T! Don't have an internal affinity with anything that isn't joyful and bliss driven. In these times you have the opportunity to evolve rapidly into an entirely new and wonderful consciousness. It is there for the taking. It is the waters of the spirit freely given. We sell no religious affiliation here. We sell nothing actually but we are of a mind to promote 'Self Inquiry' at every opportunity. Study yourself and still the reactive mind.

If you can just still your reactive mind you will find yourself a resident of a new and remarkable country. Nothing will be what it formerly was. You will learn that you had previously been a prisoner of your own mind, locked in the penitentiary of your misguided thoughts. Often these were not even your own thoughts. You got them by way of telepathic invasion. You will be made free if you simply still the reactive mind.

Try an experiment. Start to watch other people... carefully. Pay attention! See how the reactive mind rules most people. Very few of us are really self aware. Once you become self aware you are going to discover an amazing truth, you are not alone in there. Of course, you never were but there was so much noise... now the noise and static are gone.

My prayers are with you Kalifornia. Let us hope I am wrong.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song;

♫ Pure Sweet Love ♫

I have to put this link in again. These people are a breath of fresh air!

Also, I keep asking for the reader to go to Pocketnet and sign up so that you can continue to access my transmissions, in case something happens with the usual mediums and already... many people can no longer find my site, or they are blocked, or captcha sends them into an everlasting loop when trying to comment. Meanwhile- at Pocketnet some trolls have showed up and are voting everyone down. I hope my readers will take a cue and leave me a good rating. I am posting under the name- visible. I am not using lesvisible. Okay... here is where you go.



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