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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Feb 7, 2020 - 5:01:36 AM

"The Long Hard Roll of the Fixed Dice in the Neverland Casino where They Think They Win."
By Les Visible
Feb 7, 2020 - 4:57:57 AM

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February  7th 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......
Materialism gives birth to Insanity... Nancy rips up the presidents speech, while the tortured offspring of Helicopter Parents shit, Liberally, ♫on the streets where she lives♫. People with no grip on their own awareness and no deeper sense of self, are having their minds hijacked, right and left. This is happening in individual fashion, as evidenced by those screaming at beings that only they can see and in collective fashion, as evidenced by Antifa and other loosely formed aggregates of the mentally deranged.
Examples of both kinds of 'possession' are to be seen in their greatest presence, in the larger cities on the West and East Coasts. It should be glaringly apparent that it is in both of those locations where Liberalism and Wack-Think are at their greatest density. The numbers don't lie.
What happened at the president's State of the Union speech, is a clear indicator of what is to manifest on the urban streets of this country, this year. There is a divide in positions between those who are clamoring for the abolition of ALL RESTRAINT and those who think that a resident sense of self discipline is a major key to Quality of Life. It is only a matter of time. It is a ticking time bomb. It is inevitable, unless God intrudes, that the streets of the densely populated coasts are going to be in flames soon.
I don't want to be a Panicmeister. I sincerely believe in a coming Golden Age but I ALSO BELIEVE that INDIVIDUAL and COLLECTIVE KARMA, will manifest along the way, as Mr. Apocalypse waves his walking stick/baton, over the great stage of existence (and the soundtrack orchestra), upon which THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION is taking place. One person is standing on a sidewalk. He has paused and has lifted his eyes to The Sun, closing them against the painful brightness, he basks in the flow of the golden rays upon his form. Three feet away from him, someone on a compelling mission, who did not stop, his eyes fixed upon the screen of his cellphone, is suddenly promoted into the presence of his creator by a city bus. It happens.
I'm not saying we should all stop for a moment to feel the splendor and beauty of the life giving sun, or that it will keep you from getting hit by a bus, or that not stopping will lead to you getting modulated to a different frequency by a city bus. I am saying that all those things you think are so important now could well not even be on your mindscreen a few months from now. I'm saying that ignoring the life giving rays of The Sun and turning your eyes to the pedestrian Earth, is a kind of putting the cart before the horse, which... before I am taken to task by the Minutiae Police, is ALSO A SACRED VESSEL to my mind. Our attentions, however, are not always sacred.
It has become very clear to me in recent times that there can be no peace between The Rational and The Deranged and it is the job of The Rational to not allow The Deranged to come into power. Generally, the spectrum of rational, embraces a larger mass than the spectrum of deranged. Unfortunately... there are brief periods when derangement gains enough power to make a difference in the world- and NEVER a good one. For instance there is The Bolshevik Revolution. There was the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and The French Revolution. With the last... there were definite, legitimate reasons to overthrow the decadent upper classes in France but it all, very soon, got way out of hand.
We are in similar straits in these times and unless you have a private planet you can flee to, it might be an intelligent position to stand and act on behalf of Rational and Sane and Moral, if only by example in your own behavior. Only the clueless or deranged are unaware of how many clueless and deranged people are loose in these times and let's give dishonorable mention to THE ANGRY... there are hordes of angry people, presently murking about, who are enraged, incensed and increasingly more and more violent for ONE REASON. The world does not see them, relate to them or treat them... LIKE THEIR HELICOPTER PARENTS DID. Here is a classic example of what I am talking about. Keep in mind that this is only one sector of Crazyland. This is only one neighborhood in Crazyland.
The biggest supporters of Toxic Revolutions, are the first to be dispensed with when the revolution comes. Women complaining about a Rape Culture in Europe, (and here) are among the most prominent engines for attracting a real rape culture into their countries, through migrations from countries where Rape Culture is, most definitely, 'a thing'.
There are two main sources for the amplification of Crazy in these times. One of the causes is Bad Parenting and the other is a hijacked education system, that teaches self loathing and promotes social causes that are popular ONLY among very small percentages of people. Social Justice causes are of Communist Origin. Enforced Robotic Behavior, through social programming, are direct feeds into the template for totalitarian government. Materialism can also be blamed because it makes people more and more susceptible to crackpot ideologies. ALL OF THESE CAUSES, are being promoted by a particular group of people, who are performing Satanists and who believe by bringing about CHAOS and DISORDER that they can then take control of a country and its inhabitants. If you don't know this then you are on the endangered list.
For instance, there is some kind of bill in the house right now that wants to protect criminal illegals from deportation. This sounds like a bad joke, right? It's not. Of course there are more details; when are there not?
Something very dark and very powerful is moving through the underbrush of the Democratic Party. It has been tacitly identified as the radical wing of The Left but... think about it for a moment. How many Representatives could that actually be... a couple of dozen? Somehow... beyond my pay grade at the moment... a small cluster of disaffected newbies is wielding power far beyond any rhyme or reason. The evidence is that the Big Dogs are scared of them. Who has the power to make Nancy Pelosi and the rest of The Possessed become fearful and obedient? Either The Prince of Darkness himself (whom they already serve), or one of his ranking underlings.
There has been an agenda in operation since before the turn of the last century. They had been lying in wait for some time before that. The world had to be rendered into a state of malaise and self indulgence first. Convenience had to have been introduced. There needed to be a whirling blitz of new and newer technologies in their incipience. Given that... the Earth became fertile ground for the formative plane getting the blueprints (from the plane above) for Evil.
Albert Pike had written about these things prior to, as had others but the active portion... the manifesting portion, came into being at the same time as all those secret societies from The Theosophical Society to The Golden Dawn and The OTO (Let's not forget the Protocols of Zion). It was in the neighborhood of this time frame where The Mason leadership got corrupted. Previously Adam Weishaupt was busy... yadda yadda. This sort of thing always comes around when technology begins to outstrip the parameters of our collective moral compass.
'They' have put a lot of time and effort into this. It is the living wet dream of the Infernal Realm. They get all kinds of tumescent about the idea of a Lower Astral warehouse filled with damned souls. We are in the very midst of it as you read these words. You can be sure the pressure is going to intensify, in direct parallel with the Force of Awakening. Certain minions of The Dark Side, in human aspect, probably thought the day would never come, while they were still present on this plane... and could be called into formation to do the will of their Dark Lord. Be still my bleating heart? (I'm being ironic, with a gasoline chaser).
So... here we are my friends. Certain elements are seeking... INTENSELY SEEKING, to do more damage in a short time than we have seen in a long time. On the side of the angels and what few heroes remain, there is a gritting of the teeth and a narrowing of the focus and a hope that others will join the ranks. This is dependent on their reaction to The Force of Awakening. Anything is possible... where there is life there is hope... Dream big if you can't wake up and... and? Carpe Agape. Carpe Aeternum.
End Transmission.......
Today's Song is; ♫My Pickup Truck is Pregnant (and my wife got towed away)♫
Pocketnet... it went thataway.


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