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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Feb 2, 2020 - 4:41:07 AM

"The Operating System of Our Lives is Validated by the Indwelling Presence of God."
By Les Visible
Feb 2, 2020 - 4:38:14 AM

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January 31, 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Time to take a blank sheet of possibilities, like a sheet of paper and transform it into an origami creature, perhaps a bird...breathe life into it and set it in flight, across the wide expanse of the mind. Soaring and diving... gliding by, a form of life in expression, composed of the four elements that themselves were materialized out of the aether; the FIRE of existence, the life-breath of AIR, the pulsing of WATER as the blood, ...and the very animated, galvanized substance of EARTH. This is the dance of the elements and we are all compositions of them, expressing in Space, through Time and engaging, as well as initiating, Causation.

Every single one of us manages our life, according to a philosophy. It might be poorly composed. It might be intricate and as beautiful as a Tiffany Egg. We all have some kind of a plan, even if it is no plan at all beyond basic appetites, impulses or reactions, it turns into a plan upon reflection, on down The Road of Hindsight Regret. It still qualifies as an operating system, which is what a philosophy is. Our life is an expression of this philosophy and whether it is a resounding and celebrated success, or an epic fail, can be traced back to the efficacy of that philosophy. When we consider the idea of philosophy, those of us informed about the idea of philosophy, KNOW that there are many more philosophies than there are colors of the rainbow, many more than there are flavors of ice cream, more even than there are shades of color. They can't all be right. HOWEVER... more than one can be rock solid and efficacious in its every facet, as it applies to the person who holds it.

There is no one type of person here. If you are a metaphysician (as the author is) there are a host of templates and schematics; all of them functional... more or less. If you are a materialist, there might be one basic, catchall perspective but... with many variations and degrees of intensity. We're just tossing a Frisbee here and... since it is a philosophy Frisbee, it doesn't have to make sense. It doesn't even have to be reasonable and many philosophies ARE NOT REASONABLE, any more than Modern Art is art.

We've got Cynicism, Stoicism, Sophism, Epicurianism and many another. We've got systems named after those who propounded them; The Socratic system, Platonism, Hegelian, Pythagorean, Rinzai... oh let us not get lost in minutiae and misplace our point. We do have one. It's presently 'out for clearance'. Leave a message at the beep.

There ARE, besides individual philosophies, group philosophies. One of them is that one followed by a large group of people, motivated and influenced by the drive for acquisition as A GOOD THING. As Ayn Rand once said, "Greed is good?" It's a lifestyle in many cases and there is a philosophy attendant to it, whatever it may be. Applying and understanding philosophies, are often akin to the act of catching a greased pig. You've got angels dancing on the head of a pin. You've got people laughing about what others are crying about. You've got people celebrating what others condemn as moral outrages. There being no such thing as good or evil, except in a relative sense, makes for many a sticky wicket in life. It provides for relentless hypocrisy on the part of politicians and religious leaders and it makes integrity both worthless and priceless, depending on who is determining its value and it is a rare being... for whom integrity is not routinely adapted, on behalf of concerns for material profit and loss.

Ayn Rand was a philosopher, wasn't she? She was also an atheist. In modern times many philosophers are atheist and seem to hate humanity with a passion. There was a time when many of the finer novelists were philosophers, of varying types ...and used the medium of their art as a teaching device. There was a time when composers were routinely under the influence of the higher muses. Painters over the centuries were visibly inspired. One gazing on their works could feel a surge of joy and wonder on the occasion. One of those numbered among the Dutch Masters, was Rembrandt. I remember studying his use of light in the painting, and asking myself... "How did he do that?" I've not seen anyone else EVER accomplish anything similar. It was an Act of God is what it was.

All of these creations were Acts of God. The force that moved through Beethoven and Bach, that was expressed in the works of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, that we see in the paintings of Goya, Rembrandt, Titian and others, was the force of God, as it was parceled out among them, by the Muses and Angels, employed by the Supernal, which channeled the divine... through the imagination and intelligence of individual humanity. What a sad pass we have come to in these times. We have no Kierkegaard's and Swedenborg's these days. If we did, they would not be teaching in our universities. Their work would not be a part of the curriculums.

Please do not take any of these names as exceptional among their fellows, of course they were exceptional at their craft, BUT... there were many others who were equally as gifted. Space constraints demand a degree of brevity from me.

