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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

"The Stage is Set for a Period of Advanced Craziness, in which Batshit Flies from Noon to Dawn and No One Gets up Early."
By Les Visible
Feb 7, 2021 - 4:48:05 AM

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February 6th 2021

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As you may have noticed here, we've been very sporadic about postings since the new year has come in. Yes... there is a reason. The World was already a stupid and difficult place to live in; because...? Because of all the stupid and difficult people in it. I can say this because I come from the 'Father forgive them for they know not what they do' School of Thought

For the previous four years, Stupid was TEMPORARILY held in abeyance. They were pressing on the Social Sawhorses and barriers, because even stupid people often know better than to let Stupid run amok. This is no longer the case, cue ♫Ball of Confusion♫ by The Temptations. One of the reasons that Stupid is running wild in the streets is due to a general cowardice among those with money and influence; in other words, those with something to lose. The reason for the cowardice is Skeletons in the Closet Syndrome= bad behavior on videotape, a general lack of integrity, and FEAR of LOSS. We live in a time of many bad examples and few good ones.

The Ineffable was very kind in my case and made it so that I had no hostages to fortune and nothing to lose. What are you going to take from me? Even if you were to take my freedom, which you've done for years at a time, you would have accomplished nothing because I am free inside, in the only place that matters, just as I was when you locked me up the other times, FOR NO REASON, except that I am not afraid of you and my tanks are bigger and faster than yours. Any sincere person of Faith has an army of angels around them. Scripture gives us many examples.

So... I haven't been posting that many articles due to shutting the world down in my head. The World does not pay my rent. The world does not support me because I have no visible means of support. Why should I let The World live rent-free in my head? I understand that I do not need The World in order to write these posts and that stepping away from the channels of fast-flowing sewer water that are The Media and crying in unison with e. e. cummings, "There is some shit I won't eat." does not leave me short of material to write about. That's just part of it. Another part of me is doing a great deal of wondering and contemplating. Ageless Wisdom seems to tell me that I probably should not be writing about my contemplating until I have finished contemplating.

I've NO INTEREST in that phony pandemic, COVID. Now they are theatrically organizing fake realities at the hospitals cause they don't have many patients and the people who die from COVID are USUALLY already in the hospital. Being in the hospital is one of the most fatal environments you can be in. That will kill you no matter what you are suffering from. I don't wear masks. I have been directly exposed to people with COVID and even in close quarters with someone who was down for a few days because of it. I didn't catch it. I tend to measure and judge according to DIRECT EVIDENCE.

God is inscrutable and unreadable. I do not know what God intends at this time, or any time really. I can get some idea of what is going on and where it is headed by watching trends and also taking the intellectual temperature of the public by observing them and considering their motivations. That is when it is possible to do so. It seems that the stage is set for a period of Advanced Craziness, in which Batshit flies from noon to dawn and no one gets up early. Once we had Paul Revere and his Midnight Ride. Now we got Nancy Pelosi and others with their Midnight Rampage. They are willing and desirous of burning down the building while they are in it, if that is what it takes.

You've gotten to one of the classic watermarks of Insanity when you no longer care what happens to others, OR YOURSELF. All that is important is that you get your way, at whatever cost. It's Pyrrhic Victory Time! This is where we find ourselves. There are various ways to see this phenomenon and its implications. One is that the evil and stupid among us are now ascendant and cannot be touched. They KNOW it and are thereby acting with all the sense of impunity and hubris that they can muster. They've gone into full devolution mode. Another perspective is that The Divine is provoking them to ever greater personal exposures for the purpose of judgment. Another view on the matter is that SOMETHING... something VERY, VERY BIG is coming down the pike.

Maybe it will be ships out of the sky. Maybe it will be a civilization coming out of the Earth. Maybe it will be some kind of Rapture or Ascendance, along the lines of there being 'two workers in the field and one is taken and one is left'. Whatever it will be will be responsible for many, many millions to no longer be here, or conversely... some fewer amount also not being here any longer. I can feel this like an invisible knife-edge shaving across the nape of my neck. What I will say is that I am preternaturally calm while in a state of pacing excitement at the same time. It may be hard to visualize it but it is very much like that.

