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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Sep 16, 2020 - 5:22:10 AM

"The Mobocracy is in a Zombie Apocalypse, under the Rule of Bedlam LLC. Time to Change the Station!"
By Les Visible
Sep 16, 2020 - 5:16:05 AM

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September 15th 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... time for the September Earthquake, all up and down the West Coast. I hope not BUT... there are rumblings ...and given everything else, it would be a fitting monogram for Divine Irony. I DO NOT want this to happen but I can feel it percolating on that plane of the planetary subconscious from which emerge the actual manifest events. We're at the halfway point of the month. In August, I started to get VERY STRONG sensations appearing in the mind and all of the social events on The Left Coast seemed to be indicators and warnings. There are ALWAYS warnings about MAJOR EVENTS in the realm of Nature. You may not hear them but they are broadcasting. You don't hear them because you are listening to another channel. One channel, in particular, is broadcasting worldwide all day and all night long and that is WWME. I have been turning my interior broadcasting system to WGOD for some time now and it's been a wonder; a true wonder.
(Yeah... I could be a month early or more but... what do I know ?)

WGOD is commercial-free and the announcers deal with real issues of great importance. I listen to it all through my days and all through my nights. A lot of people are listening to WSHT and WPRN, usually bathing in the sound-waves of the former, or getting their freak on with the Frottage Fever, while listening to the latter. It's a matter of personal taste. I am cutting back on Personal Taste. It is a real spiritual limiter. It seems that as long as I am being guided, or DRIVEN by Personal Taste, they won't let me into the Heaven on Earth Club. Personal Taste confines the taster in an envelope, with room for only one person, and this puts the resident into an Envelope Slam Dance with all the other envelopes. Eventually, through friction, the envelope wears thin and pain begins to seep through the weak portions of the envelope. There are various patches and plasters one can use that are either alcohol or drug-infused and one applies them to the weak points on the surface of the envelope. Unfortunately, this does not affect the degree of bruising and contusing and once the effect of the patch wears off, IT HURTS.

Something Earthshaking (pun intended) is inevitable, if you are paying any attention to what is going on. We've mentioned that the Earth is a living thing. So is The Sun. They are also Conscious Living Things. They are aware. They are more aware than nearly every one of us and they are aware of every one of us. If you are RESONANT with them, which can happen if you have set your dial to WGOD, or are listening on similar wavelengths, you have access to those 'real issues of great importance'. Let me digress just a bit here, for a moment and it will flow right back into where we were because what I am going to say is DIRECTLY RELATED:

There were TWO MESSAGES... TWO GOSPELS of Jesus Christ. One was for the general public and one was for the disciples-apostles-initiates. The same is true of the Earth-Song and the Sun-Song. There are the common reverberations of the Earth and then there is the more intimate singing of The Mother to her attendant children. There are the usual heat and light of The Sun and then there are those Rays of Awakening that are the occult commentary of The Angels of the Sun, singing through the rays to whoever has their inner ear attuned to it. I KNOW this is so because I have experienced it.

The personal self is the separated self and the self in opposition to whatever may seek to interfere with Personal Taste. Then there is the Impersonal Self and that is the eternal and enduring persona of the awakened Son of God, which is resident in every man, woman, and child on Earth. Most of the time this self is watching and witnessing all of the activities of thought, speech, and action on the part of the personal self. Most of the time the personal self is completely unaware of this PRESENCE. WHEN... not IF but... WHEN one becomes aware of this indwelling PRESENCE, there is a process that is set into motion. It is a process of personal self diminishment and it is a natural and automatic process. The Personal Self gives way before the Impersonal Self and this PERMITS the Impersonal Self to take an increasingly larger and larger role in the life of the one permitting it.

