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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

"The Kings Highway is Composed of Interwoven Sunbeams and It Runs to Heaven's Gate."
By Les Visible
Feb 11, 2022 - 4:37:38 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Sometimes it is not easy to see the thing behind the thing, behind the thing. It is what makes it possible for scammers, puppet-masters, and influence peddlers to do their thing. At the same time, unbeknownst to the ones who think they are orchestrating the matter, there is another permutation behind it which the arrangers never considered as possible offspring. It is what might cause one's children to come back and eat them. There are all kinds of offspring that we give birth to every day. It is too bad that we often cannot see them when they are still forming, because they are the stuff that monsters are composed of.

The reverse is true as well.

Given enough time and... depending on how well you can concentrate your focus, you can think yourself out of any environment or situation. The knowledge of how to do these things is guarded by entities, and ONLY those of proven virtue are able to access them. Hmm... then if one simply acquires Virtue... all manner of good will follow after. That's how my math works. For me... when various considerations all add up to the same thing, I can see they are of a kind. That means there is a resonance, a vibrationary affinity... and your life becomes like music.

Sometimes I think of one of the great composers, probably Beethoven, and I imagine him walking in the woods and meadows. I remember reading that he was fond of doing this. I had once heard or read a story about how he had something to do with the evolution of the guitar. It was impractical (in those days) to have a piano brought out into a field or wooded area far from the common pathways. So... I was told or I read, that a guitar-like instrument was designed that he could carry into Nature with him so that he might compose there.

I don't know if that story is apocryphal. I don't remember thinking that at the time so there must have been some amount of obvious legitimacy for me to put it in the mind's knapsack. I digressed.

What I intended to say was about the great composers walking in Nature. I know they could hear music in their heads and Nature is a constant orchestra. This I have experienced many times. We ALL have a music that attends us and it is played by musicians we gave birth to. It is the same as those monsters within us that we feed or the 'better angels of our nature.' If you wish to reside in a finer and more radiantly splendid land, you must be attended by better musicians. I am certain that when The Buddha or Jesus Christ or Krishna walked here that angels and devas provided the soundtrack.

These great examples, these perfect personas came here to demonstrate. Their purpose was to inspire emulation and imitation. They showed that it was possible to permeate their environs and bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. It doesn't last, except in certain hard-to-reach locations, like Shambhala, and other places. This is why these good examples keep coming back; to raise the level of discourse on all planes (for a time). The World Saviors come at rare intervals, but avatars of lesser rank are always coming and going. They are still far too few (especially in Times of Material Darkness), but they do appear and work profound Higher Love Magic on all who encounter them or hear of them; those of both Good and Bad intent.

The Buddha once said, "Only chase after a bad man to show him The Way."

The Good are not the ones in need of attention. However... dealing with the bad is a tricky affair. It is like rescuing a drowning person. You have to sneak up behind them. You have to make people want to be better without them becoming immediately aware of it. They have these bad musicians around them, and who knows how many invisible low-life there are in attendance? Sometimes you have to charm them first. People can be drowning in their heads just as fatally as they might be drowning in The Sea. You have to ignite people in such a way that they see The Upside.

Early communities had to work in a union for the common good to survive. We have lost that sense of community... so now, someone else's sense of community can be forced upon us. There are always going to be mean-spirited and misguided types who band together to cause mischief. Who knows what all of the reasons are that people go wrong instead of right? I bobbed and weaved all over the highway on occasion but NEVER got cited for that kind of traffic. I think it was because of where I was headed in my heart and mind. You would be REALLY surprised to learn what The Mind is capable of. We all perform magic every day, but often enough, at a particular level of development, it takes certain amounts of time for the results to appear, so we are often unaware that we made it happen.

Change your perspective and change your life. Don't hang out with people who bring you down. Don't be down. You can definitely go up; why not direct yourself accordingly?

There is so much being exposed now. The Great Truckers of Canada (and The US now... and round The World) have caused the Canadian politicians (and others) to show their true colors. The lies being told by the media and the politicians are outrageous, and Mr. Apocalypse is making it clear... BY-THE-DAY... what is what, and who is who. The Great Awakening is bringing Truth to the attention of a formerly sleeping world. Many still dream... but the dreams are restless and provoke further awakening

It doesn't matter how Draconian, small-minded, and casually vicious some sectors may get. They are on The Losing End. The more absurd and ridiculous they become, the more they so appear before the eyes of The World. This is all happening for The Purpose of Demonstration, so you need not be alarmed. It is being worked out despite the worst intentions of The Usual Suspects and their Catamite Fellow Travelers.

Those who are Atheists believe that Sex is the be-all and end-all of life. So they are carnal right out of the gate. They are born into it. This mindset of fixed materialism gravitates inevitably toward Satanism. Out of this, the hard-core psychopaths are born, along with all their deluded and intimidated minions. When this consortium of self-willed zombies (interesting term) runs into an apocalypse, everything works to their disadvantage. The Cosmos itself steers all their efforts to exposure and failure. That is part of the nature of Apocalypse, and why a Great Awakening attends one. People wake up and they see what has been going on. It isn't pretty.

The whole of the corrupt and seduced world is going to wake up in the pigsty with The Prodigal Son. Some will fall right back, but the Hunger for Return will be awakened in many souls because this... is... the... time. Cosmic Change occurs over very long periods of terrestrial time. Individual change can happen VERY quickly. Here is an interesting piece of scripture; "Although there is nothing to be gained, I will go on to visions and revelations from the Lord. I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven. Whether it was in the body or out of the body I do not know-God knows. And I know that this man-whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know, but God knows-was caught up to paradise and heard inexpressible things, things that no one is permitted to tell."

You never know what is going to happen if you get up on The King's Highway and stay there. The Kings Highway is composed of interwoven sunbeams and it runs to Heaven's Gate. It is interchangeable with all of life's highways because they all connect in some way, even if only through degrees of separation; there is some connection, no matter how indirect... with everything else. This is what makes God the Gestalt so important. It lights the whole thing up! There is no Joy without the Presence of God because God is The Supreme Enjoyer. Everything fine that is being experienced in anyone is made possible through the medium of the angels that provide the means for it, AND... these angels come from God.

Because of one angel (and its minions), all of us see. All of us by similar agency can hear... and so on and so on. I use 'it' because angels are of no specific sex, though they CAN assume one... should Heaven direct it. Residence in Heaven has a great deal to do with the way one's sexual nature has developed. Once again we have that Dial. You turn it to the left for Vice and the other way for Virtue. It REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE. We need both!!! We could do with less of the one and more of the other, BUT... that is coming. Yes... my friends... that is coming.

End Transmission.......

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Heh heh... BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!

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