I could gather headlines by the dozens, by the hundreds, that shows just how clueless and out of touch so many people are AND... what is more disturbing is that there might be millions and even tens of millions hanging on every word that somehow manages to come out of their mouths. Here is an example of what I am talking about. I have been coming across more examples of this than I can remember. This is another reason I am staying away from the influence of The World and... there in the background is simmering the ever-evolving thought of, QUO VADIS? No... I am not in a state of escalating concern about where I will go when this hits Defcon 5. What is happening is that it is driving me further within (and that is a good thing). However... that also makes posting a less frequent affair.

In attendance with the ratcheting insanity, is a rapidly percolating anger that is more and more expressing itself in violent outrage. Most of the time, the people so engaged, do not know what is making them angry. They do not know that this is being relentlessly broadcasted into their subconscious mind from the Dark Conning Towers in the Lower Astral Plane. It's late in the day and The Agents of Darkness are engaged in a last gasp, desperate, power grab for all the marbles. This is made exceedingly difficult due to the fact that they are losing their own marbles at the same time.

It is the Advent of the Avatar, sweeping down through the planes and driving all workers of evil out into the manifest, FOR THE PURPOSE OF JUDGMENT. It is a pandemic of POSSESSION taking place all around you at this time. If you are not in control of your own mind it will not be long before someone else is. The Avatar ROUTINELY does this every time he comes. Every time The Sun King descends, he clears out all the vermin warrens from every level of being. This should make the epidemic craziness easier to understand. Everything perceptible can be defined by those in whom self-knowledge is resident. So it is that one can see the coming of The Divine Feminine and the present debasement of it that is the province of those unable to process it, and who then demonstrate it sexually. Those who are trapped in material culture are unable to grasp the spiritual intentions of this force as it increases, and increases its pressure for change upon the consciousness of humanity.

Everything you see going on around you is a misapplication of spiritual force due to material confusion. It is a working out, over time, of new principles and archetypes in a different getup for a new age. In the beginning, the aggressive and egoistically driven DO EVERYTHING WRONG. This is why the firebrand revolutionaries and the atheistic, Cromwellian 'clerk mind' are pushed aside, once the larger mass of the people have adjusted to the transforming wave of force. We are in the last days of systemic and individual corruption, which is about to be mulched for the rich compost that will be created to feed the coming times with a whole new riot of color and form. Evil can be extremely nutritive once it is rendered for safe consumption. We use poisons all the time to cure any number of ills, like snakebite, ironically.

This is quite the hurdle we have in front of us, though the hurdle is, in reality, in our minds. It is like that great chasm before us and we cannot see the other side. This is because the distance in the gulf is the distance within us, between The Truth and ourselves. It is the reach of our Fear and only as wide as that. Imagine a person hanging from their fingertips from a wall, or a cliff. They are terrified of letting go. Their fingers are melding into the rock of the wall. They never realize that the ground is only inches beneath their feet. Let go. God will catch you.

We are either going IN and UP, or OUT and DOWN. On the one hand, there are invisible hands pressing down and on the other hand, there are invisible hands lifting you up. It's your choice. The choices seem vague when you are asleep. They also seem unimportant, next to all the really important and insubstantial images that compose the dreamscape we are moving through, but where are we going as we move through it? That seems to be the real question. Quo Vadis; where are you going?

End Transmission.......

addendum; I just saw the funniest thing from Pocketnet in an email. Here is what the postscript said; "Why must we change the name Pocketnet at all? We don't have to, but there is lots of feedback that people have a hard time remembering it, which hurts word-of-mouth growth. We love the name. But we want to bring freedom of decentralization to everyone, so we are soliciting your feedback for a name change." HAHAHAH!!! People have a hard time remembering the word Pocketnet. That explains to me, now... why most of the site is devoted to cute pet pictures and pithy sayings of Twitter size and form.

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