One of the by-products is that all of the features and events in the personal life are monitored, mediated , and managed by the impersonal self and since the impersonal self KNOWS EVERYTHING, it will bring about the best possible result in every situation because of that Alpha and Omega mindset. It is already resident in the place it takes you to. WGOD is a real radio station. It's frequencies are picked up through your internal radio, which is also called The Intuition. I said frequencie(s) because there is more than one INFORMED and ILLUMINATED entity that works as an announcer on that station. Of course, it is true that there is ONLY ONE source for the information BUT... there are various rays and colorations of tone that exist in the spectrum of Heavenly broadcasting.
Sure... Love is the be-all and end-all of the never-ending or beginning eternity of Love. It is itself and unique unto itself as THE ATTRACTIVE FORCE of the universe. Still... it has many permutations and will adapt itself to the particular needs and capacities of each and every individual fortunate enough to desire to put themselves IN THE WAY OF IT.

These days there are quite a few of the NOT SO Clear Channel kind of radio station, like WFKU and WKMA, as well as the same and sundry of communication devices of The Father of Lies. It is not so hard to understand what is going on so long as you are able to differentiate between what is based on appearances and what is representative of that which lies behind and beyond appearances. If appearances are a lie then it is no feat of intelligence to grasp what the Father of Lies deals in and this accounts for the presence of Fear as well; for those of you capable of EXTRAPOLATION.

What has been going on for the last 2200 years is now being reconstituted from the atomic level and EVERYTHING we have formerly known as governmental and religious templates are being redesigned AUTOMATICALLY, according to the vibrationary impact of the force of the incoming next 2200 years. Fundamentalists and strict doctrinarians, as well as every representative of the same old same old, are going to be shocked, shaken (not stirred) and terrified as all that was familiar... waves its hanky from the boat as it all sails away. There is NOTHING anyone can do about any of this; NOTHING. Well... yeah... you can resist it, or you can accommodate it. For those of you who understand what I am talking about, you can imagine what the result of each of those will be.

What you are PRESENTLY seeing is the stormtroopers of CHAOS, doing their UNCONSCIOUS part in tearing it all down. They won't be so employed for very long. You have to consider THE MATH of the situation. There is ONE MIND and the much larger majority of us do not want a persistent state of anarchy and disorder to prevail. One of the reasons that no single force- other than GOD ALMIGHTY- has EVER been able to control the whole world is... because THEY CAN'T CONTROL THE WHOLE WORLD. The Earth is a sacred vessel. Once again, it is also a living thing and a conscious entity and the time will come when it has had enough of the low-jinks taking place on terra-not-so-firma. Then, the Earth is going to SHAKE, RATTLE, and ROLL. You can count on this. You can bank on this.

God resides in a state of ABSOLUTE STILLNESS. It is God's ceaseless meditation on life that maintains existence in corporate form AND it is ONLY THIS that does so. The other (positive) side of God is a source of Ceaseless and Energetic Action. In blunt and simple terms. He lays there and SHE dances. It's never entirely so and words fail and words will ALWAYS fail, so... there is also that Shiva Nataraja aspect and it presents differently, according to the Time and Culture it appears in. Trying to get the whole schematic into a comprehensive state is IMPOSSIBLE and it's not our area of enterprise to begin (or end) with. We have our jobs, which few of us are actually employed at and God has his job. Certainly, there are cooperative interactions that take place with God and those who are not fast asleep.

This is... absolutely... not the time to lie sleeping. As has been pointed out here on numerous occasions; when God wants to wake us up, he will first come and gently shake our shoulder. If we do not awaken, then he will shake us a good deal harder, and IF WE STILL DON'T WAKE UP
? Then God picks up a baseball bat.

Presently, the mobocracy is in a Zombie Apocalypse, under the rule of Bedlam LLC. The executives at Bedlam LLC have been convinced by The Father of Lies that there is a degree of certainty of success in the offing. There IS NOT. What there is is The Purpose of Demonstration. Of course, whatever you may be thinking, is directly tied to whoever it is you are listening to. You can always change the station.
End Transmission.......

Today's Song is; ♫The Walls♫

Uh... yeah... for those of you not intending to go there, here is the link to Parler

And here is the link to that decentralized site that they haven't been able to fold, spindle, or mutilate... YET


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