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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

"The Joy of the Presence of God, Intensifies as Time Passes, Until there is No More Sense of Time Passing."
By Les Visible
Nov 19, 2020 - 4:45:27 AM

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November 18th 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

One is either focused on the world, which brings some level of ATTACHMENT to areas of existence, OR... one is indifferent to it and that brings some level of DETACHMENT. Almost everyone is at some degree of proximity to one or the other, BUT... USUALLY... at some point between the two. There is another state of being... another perspective and it is the one I follow; that is employing either one, depending on my focus, based on the results of analysis and discrimination.

It's okay ( I guess/ maybe, maybe not ) to pose as the latter while moving through the former; to feign detachment, while consistently being attached, BUT... is it real? Well... it can't be real if you are posing.

Therein lies my problem, which ALWAYS devolves back to whether one is being honest with themselves or not; ♫easy words to say, hard words to live by♫ (to quote one of Visible's, as yet, unrecorded songs). It falls glibly off the tongue... to 'be in the world but not of it'. Oh, there are hundreds of time-worn homilies that cover the landscape of posturing detachment.

ALL OF IT... comes down to one inescapable and unavoidable truth. You may think you are proceeding on your own (you're not). You may think it is a matter of your own industry and determination, BUT... it is not. Even when you don't know any better (that's most of us). Even when you are inspired by all kinds of sincere passion and zeal, it's not you doing it. This is a very, VERY CRITICAL thing, because as long as you think you are the one doing it, you are on the hamster wheel, and you will stay there until you realize that you, and the wheel, and everything else, all the time, is ONLY the Lord God, expressing through and around you. The ancients have said, "this world is all God's Lila, God's play." How I see it is that this whole world is God playing Hide and Seek. He explodes himself into billions and billions of fragments of conscious, living creatures, and then he spends a REALLY LONG TIME gathering it all back together.

The most profound spiritual book I have ever read (except for The Way of Life) is The Bhagavad Gita. It is TELLING that it all takes place on a battlefield. We need to keep in mind that this was written (so far as we know) in the Kali Yuga, which is a protracted period of conflict, discord, confusion, runaway appetites, and sundry. Whatever the book might have been in Satya, Treta or Dwapara Yuga, WE DON'T HAVE A COPY. They are readily accessible in the Akashic Records but few of us have access privileges.

The Gita makes clear the points I am TRYING to make, in MY OWN WAY, and best you read that. No matter how many times I say the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER, they do not REGISTER except at the level of awareness the reader occupies. This is NOT TO SAY that I am on some high and lonely peak of consciousness. It is what it is and I see proof of that in comments, and emails, and conversations ALL THE TIME. Some things that are ASTOUNDINGLY CLEAR to me, DO NOT translate across the wider reach of these blogs. That is just HOW IT IS.

You EITHER recognize that it is GOD expressing through you, in a HINDERED fashion (for the moment), OR... you think it is you doing all of this. This is the difference between being Illuminated and being in the dark. Why do people REFUSE to see this??? It is because they INSIST on being in charge, thinking themselves in charge of life, and INSISTING on the Imperial Force of their personal will. There is NO SUCH animal. The personal will is nothing more than one's resistance to the Will of God. Jesus, Visible, that is some stern and inflexible way to put it. It IS WHAT IT IS.

We are Fallen Angels. Some are seeking redemption (the few) and the rest are up to some form of personal mischief and for that... we have, The Purpose of Demonstration, in which EACH OF US finds out, sooner or later, that we are wrong. We ALL come up against it and life is a choreographed tragicomedy that endlessly plays itself out for The Purpose of Demonstration. The Greatest Commandment says it all if one is inclined to hear it. I have heard it and it is my marching order. There is nothing more to add to that.

