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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jul 23, 2020 - 5:35:40 AM

"The First Church of the Presence of God- Secondary Location- Primary Location being Within You."
By Les Visible
Jul 23, 2020 - 5:31:02 AM

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July 22nd 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Of course... a lot goes on here, inside my head. It's like an airport. Planes arrive and planes leave and the Air Traffic Controller NEVER SLEEPS. Most days there is not much coming and going anymore. Most traffic is bounced to other locations because there is no point in their landing here; nothing relevant to them is going on here... anymore.

Anyone who comes here knows about The First Church of the Presence of God which has, basically... a single form of worship and spiritual protocol and that is, THE PRACTICE OF THE PRESENCE OF GOD. Anything tangential or related is handled automatically by The Indwelling. I haven't said much about it in months; probably since around the time I dislocated my shoulder... or... it was dislocated for me, BUT... out of sight is not necessarily out of mind around here. It goes on- this Practice of the Presence, as consistently as it is presently possible to accomplish. It's going on right this moment, as a matter of fact. There were videos, earlier... but they went into a hiatus zone as well.

It has come into my mind, since it came into my mind, that there should be a location for this church, besides its principal and original location; NOT SUBJECT TO CHANGE, which is within us, but... it has come into my thoughts for a while now that there ought to be a physical location where kindred spirits might gather. I had found a couple but they are EXPENSIVE, like this one, The El Rojo Grande Ranch.

More info on The El Rojo Grande Ranch here
...and another one for a third of that price but still EXPENSIVE and that is what I call, The Zen House. When I first saw it it was, or I thought it was, half a million less but perhaps they got inspired to raise the price.

Now comes this new location, which is quite affordable and a lot less than I thought it would sell for and that is the former Unity Church of Sedona. I have been to their services a couple of times. The last time I sat outside on a bench. They are a bit too new agey for me. I'm not passing judgment BUT... I am a great deal simpler and less self-involved than what I find in similar circumstances. I AM NOT saying that this is the case here. I am sure a lot of fine people attend, it's just not my sort of thing. My friend went inside and I communed with The Presence in my own fashion, minus a lot of the whoop de doo. I must stress here, though it will probably not help much with those committed to another form of ideation, that I mean no criticism. Think of it as something like diet. This is a very personal affair AND SO ARE ONE'S SPIRITUAL INCLINATIONS. I prefer that God is the centerpiece and not whoever is officiating at the ceremonies. There is always some degree of pecking order and that is natural BUT... I have run into this kind of thing many times before at various worship centers and fellowships, ashrams, and the like and I like it not. I'll not add any details at this time in that regard.

Alright then... I don't have one million, two hundred thousand dollars and that, actually... won't even get you in the door. There are the various fees and the renovations and also the initial operating costs, so it seems more like Two Million to me. That gives a cushion.

I don't know if The Ineffable has this in mind for me BUT... for some reason, I am writing this and I can't remember ever having done so before. I laughed out loud when I found the link to this in my Inbox folder this morning AND... a few ideas occurred to me and I am just going to put it out there; on the internet are a collection of fundraising websites. There's Go Fund Me, Crowd Funding, Angel List and I don't know how many others. It's not an area I've paid much attention to, except when it appears before me and mention is made as to why whoever is raising the money. I figure that if God wants us to have this place as a place to gather and interact then it's a done deal. It may be that with the writing of this post, some one or several people, WHO ARE ACCOMPLISHED IN THIS AREA OF ENTERPRISE, might give it a go and surprise me (grin). Like I am saying, implying... it could be that the spirit moves someone and Voila! We are there! It seems like this is a fine time to think about something like this as the world devolves more and more into the chaotic period of radical transition that it is promising to do; doing this very moment.

I suppose there would be a core group of people living there. There always is AND THEN... there would be those coming and going, just as there now are those who come and visit me HERE. A lot of people have dropped by to see me since I've been ♫ BACK IN THE USSA! ♫

Certainly... my degree of personal evolution has brought me to a fairly consistent state of serenity and there is far, far less for me to deal with these days. I seem to have reached an agreeable state of interplay with Lady Kundalini and now the lava no longer bursts into the sky but simply burbles over the rim and down to wherever.

I apologize for this posting having less to do with the usual state of affairs but that force which animates and inspires me, animated and inspired me to do this and that will be the end of it; unless it is actually ♫ Only The Beginning ♫ (cue Chicago).

I am not a materially oriented person. Such considerations rarely enter my mind and I have paid a price for that, as one does in Times of Material Darkness. I know that among the readers there are many who are skilled at this sort of thing and we'll have to see if this pings off of anyone's consciousness and provokes a response. I've been looking at the feed in the right sidebar of the posts and been pretty amazed at all the places the readers are to be found in. In this last week, I have noted half a dozen visits from places I have never heard of. I might have recognized a few locations, once I put the city or town location into a search engine but... previously I was unfamiliar with it. People have come here from Tasmania, Belize, Russia, Iran, Indonesia, and many, many other places.

I will make it up to the reader by posting another Smoking Mirrors very soon. In the meantime, this is what crossed my desk- metaphorically speaking today. We shall now see if this project has legs. If it does, it is my hope to be able to cook dinner for any of you who make the trek and to also give you lodging on your way to The Presence that attends you as you look for it. I don't know if I am suited to handle any larger numbers of people. There were times when I had similar locations and a lot of people came and went. There were restaurants where I was able to wine and dine a considerable amount of people until that practice served to send the restaurant on its way (grin) BUT... it was great while it lasted. This would be a whole other kind of thing and we would just have to play it by ear.

If nothing comes of it then that is fine too and we will go on doing what we do here until The Divine reveals another plan to me. I am strangely indifferent to the matter at the moment. That might be a good thing; not to be attached to the fruits of personal industry. I've developed a much lighter touch over the last couple of years. I now live an impressively disciplined life that just wasn't possible before and I've had that confirmed by the ONLY real authority in my life.

So... my friends... if nothing more comes of this you will at least have had the opportunity to see some cool locations and do a little daydreaming of your own. I'll now head over to the recording studio section of my office here and make and record some music. I might even be back here before end of day but certainly no later than tomorrow; God Willing.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song(s) are;

♫ Sister Reflection ♫


♫ Time is Flying ♫

Of note- especially for Facebook readers, I am now to be found at Parler, where it seems that Donald J. Trump, Sean Hannity, and others are following me. At least it says that. Heh heh. Anyway... here is how you find me at Parler. Cancel Culture, Gender conflicted, book burning Draconian's are censoring me at Facebook so... it is just a matter of time now.

And... of course, I am at the decentralized Pocketnet that none of these Torquemada's can do anything about. You can find me at Pocketnet here.

les visible at pocketnet


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