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"The Dreams and Designs of Those Caught Out Will Unravel and Mr. Apocalypse is the Reverse Seamstress."
By Les Visible
Nov 6, 2020 - 5:08:49 AM

November 5th 2020


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Hmm... Petri Dish today... perfect... just perfect. So... you may (and you may not) be wondering what I think about this circus of an election. Here is my 'take of the moment'. The president KNEW all along that they intended to steal the election. He couldn't really just come out and claim this and insist on action ahead of time to prevent it. The Press would have made mincemeat out of him. They do so as a regular routine anyway. So... he and his people made sure to be in a position to CATCH the voter fraud actors AFTER THE FACT, and as time goes on, the truth of the matter becomes more lurid and patently obvious by the hour. Rather than place a large body of links into the text, I am going to put them at the end of the posting. I've also got some videos for you to see. One of them may not be relevant to the subject at hand but it is good watching anyway.

I can tell you with absolute confidence that the forces behind the Democrat effort to win the White House are corrupt as all get out. Me even trying to discuss this ball of confusion is beyond my powers. Look at the links and be aware that I only included a few of them and possibly not even the most important ones. It matters not to me. There is enough there to get a sense of what is going on. I do wish I had had more time and more enthusiasm for the task BUT I DON'T. Make up your own minds.

Heads are going to roll. Reputations- most of them false- are going to be destroyed. Entire industries, such as the polling organizations, are being ruined and will never recover. The Media is in BIG TROUBLE and Big Tech and Social Media are going to take huge hits, and likely be broken up in the coming times. The world is going to be changed PROFOUNDLY. In many ways, these will be positive changes and some won't be, due to the intransigence of those involved.

The ones engaged in this international, criminal caper did not think it out very well. They were counting on a Blue Wave Landslide, which... had it come, would have made all the skulduggery afterward unnecessary and given no cause, also, for greater scrutiny. They could just say that the number of votes for the Democrats was so great that there is no need to look deeper. They thought, surely, that with all the hundreds of millions, billions even that were poured into the coffers of the Democrats that they could, through sheer force of MONEY, accomplish all they intended. It DID NOT work as they planned. Instead, there was a huge Red Wave of American voters who came out for the president.

Once they saw what was taking place they scrambled and scurried, with never a thought for covering their tracks adequately and NOW... NOW? They are going to get sliced and diced by the investigators. Whistleblowers and witnesses and evidence aplenty is rising to the surface. Heh Heh... it is going to be appalling and very funny at the same time. Mr. Apocalypse is center stage, working through his minions nationwide.

Okay... Okay... MAYBE the bad guys win. Maybe the fix is in. MAYBE but it doesn't feel like it. It feels like a whole lot of people who never thought it was possible are going to be hung out to dry. The bad guys can't stop themselves. They have no restraint and are being propelled forward, without them even being aware of it, with the false hope that somehow... somehow they can pull this off; NOT IN THIS DAY AND AGE.

I don't know what is going to happen and strangely... I am detached from it all. It is as if I am standing in The Sun in a large park, a quarter of a mile away from a large and boisterous crowd. The voices rise and fall. I can't make out what they are saying. They are too far away but because the crowd is so large, I can hear the sounds, even at this distance. It is sort of like being on the banks of a river in Spring. It is rushing by and tearing at the banks. Large items are floating by and the sound is constant BUT I am not even facing the river. I am facing The Sun and Lord Vivasvan is speaking to me and that is all I care about or want to hear.

You may not know about this feature. It has been around since, and before the beginning of Time. The Sun speaks to us in angelic, solar language. Most of us cannot hear what is being said because WE ARE NOT LISTENING and the language is foreign to us. It is not about the things so many of us are attached to. There is another language for that and that is the language most of us speak and understand BUT NATURE and that which inspires Nature, has a vast array of languages, as does the Devic Realm and as does the Celestial Kingdom.

It is not necessary to understand the words in these languages, as much as it is important to FEEL what is being said because that speaks to a deeper part of us. It gets translated there and then processed up to the conscious mind. Everything manifest is speaking all the time. Unfortunately for most human beings, they don't hear and don't want to hear. What their appetites and desires demand is all that is important.

I tell you with absolute certainty that there are many worlds. There are Hell worlds and 'levels and planes' of Middle Earth and there are Heavenly spheres and all of them are populated by countless numbers of souls who sent themselves there. It is literally impossible to tell anyone about this unless they are one of the few who wish to hear or those even fewer who are already well aware of it. Most traditionalists and materialists, who profit from the effort, couch their dialogues and diatribes in the religious language of their times. It is an exceedingly narrow bandwidth that contains mostly HOPE and FEAR. It is useful to those who use these mechanisms to prey upon the masses who have no clue, ONLY Hope and Fear, and all of that is based on material concern, unless the hope of Heaven has made itself present, due to the unrelenting suffering and age of those so engaged, because all they have (they think) is Hope.

I am reminded of that old adage, "Wish in one hand and Shit in the other and see which fills up first." That, oddly enough, comes from the book of a strange and twisted fellow named Stephen King. I am also reminded of another saying. I think it was a poet but I don't remember who it was, "Hope springs eternal." I am not one for Hope. I consider that a dead-end street of delusion BUT, I am very much one for Faith. I find it constantly amusing to observe those who have such Faith in material culture and who have proven it to be real, according to their dedicated industry but who have little or no faith in things unseen. That is possibly my favorite Bible quote, mostly because people hear it and NEVER understand it, "Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things unseen." What that means is that if your faith is strong enough, you can materialize ANYTHING. Of course, you probably need permission but USUALLY, those so capable, know who to ask. Then again, it's a matter of channeled WILL.

Well... my friends, it is going to be 'a dark and stormy night' shortly. THEY can't admit defeat and went to great lengths to guarantee victory and they have lost. The country is rising up in various states to demand what is to be what is, not what someone decided they wanted it to be. As another old adage that I like, and never use cause it's worn out goes. "That dog won't hunt." Indeed!

This is a colossal turn of affairs and it isn't in the windshield of most yet, BUT it WILL BE. Some very bad people have been caught out. Perhaps I shouldn't call them bad, maybe they are just misguided but it does look like they knew what they were doing and they weren't doing it for the greater good; not hardly. As the hours unfold, the dreams and designs of those caught with their hands in the cookie jar are going to unravel and unravel and unravel, with Mr. Apocalypse as the reverse seamstress.

Enjoy the show. I may or may not be back for a bit, though videos from The First Church of the Presence of God will continue at odd moments.

Here are some links;


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(what a sleaze)


New York Post: Biden may steal an election for the elitists, but Democrats will regret it


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(I was going to include that quote by Stalin but Henry did it for me)


and a few videos;

There is EVER SO MUCH MORE but if you can't find them on your own you are probably not allowed to see them because all it takes is a little thought and ingenuity. I am certainly not the brightest bulb in that gay dude's chandelier. I'm also not even in that chandelier, so if I can figure this stuff out anyone can.

I got most of this at where I haven't gone in almost a year or more. Michael Rivero, who is the webmaster, used to post my work all the time BUT... he is a virulent atheist and did not like my spiritual writings. HOWEVER... for this particular time period, it is one of the best places to go. I don't let his hate for me intrude on my recognition of his usefulness FOR OTHERS. Rense got rid of me too, but not for the spiritual work. It was because I wouldn't stop my work from being posted on Truthseeker. I don't walk on friends. It's not in my nature. Rixon is a friend. Jeff Rense is not.

All this linking is a one-off. It WON'T happen again.

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