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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

The Science of Miracles (Repost)
By Greg Braden & commentary by Ron Chapman
Mar 17, 2012 - 10:09:10 PM

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The Science of Miracles (Repost)

Ron: In a series of short videos Greg Braden discusses recent scientific finding about DNA and how they expose the inadequacy of the spiritual traditions of our era. His views on the nature of prayer and our attitudes to it and our true relationship to all things appear to be accurate. I think that these videos are excellent and well worth a look and listen. They help one to understand the meaning of the so-called "Secret".

I list below the series of seven videos with some excerpts from his commentary.

Greg Braden - The Science of Miracles (1/7) (video 8’ 33”)

A net or web of energy (an energy field) is a quantum hologram that surrounds everything. This Quantum hologram allows us to interact with everything instantaneously.  Each moment of our lives is an ongoing dialogue with the universe. The world is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings. We live in a participatory universe. The universe is a result of what we are doing in our lives. The act of consciousness is the creative force in our world. We are connected through the field of energy – the ether field.
The  Michaelson-Morley experiment in 1887 tested for physical 3D movement in the ether and found none and thus concluded there is NO ether field.  That experiment has been used to deny the existence of the ether field (“ a previously unrecognised – by 3D science- form of energy) from 1887 until the 1990s when three experiments demonstrated that DNA communicates instantaneously everywhere.

Discontinued video:

Gregg Braden - The Science of Miracles (2/7) (Video 8’ 09”)

The second DNA experiment demonstrated a direct instantaneous link between a donor and a piece of his DNA hundreds of miles away. We are communicating with DNA through our emotions that transmit instantaneously through a non-local energy web or field. There is a heart energy field around our bodies. When DNA becomes relaxed it enhances our immune response. Whereas fear, anger etc depresses our immune response. Emotions can change the shape of our DNA in our body. DNA,as affected by our feelings,  is an inner power technology. DNA has a direct effect on our world. This power is not bound by 3D laws of physics.

Discontinued video:

Greg Braden - The Science of Miracles (3/7) – (Video 4’16”)
In this video Gregg Braden notes that in the 4th century AD the Roman Emperor Constantine had at least 20 books removed from the corpus of Christian teaching (the Bible) so that the resultant “Bible” text said nothing about the connection between human emotions and thought and its effects on (in effect) our DNA and our world (and universe) generally. The materials in another 20 books were truncated and distorted in this same process while the whole “Bible” had its remaining texts conflated and thus further distorted.

He doesn’t mention the fact that the Emperor Justinian got the 5th Ecumenical Council (held at Constantinople in 553 AD) to yet again distort the Christian message by deleting ALL remaining references to incarnation but Justinian did that. Justinian had all existing “Bibles” burnt and rewritten to achieve this result. Hence today we have just a faint glimmer of the truth in Esu Immanuel Jesus’ reference to the need to be BORN AGAIN etc. Needless to say the so-called Christian churches today totally misconstrue and distort that reference to being “born again”.

Braden also mentions that our society lost much information about our ability to affect our physical bodies and the rest of creation via our thoughts and feelings when the huge library at Alexandria was burnt down in the 4th Century AD. From memory I think that Hatonn told us in the PJs that the fire was accidental (or at least incidental in that the Roman's intention at the time was to burn a fleet in the harbour and the fire got out of control and burnt down the library. Hatonn also says that the information in the scrolls etc stored in that library had already been grossly distorted by the minions of the adversary and so the loss of truly sacred truth telling material was not all that great.

I think that the truth about ourselves and our world has probably been subject to systematic supression and distortion by Dark influences since the time of Babylon and perhaps even earlier. What is clear though, is that the suppression of the truth has been greatly increased and systematic in recent centuries and especially in the last two centuries as the Khazar Jews extended their influence into banking, politics, religions, publishing, education, entertainment and governments globally. Today the suppression of truth on this and many other matters throughout mainstream society is almost complete on a global scale. Without the rise of the internet our world would already be totally immersed in another truly dark age as regards real truth spiritual and otherwise.

Discontinued video:

Greg Braden - The Science of Miracles (4/7) (video 7’ 55”)

Though gives focus to the emotions – the result is a feeling, if it is heart centred rather than just an emotional reaction.  The heart-centred language opens the door to possibilities which are actualised by the energy field or consciousness web or net that underlies everything  in the universe.

Thought can direct feelings but the feeling is the prayer and the strength of that feeling is what creates its power.  External effects create emotions but they need to be channelled to create positive feelings. In effect we pump the power of our emotions into our thoughts. When we marry the power of emotion with the direction of the thought, by virtue of that, we create "a feeling." So feeling by definition is the union of the emotion and the thought...The heart centre is dedicated to the power of feeling. We FEEL in our hearts. so the feeling we have in our hearts is the language that speaks to THE FIELD that Western science is now beginning to understand through their experiments. It's the power of human feeling that is the language that opens the door to the possibilities of what we create in our world. There is an invisible web, a net, a quantum field of energy that we speak too with the feelings in our hearts. Thus, in the words of a Buddist monk: "the feeling IS the prayer". In effect, where genuine, all else is aimed to achieve apprpriate feelings.