Let us now turn to the election fraud. There are some interesting turns of event. I call this tidbit to your attention, and Lin Woods said he has IRREFUTABLE PROOF. He is NOT THE SORT to say this if it were not true. Meanwhile, THEY are fighting tooth and nail. The vote by this court fell out along party lines. Yesterday, in Wayne County (home of Detroit) the election officials who certify the vote were deadlocked at 2-2. Subsequently, this happened. One of the electors had their children threatened. It is happening ACROSS THE COUNTRY. They KNOW they have been caught and found out. It is going to get BRUTAL. Much is riding on the outcome, including LENGTHY prison sentences for the offenders who engaged in the fraud AND intimidation.

I do not have the time, nor the patience to go into detail about how this was all engineered but it has been discovered. There are MASSIVE amounts of evidence and it is all on the clock, which is ticking as I write these words. I just want to add a small but SIGNIFICANT detail here. Given the very serious penalties that await, should the administration win their case, how long do you think it is going to be before an avalanche of whistleblowers and witnesses begin to press and scrimmage among them, like deranged soccer fans, seeking to CUT A DEAL? I wager it is ALREADY taking place. When the severity of the punishment dawns upon the minds of the culpable, it will be EVERY MAN AND WOMEN FOR THEMSELVES.

Here is how so much of it comes to pass in an ordinary Congressman's day.

Meanwhile, COVID is being used as a cudgel, with fake test results and intentional community infections in places like South Dakota, where the governor has come out against lockdowns. They are blaming it on rallies that the president had MANY MONTHS ago and upon that big biker rally this summer. The infection dynamic DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. It doesn't just Rip Van Winkle at the convenience of the ones manipulating it. My friends, there is a war on. This is a very big deal. The whole COVID scam was created to get rid of the president.

Oh... oh... this is going to be an epic event in the history of our country. I hope you bothered to read those links.

Let us now return to our previous broadcast, already in progress; Everything... everything is some permutation of God playing with himself. I don't mean that in a prurient manner, but it applies. He is The Sun that shines upon us. He is The Moon that works its magic on our vegetables. He is every portal of force and light expressed in Nature. He is intimately connected with EVERY event in our lives, and if we were SO INCLINED, we could have a living, vibrant, and continuous... CONSCIOUS relationship with him. He doesn't like to intrude, so one does need to impress upon him their sincere desire to have such a relationship. Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you AUTHORITATIVELY and beyond all doubt that such a thing is real because I am living it this very moment.

However difficult it may prove to be in the beginning, once one has accepted the bit and the bridle (metaphorically speaking), it becomes extraordinary, supernatural, beyond the dimension of words and like music playing internally, much like the sounds the planets make when they rub up against one another, BECAUSE they would be rubbing up against each other within us. Some fear union with God because of the 'imagined' loss of their personal identity. That is not how it works. Each of us is a unique and eternal microcosmic expression of The Divine... that temporary identity that we imagine ourselves to be is not even real. We are not even the same person we were yesterday. For some, this seems fantastic because so many are caught in ruts of redundancy, with little variation, BUT... cells continuously die and new ones are born every moment, and even if some evolve at the speed of dinosaurs, they do change. Some of us, evolve much more rapidly, especially when we are consciously engaged in the matter.

I've said these things over and over and over in, slightly and sometimes dramatically, different ways. My tune is not going to change. I feel an incredible degree of sorrow for so many who are serving time in The Penitentiary of the Mind. It is sad to see how so many people have entangled themselves in Material Darkness. It does not have to be as it is. It's like watching someone stab themselves over and over in the foot and crying out in pain and outrage as if it were someone else doing it to them. It is not.

The JOY of the Presence of God is... unspeakably wonderful, and it intensifies as time passes until there is no more sense of time.

End Transmission.......

Still hoping to get the next video out (grin). Here is the location of the most recent one.

You can access Visible's Music and listen to it for free, here.

GAB is still our go-to alternative 'find him here' location.

Parler... we shall see and we shall see.

Pocketnet is scrolling news items at this very moment in this location. I really should go and check out what they are saying. I've haven't been there except to post in a while.


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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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