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"The Scroll of History is Hard to Read, So Steeped in Blood and Tattooed with Boot Prints as It Is."
By Les Visible
Sep 22, 2021 - 6:26:36 AM


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Conditions are taking an ominous tone. We'll get to that later.

Billions of dollars have been spent on The Homeless Problem, especially in Kalifornia. Why has it been so difficult to resolve it? A significant portion of those in a homeless state are crazy. In some cases, it is Psychotic, and in many others, Neurotic. In some, it is the byproduct of chronic alcoholism and drug addiction. All of it is the result of Materialism. The Homeless DO NOT want to be housed or treated in most cases. They KNOW from The Hobo Telegraph how sweet the pickings are on The Left Coast.

So the money goes to pay consultants (who are cozy with the elected officials) and contractors, and subcontractors. It goes to government agencies and all those on the tit for the swag that is available. It was the same thing in Afghanistan and Iraq, where hundreds of billions disappeared into the air out of which the money got printed.

The majority of Homeless are some variant of insane or chemically addled. Of course, there are those whom misfortune has chosen to visit. They are in the minority. I have no intention of disparaging the poor. For many decades of my life, I lived below the poverty line. I am still well below the Official Poverty Line. Yet I live like one who is well off, simply because of all of what I don't want, and don't need.

Early on, I was often homeless because I was in a hyper-state fugue that spun me across the country from coast to coast. It took several years for me to reintegrate back into whatever you call all of this. Fortunately, I had prison and the wards of the criminally insane to give me a Time Out. I was a strange monk in strange monasteries. What I am saying is that I know who those people are on the fringes, and beyond the fringe.

If you don't know these people and have not been around them and spoken to them, they are like a thing apart, something you've heard about but not encountered. They like it just fine to have the aid workers and charities around them, delivering their meals and all the various sundries. They have all those competing government agencies, NGOs, and charities contending with each other to get more money to, in fact, not only NOT solve the problem but make it worse. They should be less about helping them find their own truth and more about helping them find out who they are and giving them something to do. This they will never accomplish because they do not know who they are either. Entire cottage industries might be created from this problem, and all would be well. That's coming.

They especially do not want to fix something they are being paid to fix. They will cease to be paid then. In the meantime, the lower rungs of society now live better than royalty once did. There was a time when there were no toilets. In London, people shit into a hole in their basement. There are stories of people whose floors gave way and who perished in the ordure. This is similar to what happens to spelunkers that fall, while caving, into the centuries of bat guano in the depths. No wonder the black plague came. How did they stand the smell? Accommodation is how.

If you have not read about conditions in the dark ages you have no idea where humanity has been. Remember the suffragettes who migrated into the temperance unions and brought about Prohibition? Can you imagine what conditions were like so that they passed a law against alcohol consumption? The streets were littered with drunks, and World War 1 sent that into hyper-drive. Do you have any understanding of the conditions Charles Dickens wrote about, and the efforts he made to end child labor? At one time they hung 9-year-old boys for stealing a loaf of bread.

How about the Civil War? As many men died at the Battle of Gettysburg as died in the Vietnam conflict, and it only lasted 3 days! Have you studied the cruelties of the Mongol Khans? The Turks? My God! There has been many a season of Hell here. Look at what happened to Dresden and other places. During the Iraq-Iran War, there were so many bodies lying about that the rats grew to enormous size. The scroll of history is hard to read, so steeped in blood, and tattooed with boot prints as it is. We shy our minds away from such grotesquerie. Our lives are very comfortable in these times, despite the looming menace of The Underlords. We have no sense of perspective, preferring to focus our thoughts on pedestrian things.

We are lucky to be able to have the leisure to think of pedestrian things. Have you looked into what the usual forms of life were like in The Old West? People bitching and moaning about slight inconveniences in their lives is proof of how quickly people will sell their souls for Comfort. The Enemy is ALWAYS out there, as long as The Enemy is still IN THERE. You can solve every problem you have very simply. Most people do not want to do this. I have done this so I can tell you, there is INDEED a greener grass, on the other side of the fence within. You can think of The Personality as a kind of fence that obstructs the finer blessings in life. Your personality is your greatest obstruction to happiness, fulfillment, and peace of mind. Let go of The Separated Self!

Drugs are very cheap now, courtesy of China who wishes to destroy this country. Then there are the assorted miscreants out to make a buck. The biggest drug dealers on the planet are the pharmaceutical firms. You can be sure they are fully informed about The Dark Web where MANY of their products are sold. Runaway Materialism; the idea of every man for himself, eventually leads to the ruin of the culture. Eventually, too few have too much and they own the governments. This does not fare well for those with too little.

In the links below, I have numbered 4 of them. These are very disturbing indications of bad intentions run amok. What are we to do? Thinking we know what to do is the biggest part of the problem. You can't fix anything unless you fix it in yourself first. How would you fix it anyway? We're adepts at screwing things up, but... fixing them? That is another story. There is one who can fix it for you though. I don't know what name you attribute to this force of conscious light. I call it the ineffable (in small case as it prefers), The Divine, and God. It is that Part of You that most of us have sidelined and are now starving to death. Yes... in a cosmic sense, we are The Food of the Gods. It seems that most of us set a mean table for The Supernal Realm, but have no problem sharing a meal with The Infernal Realm.

The most pernicious thing that Materialism causes is the mindset that what you see is all there is. The sensory report is all, so say the Materialists. This is most literally NOT TRUE. Everything you can see and hear comes out of The Invisible by an ancient process that is understood by initiates, informed mystics, sages, and masters; all of The Entities of Light. Materialism draws on The Darkness for inspiration, BECAUSE it is devoted to the service of Appetites. We live in a twilight world of half-truths. It has been a great misfortune, BUT... it is going to change.

I had been concerned that they would find other delivery services for the vaccine that is not a vaccine. It seems they want to put it into your food before it is harvested. You'll see it in one of the numbered links. They are quite serious about killing most of the population and keeping the rest in an indentured servitude. These are monsters at work. They have abdicated their humanity, FOR PERSONAL GAIN.

How is it possible for former humans to do what they do? Power is an intoxicant. Money causes the Sierra Madre Flu. Sexual attraction is an intoxicant. There are a number of these that addict the personality and suborn it for infernal ends. When I say they are intoxicants, I mean they are VERY POWERFUL intoxicants, that drive those made witless by them, to do bestial things. It is much stronger in some of us than it is in others, but... make no mistake, these ill winds blow through The World all the livelong day, for the moment. However, the moment will come and there will be dramatic change.

You see it breaking here and there at every level of existence. There is far too much coincidence and unintended exposure going on, and there is no such thing as coincidence. Almighty God and his angels are coming. What form all that will take, I cannot say. That is will occur, I can say. It happens regularly by The Cosmic Clock. Tick tock... tick tock...

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Perhaps you have noticed the brawls breaking out at NFL games? There are multiple events each week. What do you think might drive this sort of thing? Of course, there are energy pulse weapons that can be directed at the vaccinated. I don't know this; just a thought. Brawls are also breaking out at restaurants and in the urban streets.

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Representative Anthony Gonzalez announced his retirement on Thursday. He was one of 10 Republican House members who voted to impeach former President Donald J. Trump.

This is what I was waiting for. These next two links are predictable following the INSANE coverage of Gabby Petito. It's almost like it had eyes!

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