We are not in an evolved state, morally or spiritually, over the great minds of Greece and Rome, or other times in other places. We are ONLY technically advanced over them and mostly in areas of convenience, which has turned America into a place of sloth and self indulgence. It is a place where mediocrity triumphs over excellence, the subjective over the objective and... oh my... the fingers of spiraling fear have grown into the cliff edge. The face of the one hanging, has taken upon its visage the very same semblance as the rock itself. The mouth is open in a soundless cry. Terror bleeds from the eyes and... the poor soul, desperation vibrating through his every cell, never sees... cannot see, that his feet are mere inches from the ground and ever have been.

An obsession with Trivia is the mind's defense against meaningful thought. Meaningful thought, exposes the transitory charade of empty phantasmagoria; a Dr. Caligari's cabinet of animated tchotchkes. It's Short Bus Chucky, with a rubber butcher knife- (cue the shower theme from Psycho). It's a new kind of 'Get Down'(s) Syndrome. We're terrified... but a part of us suspects we are on Reality TV. You see the eyes... skirt from one side to the other, in search of the Candid Camera. There's the trembling of the right hand, drawn up to the belly, as if the victim (did I say, "victim"?) were playing an invisible bass guitar; incipient Parkinson's or... or... is the fear REAL? Is any fear EVER REAL? It ALWAYS comes down to appearances and the question of substance.

Two men are going round the Las Vegas hotel roof on that roller coaster if it's still there). One of them has shit himself with fear. The shame won't come till later. He is literally weeping with terror. The man next to him; his face is lit with the rush of excitement. Involuntarily he has pissed himself, slightly... the shame won't come till later, although much diminished, in any case, by comparison with the state of his associate. They are both having the same experience... relatively... but it is 'in the mind', where it is taking place. The mind is supreme, in all circumstances, wherever interpretation of event occurs. STILL THE REACTIVE MIND! What can you do... after all... what can you do in the midst of any situation? Is EVERYTHING in God's hands or not? Is God not in control of every falling leaf and sparrow? Is God not the tree, the leaf, the ground and all else, for that matter ...and yet... still consciously apart, just as he is WITHIN it all?

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Blest are those Whose blood and judgment are so well commingled, That they are not a pipe for fortune's finger. To sound what stop she please."

Does anything I say, or have said, here... change your mind? Does it change the mind of those who have not even read it, as they stand near a forest where... far in the interior a tree falls and no one is around to hear it? There is NOWHERE... that no one... is around.

Ten thousand lifetimes behind you and ten thousand lifetimes ahead... God is no less real or pervasive, at one point than at another. The sense of God's presence may increase or decrease but God is there, no matter how many trees do, or do not, fall in a forest, where someone is bound to hear them.

Everything in life comes down to a simple premise... or a choice, if you will. God exists. God does not exist. The truth is self evident, if evident only to itself. If there is no truth in you, how can you know the truth? If there is truth in you, how can you miss it? Perhaps you cannot define nor express it but YOU CAN KNOW IT. "Ye shall 'know' the truth and the truth shall set you free." That was stated by the living icon of both Truth and Liberty. It 'appear' that TRUTH and LIBERTY has some meaningful connection between them. What do you think? Do you think that one depends upon the other and that the appearance of one or the other would be hindered, by the absence of either? Nice one, visible (grin).

Life... your life, or any life... the presence or absence of fulfillment in it, the presence or absence of Joy within it, the presence or absence of meaning in it, IS DIRECTLY DEPENDENT ON THE PRESENCE OR ABSENCE OF GOD IN THE LIFE. You WILL find this to be true, with fulsome gratitude, or a sense of abiding loss. God animates and adds flavor to everything. God IS the life within any and every living thing. There would be no life otherwise and the magnificent shining sun, which I see and celebrate in every illuminated sky, on every day; be The Sun visible or hidden... is the physical evidence of the invisible spiritual sun that shines within us, whether we apprehend it or not. The supreme joy and beauty of my life is that I do apprehend it and NOTHING... NOTHING that happens now or at any future time can diminish that one wit.

If you do not have The Supreme Enjoyer within you, you will enjoy nothing. If God is absent, nothing of value is present. Wander as you will, through this world of appearances, come and go through life after life... ALL LIFE must eventually come to the source of itself, however it may be throttled or confined along the way. Freedom is our destiny... NOW... or somewhere up around the bend. Better now than later.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

♫ All the things that I Wanted ♫

Somewhere over the rainbow but not in Kansas, you can get a Toto Corn Dog at Pocketnet.

les visible at pocketnet


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