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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 25, 2020 - 4:42:46 AM

The Great 2020 Shake Up For The Wakeup
By Patrick James Hennesey with comments by ron
Mar 24, 2020 - 6:32:35 PM

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March 23, 2020
The Great 2020 Shake Up for the Wake Up

Waking Times

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." - President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933 during the depression

My stocks have plummeted, my clients are quitting and the big machine we've all co-created is grinding to a halt. So why do I feel so damn happy deep inside ?

I've suckled off the "system" for years. It's "the devil I know", but what a soul sucking price I've paid. At times, keeping it together and "making it" has made me sick with worry and fear. It's felt heavy to keep it all going.

Soon I'll have no choice but to take a leap of faith and move on to what comes next. It's both exciting and frightening. As Janice Joplin sang - "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose".

On average 150,000 people die each day in the world and even more are born. Life continues its natural cycle of birth and death. The sun still rises and sets despite what price the markets open or close at. Empires, including the American Empire, rise and fall but the earth remains.

Germany and Japan were bombed to rubble in World War II and one-third of their population was dead. Yet they rose from the ashes.

Our world is still intact. The sky is still blue and in many places, even more blue. Our buildings are still standing, our airplanes, though grounded, are still working and we are waking up even more to what is really real.

The hypnotic spell of "normal" is breaking. When the world resets and restarts, it will never be the same.

So what will the new world look and feel like?

Will we move into a world of greater freedom, connection, compassion, sharing and truth? Or will we move into a permanent state of totalitarian lock down - for our own safety of course? Ultimately it is up to us.

A friend told me this could be the "Apocalypse". I hope he's right, because the Greek meaning of the word "apocalypse" is the unveiling of truth. It's about time.

It's getting harder and harder to hide the truth behind a thinning veil of "normalcy". Times are getting real and the fake world, as advertised and sold, is falling apart like the proverbial "cheap suit".

What a blessing for our souls that the modern religion of scientific materialism and consumerism is being revealed to be a superficial sham and a burden to our Mother Earth.

People will soon be even more disillusioned with the delusion that man is in control of everything. The Shift is hitting the fan.

Frankly, I'm tired of spending all the energy that keeping up with this modern charade requires. I'm done being a slave to the material world. Aren't you also tired of running faster and faster in the hamster wheel just to stay in place?

For years astrologers have said that 2020, not 2012, would be the real shake up with economic and political upheavals and revolutions breaking loose. Three months into 2020 and the forecasts are proving correct. The world is transforming dramatically before our eyes. The old is dying away - collapsing under its own weight and complexity.

Some think the powers that be (or were) will blame the inevitable collapse on the coronavirus rather than the reckless wars, deficits, and corruption. Then, "they" will step forward to save us all from economic death by rolling out a New World Order complete with a cashless one world digital currency and our wallet becoming a chip embedded in our body. How very convenient - for them.

In this Brave New World Order we will be tracked online and offline with all we post, email or even speak being monitored and analyzed.

With many of the mom and pop businesses being decimated by the economic collapse, the large transnational corporations and chain franchises will ultimately pick up the slack. The US and the world are on track to become a giant plantation with corporate company stores where the "free and the brave" are on monitored lockdown, living in boxes, watching boxes, shopping in boxes for boxes, driving boxes and eating food out of boxes.

Through orchestrated fear and ignorance triggered by planned disasters and a constant stream of media programing, we voluntarily contract and live shrinking lives in our boxes. This boxed in life is the Orwellian dystopian scenario.

The alternative scenario, which I choose to feed and live, is that before this "New World Order" trap is fully sprung and the surveillance grid is fully in place, there is a mass awakening stemming from the disillusionment with the illusion.

In this scenario people's worlds and sense of normalcy are turned upside down. Rather than continuing to listen hypnotically to our TVs and online "news" feeds, we step out of our boxes and talk amongst each other about what we actually see and feel is real.

Rather than a pandemic of fear we set in motion a pandemic of truth and awakening. We see the walls of our prisons that we were blind to before. We come to realize that it was our programed false beliefs and insecurities that kept us voluntarily imprisoned. We learn that the cell doors were never even really locked.

In the movie, The Matrix, we are led to believe that the intelligence running the matrix is vastly powerful and that only the special "Chosen One" super hero - Neo - can save us all from the overlords. This is a disempowering falsehood.

The truth is we don't need to be a bullet dodging super hero to take on the system. We only need the courage to simply walk away and say "No thank you. I'm not playing your game anymore."

The system ultimately relies on voluntarily compliance, which is often motivated by intimidation and disinformation. What has power rule over us only has this power because we give away our own sovereign power.

Think of the little Wizard of Oz behind the curtain manipulating levers to create smoke and fearful images. The curtain is being pulled back.

And unlike the false choice presented by Morpheus in the movie the Matrix, the true "red pill" of truth is not a dystopian nightmare where we eat tasteless food and live underground. The real "red pill" reality when we step away from the false matrix is that we can live in harmony and cooperation with nature and each other.

In a truly free world we eat pure non-factory farmed, delicious and nutritious food. In a world without a system that pits us against each other and exploits us and the earth, we share resources, cooperate and live in peace.

I believe this new world of deeper connection and truth will grow out of the ashes of the old system of colonialism and exploitation. Do you believe it? Ultimately it is our beliefs that creates our world.

Are you ready to let go of the crumbling edifice of the old patriarchal paradigm and let go into the flow of life and the wisdom of the Universal Mind (God) ?

Are you willing to let go of a crumbling old world of power over, control, scarcity, fear, greed, competition, and the exploitation of Earth and all sentient beings ?

The old paradigm is dying and the more we are attached to it the more we will suffer with it.

Do you have the courage and faith to step away from the "devil you know" and step into a world of love, cooperation, and peace that you know in your heart is possible ?

Now is the time when we individually and collectively need to choose whether to succumb to fear or embrace peace and love instead.

As we move into a new world, let's remember that we can always access the peace that is deep within ourselves no matter what is swirling around us.

Take a break from your worries and take ten deep breaths. Relax into feeling your breath and knowing that in this moment you are safe.

Then envision in your mind's eye the world of beauty and cooperation you know in your heart is possible. Feel it, love it, and believe it. Together we can make this world our reality.

[Ron: The time to embrace peace and love is NOW Pilgrims! Use the time between now and Easter to do that.].

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

About the Author

Patrick James Hennessey is a LovEvolutionary and the Chief Orchestrator at the Sacred Mountain Waters Wellness Sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains north of Asheville, NC.

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All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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