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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

"The Powers of Heaven are Beyond Comprehension, and They Have Not Gone into Action Across the Board, Yet."
By Les Visible
Jan 14, 2022 - 5:13:07 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Sometimes I wonder at the intricate, metaphysical technology that brings the Cosmic into the Personal.

What needs to happen and what probably will happen, as The Avatar gets closer to materialization, is that angels will come low to the Earth and overshadow (and awaken) the minions who have been subverted by The Deep Satanic State, and who compose our police, educators, administrators, political flunkies, religious drag queens, and whores of every specialty position, who bump and grind from their level of succubi action. In this overshadowing, they will pacify the action phase of each, and render them still or at most... trembling in place. Those who have used THEM against US for such a time WILL... no longer have their minions.

The powers of Heaven are beyond comprehension and they have not gone into direct action across the board as yet. They will... and once that happens, the vermin in the high chambers will be dragged out into the sunlight by their former stooges and the outraged populace. In some places, they will literally storm the vampire's castles with torches and pitchforks.

As The Awakening intensifies, and the Panic expands, these heavenly forces are going to act upon the hearts and minds of those who have been serving The Dark Side, and who know where the bodies are buried. It won't take much to turn the lot of them, and then? Heads WILL roll.

Many of them will be finished by the sunlight as soon as it hits them; metaphysically speaking. Many will be done in by their bodyguards and assistants. When those who remain see what is happening, many will do themselves in. Sometimes... real mirth passes through me for a series of moments BECAUSE I KNOW what is said here will come to pass. It is IN THE ORDER OF THINGS.

Materialists... and this includes most intellectuals and religious scholars; most people of any stripe in these times... believe only in what they see. The idea that Heaven could have standing (and flying) armies, and that vast half invisible kingdoms might exist, near and on this Earth at this very moment, seems ridiculous to them. How anyone can study even physics (much less metaphysics) and see where it has been mathematically proven that everything manifest is thought-born... and miss The Implications, well... that implies a whole nother order of Stupid, and not being able to see what is right in front of your face? Ah... but you have your eyes closed, TIGHTLY... in the grip of shuddering uncertainty.

It is like that image I used to bring into the blogs now and again, about a man whose fingers are gripping the top of the wall, and he cannot let go for fear of the fall. Eventually, the tension proves too great for his strength and he must let go, only to find the ground mere inches below his feet.

The universe and everything in it being thought-born... EMPHATICALLY leaves one with no other perspective than that someone did the thinking into being. Our thinking was conferred upon us by the original thinker. We are each of us, thoughts in his head... AND in our own heads... are thoughts coming and going, and we are the lumbering deity of the particles of our own temporary being. When what composes us does not get along with itself, disease appears. Wake the Hell up, because... there is one... the eternal, silent, indwelling witness, who effortlessly controls all of our particles... thoughts... feelings; IF WE PERMIT IT. That indwelling witness is also NOT silent, always. He can and does speak. He is speaking all the time through the angels and the elementals that build the worlds that our thoughts visualize, and most especially build the worlds that The Original Thinker visualizes.

For everything that we can see come into being, or notice for the first time, or... have pointed out to us, there is an invisible army of Devic Realm workers who handle the process, as it is envisioned in The Mind of God, as it processes through the specific angel who administers it for him. There is a vast unseen hierarchy of... Hmm... let's come at this a different way. Consider some of the massive government agencies that exist in this country. Some of them have satellite offices in every state of the union. Now... imagine that there is an agency bigger than all of these put together, BUT... it is invisible, and it is very much like the terrestrial one, except that it is uncorrupted and efficient, and transparent in a way that is comically ironic... if you think about it.

According to several traditions, there is this entity called, Sanat Kumara. He is the Earth Regent. He is said to be one of The Son's of Brahma who... lives in Shambhala. It is said that he is the one who plans out the strategies of events and planetary evolution as they occur here. However... his plans are so far-reaching that they often make little sense in the Here and Now. We simply don't have the far-reaching vision necessary to comprehend the entirety of it, which is why we OFTEN have to proceed on Faith.

The governing and working forces of The Great Celestial Hierarchy have been operating for times out of memory and will be working for times unimaginable yet. We are a TINY, fragmentary cog in a vast interlocking mechanism, which we are either in resistance to or in harmony with... and whichever that may be... it determines how it goes for us... and how it will go for us in times to come.

The spark of life in us is... eternal, in the same way that matter AND energy cannot be created or destroyed, they simply change their form or manner of expression. This alone should tell you a great deal, especially if you factor in that The Universe is thought-born. How is it that so many people can be blind to this? There is a mysterious force whereby The Creator causes both the evil and the good to persist in their ways for The Purpose of Demonstration. When I say that certain events and conditions will come to pass, it is not Prophecy. It is simply an accurate observation through a legitimate lens. Anyone can do this. How do you access that lens? Ask for it.

Ask for anything you want and you will get it at some point, usually when you no longer want it. There are certain laws and restrictions in place where you cannot call down harm on another who is under specific protections. The harm wished, falls back upon The Wisher. Everyone gets what they want here, in a sense, along with a whole lot that they don't want. It accounts for much of what is outrageous and inexplicable in people's situations and behavior. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! There is one thing that I recommend as being a really good idea to work for and to wish for; that The Kingdom of Heaven will be brought to Earth. You can't go wrong with that.

I believe that one who aspires to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, WILL BE empowered to do so, at some point; WILL BE empowered to carry it with them wherever they might be, and radiate it from their being to as great an extent as they have earned the right to do. Some of us are committed beyond ordinary human understanding. Read about the life and aspirations of The Amitabha Buddha. He is not alone in his efforts. There are others who aspire to similar states. The work and transformation necessary to do what they do can take MANY millions of years. Who has that kind of time? You do.

You must first have The Great Love awakened in your heart and then it's just going through the motions. Look at all those shining stars!!! Find God and everything else will fall into place. "Seek ye first The Kingdom of God and his Righteousness and all else will be added unto you." That is a prophecy and you are guaranteed of the result if you persist... Faith, Certitude, and DETERMINATION.

I am not concerned about the material organization of Christianity being corrupted. It most certainly is. I am not concerned about the enforced fabrication of Jesus Christ being a Jew. I am not concerned about the lack of historical evidence of him even being here in the time attributed to him. I KNOW he is real in the same way that The Sun is in the sky. I KNOW that the spiritual existence of Jesus Christ is a fact. His impact on history, and so many people who have changed The World, stands as convincing evidence. This DID NOT all come to pass as a result of a mirage. Meanwhile... Avatars are a fact. It is not a stretch to say that Jesus Christ is one of them. When he was here is incidental to his impact.

I never concern myself with the details because I am NEVER in possession of all The Details. The Details are God's concern. My concern is to leave The Details in God's Hands. Yes... there is a Heavenly Hierarchy. Yes... it is going to directly intrude on material life at some point, much to the amazement ...AND dismay of many; details... details... details. How about this? Let's watch and see, shall we? Let's watch and see.

End Transmission.......

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