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The Nature of Reality, Consciousness & Evolution with Tom Campbell Parts 1-3
By Tom Campbell & Evita Ochel
Jan 26, 2012 - 2:54:01 AM

The Nature of Reality, Consciousness & Evolution with Tom Campbell  Parts 1-3

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EBTV on presents - The Nature of Reality, Consciousness and Evolution - featuring special guest physicist and author of the book My Big TOE, Tom Campbell, and host Evita Ochel.

Part 1 [Ron:Tom Campbell explains that modern physics confirms that our world is a virtual reality NOT an objective reality. Reality is probabilistic. And as things don't create themselves our universe must have been created by a non-physical "Other". The objective world is just an approximation. Reality is the fundamental reality. It is a digital information system. Data comes in photons. And we live in a simulation. Objective reality is just a sub set included in a larger non-physical consciousness. We each live in our own reality frame. Every individual is a unique reality. Every individual has to interpret the data that they get. You get data through your senses. you interact with other people. It's all data and then you interpret that data based on your experience, uniquely for you.].

In this part 1 of 3, Tom talks about and/or explains the following topics:
- transcendental meditation
- out of body experiences
- what is reality
- parallel processing
- knowing vs experiencing
- the limitation of words to describe experiences
- the non-objective nature of our reality
- double slit experiment
- the probabilistic nature of reality
- the origin of the Big Bang
- the limitations of Albert Einstein's work
- the definition of consciousness
- connection of reality to consciousness
- the nature of reality as virtual
- placebo effect and mind healing
- is it possible to be an objective human being
- the uncertainty of our reality
- the subjective nature of our reality
- the rule set of reality
- the consistency of reality
- the power of intent
- the role of fear and ego in creating our reality
- tips for creating an optimal reality


Part 2 [Ron: I disagree with Tom Campbell's idea that 'there was a Big Digital  Bang which simulated a whole lot of energy in a tight space and then they pushed the run button and it expanded and it created our universe which evolved life and then biological evolution and us etc.  But his idea that we are a consciousness learning live in a virtually reality world seems about right.He says our reality is just energy - data - information - a virtual reality rather than an onbective reality. He reckons our reality is rendered to the extent that there is any being there to observe it. That view tends to fit with the idea that we live in a fractal or holographic universe.]

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In this part 2 of 3, Tom talks about and/or explains the following topics:
- further exploration of what it means to live in a virtual reality
- the possibility of breaking the rule set of reality
- the role of free will
- the role of personal responsibility
- how the mind can change reality
- the potential of prayer
- the ego's influence on reality
- implications of positive thinking vs negative thinking
- how we can change the world - collective reality
- what is the purpose of life
- what is the purpose of a virtual reality
- the role of evolution in a digital information system
- the role of interaction and relationships for evolution
- how the rules of a virtual reality system relate to our evolution
- the role of love and fear in evolution
- feedback in a virtual reality system
- reincarnation and role of death
- the limitations of beliefs with regards to evolution
- explanation of entropy and its importance for our evolution
- what makes us more powerful people
- an explanation of decision space and what influences it
- entropy in relationship to personal decision space
- understanding the potential and limitations of the Law of Attraction
- the value of intent

Part 3 [Ron: From 27" to 44" Tom explains why we should concentrate on being love and evolving as much as we can rather than worrying about whether the world is changing as fast as we would like. Our job is to BE as much as we can be and not to worry about the TIMING of the coming changes. Well worth a listen.].

In this part 3 of 3, Tom talks about and/or explains the following topics:
- the impact all of our choices (work, relationship, food, entertainment, etc) on the quality and nature of our reality
- how we create our own reality
- the role of physics in a future consciousness awakening/expansion
- Dr. Edward Fredkin's work of reality as a simulation
- the role of "other" in the creation of reality
- the limitations of science
- the merging of science and spirituality
- the science of consciousness
- spiritual evolution and 2012
- Earth changes in relevance to 2012
- the need for spiritual and scientific preparation
- advice for personal spiritual evolution
- the nature of relationships and falling in love
- the importance of doing things for the sake of being, rather than doing
- the importance of being the change we wish to see
- spiritual quest dynamics

- the value of being versus doing
- expectations, ego, fear and how they relate to spiritual evolution
- the current and future state of planet Earth

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