Discontinued video:

Greg Braden - The Science of Miracles (5/7) (Video 10’ 45”)

We must feel the feeling as if the prayer has already been answered. Greg Bradden invites us to participate in what we envisage. Feeling-based prayer is the language that the conscious energy field surrounding us understands.

With group prayer the manifested effect has been noticed to start when the number of people participating and FEELING the same feeling (eg a feeling of peace) equals the square root of the  given population to be affected by that feeling. In other words the square root of the subject population = the threshold number of people needed to be feeling the required emotion in order to begin having the desired effect in that population. AND thereafter the greater the number of people above that threshold number that have the required feeling the greater the effect will be.

So, about 100 people “praying” in this way is sufficient to kick start the desired effect for a city of one million. Similarly, about 8,000 people having the same feeling  is all that is required to kick start a similar global effect on consciousness. THINK ABOUT THAT!

This is the law of cause and effect in action. The thought generates the heart feeling and the heart feeling generated by that thought is the cause; the effect is the prayer manifest. The manifestation is the state of the world FELT by those “praying”. As Esu Immanuel (Jesus) taught 2000 years ago: ‘As a man believes in his heart is he’. By extension: ‘As a community or group believe and feel in their hearts, so their situation IS.’

Discontinued video:

Greg Braden - The Science of Miracles (6/7) (Video 9’ 33”)

Feelings inside of our bodies have a direct effect on the world within AND beyond our bodies.
Braden shows a video of a healing treatment in a medicineless hospital (footage from “101Miracles of Natural Healing” video by Master Luke Chan: www.chilol-qigong-com/cancer.htm Heartmath images) in China of a woman with an inoperable three inch diameter bladder cancer.

The hospital staff start by teaching the woman life affirming ways to breathe, feel and live. Once she believes in the treatment and its ability to heal her the hospital performs a simple procedure wherein three experienced “feeling healers” stand behind the patient while she lies fully conscious in a hospital room – she believes in the process and knows what is about to happen.  An ultrasound machine is there showing on the left side of its split screen a static picture of the huge cancer growth while on the right hand screen is a real time picture of the cancer. The “feeling” practitioners standing behind the patient start to chant words to the effect “already healed” and as they begin to chant while having this feeling that the patient is healed we can watch this tumour as it disappears in less than three minutes in REAL TIME!

The patient’s body responds to the feelings of the practitioners who were trained to have the kinds of feelings they were having and all that they were feeling was the feeling of what it feels like to be in the presence of a woman who is already healed, fully enabled, fully capacitated. They were not seeing her as a woman who was sick but someone in full health and capacity.

Braden asked the doctor in charge, Luke Chan: ‘What if those three practitioners were not there?’
He answered:
‘There’s something about us humans in that we seem to feel more empowered when we are supported by others in the things that we believe in and the things that we choose to accomplish. So while she probably could have had this feeling and done it herself, having these three practitioners work with her was the threshold that it took for her body to respond.’

Western physics is now beginning to tell us that the energy field that healed this woman’s body can also heal our world. The same energy, the same field, the same principle is involved in creating peace in our world. Experiments involving hundreds of thousands of people using the internet have validated this fact. A Princeton University computer research project (‘The Global Consciousness Project’) has verified this fact. Using computers and statistical graphs they have been able to demonstrate a glip in their graph on the computer screen showing that global consciousness was affected when these mass global prayer experiments were happening. So this consciousness field is measurable.

Similarly Masaru Emoto’s experiments showing the connection between human emotions, human feelings, and water drops demonstrates this relationship even more poignantly. Emoto has demonstrated that samples of water (which makes up 70% of our surface world and 70% of our bodies) respond to human emotion whether it is felt in the body or whether it is actually written on labels (while the researcher is feeling consistent emotions of love or whatever) that are then placed on vials of water with the result that, for instance, highly polluted water becomes clear and crystalline purely from interaction with the positive loving emotions of the human researchers as imprinted on the labels.

We all have a chance to participate – not control or manipulate  - but rather to participate in the events of our world, the events of our lives, our families, our communities and our bodies through the universal energy field that links everything in Creation.

Discontinued video:

Greg Braden - The Science of Miracles (7/7) (Video 9’ 50”)

We live in a holographic universe. All of us as smaller portions of a greater pattern are connected. The universe field mirrors back our collective state of consciousness.

Prayers don’t need to be SENT anywhere. By simply feeling and using that energy to create within our bodies, the result already exists everywhere as soon as the feeling is generated because this is a holographic universe. This is the holographic principle. The key to prayer then, is to feel our feelings in our hearts and not merely in our minds.

We are all linked to the intelligent holographic field that constitutes the cosmos – the multiverse. The language of that field is FEELING, not words or thoughts that are not connected to heart feelings. In every moment of life we are having a feeling, so “prayer” happens ALL the time. Thus life becomes a living prayer. We are part of all that we see and feel. The world around us is a reflection of our consciousness.

Discontinued video:

My conclusion is
that Gandi was right when he said: "You must be the change you wish to see in the world"



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