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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 21, 2020 - 4:24:45 AM

"The Diamond in the Rough will Eventually Burn Thru it."
By Les Visible
Mar 21, 2020 - 4:21:25 AM

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March 21st 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

In just a few short days, so much can happen. I hesitated to produce a blog entry for two reasons; I could only use the one hand until now, but it seems I can limp along presently. The other things was the VERY strange events at the hospital(s) during which my arm got put back into the shoulder housing.

It took 9 hours for the shoulder to get fixed and so the pain went on consistently across that span. It would not have been so painful BUT... I take Suboxone, which renders ALL opiates ineffective. I do not take it because of any opioid addiction. However, coming off of heavy duty painkillers after a protracted period of use can be VERY uncomfortable. I had been taking them because, during the course of a single year, I had a broken hip, a broken ankle and several gall bladder attacks, culminating in its removal. Then there was the persistent painful aftermath of each, so I was taking a large amount of Oxy-analgesics. When I tried to stop taking them myself, it resulted in excruciating withdrawal. My doctor gave me Suboxone AND... very quickly, the withdrawal ended and was even accompanied by a state of mild euphoria.

I had enough of these Suboxone, sublingual films for a week or so and over that time, I noticed that my previous pain, for which I was taking the painkillers, was much reduced and was also proving to be a far more effective, with zero negatives, mood elevator than any of the commercial garbage that is handed out like suicidal candy by doctors, who 'used to' attempt to practice medicine but are now only employees of the pharmaceutical realm.

My doctor said she could prescribe me with Suboxone, since it was rendering me these benefits. It was not as effective as the painkillers but much less physically taxing and I can handle some amount of pain, all life being pain anyway. This was not the original intent of the medication but I tend to 'use what works.'

I told the doctors at the hospital that the painkillers would not work. I told half a dozen people. I was also a bit out of it from the pain. They ignored my telling them the painkillers would not work and gave me two injections of Dilaudid, two injections of Fentanyl and two of Morphine. None of them worked. I hadn't previously ever experienced or heard of anyone else experiencing anything like this. It was supernatural. Finally they put me under and put the shoulder back and DID NOT give me any prescription for pain following. Heh heh... Well... it's a few days short of a week since this happened BUT... because they hammered me with so much pain medication, I experienced horrific constipation and nothing I took would work and I took and did everything. This was because the gas, which could not pass, was causing a significant amount of discomfort and then, the 'dark matter' impacted on my urinary canal so that I could not piss. It gets worse. I was NOT going back to the hospital and these Satanic incompetents.

I wound up LITERALLY having to pull it out of myself, simply- at first, so I could piss and then a continuation of this awful but unavoidable activity, along with some sort of Magnesium compound that I drank, which... apparently people drink prior to having a surgical procedure. I had already tried everything else. I thought I was going to die at various points of this and I did not mind that. It was the great confusion that attended it all, which troubled me greatly; the why... the warp and the woof of it. Was this (because the original event was inexplicable and seemed forced on me) the result of psychic attacks from certain locations? I am no stranger to this sort of thing and those who do engage in it pay a heavy price and NOT from any reaction on my part BUT sometimes I still suffer the initial event.

Was this a teaching moment, where, once again, I am being told to 'slow down', because I generally caper about like I am much younger and... even with all that has been directed at me, since the slowing down events began to happen, it is still not all that easy for me to understand that I am not much younger than it sometimes seems I am? (nice sentence structure, visible)

In any case, that way lies madness and I don't spend time trying to find out the why and wherefore of events. I 'expect' to be told; if there is a need for me to be informed and otherwise, I let it go by because ONLY ONE THING concerns me and all else is unimportant.

I apologize for some of the graphics that might have appeared in the reader's mind about this but it seems important to me to tell the tale because; what health professionals would behave like this? Why would they then CONTINUE, given that the painkillers didn't work? It can't be just that they were idiots. There is something more going on. It has resulted in a new spiritual discipline that I now perform through the whole of my conscious times and before I react to anything, or do anything, or say anything, or feel or think anything and where that is not possible prior too, I do it immediately following. I won't go into that at the moment but I will give analogy sufficient to understanding. It is something like praying without ceasing, or saying, "who am I?" over and over, or mentally repeating, "be still and know I am God." I am doing this because I was told that if I did, certain kinds of life experiences would or would not, thereafter, occur. If you can figure that out then you are supposed to know it and otherwise, not.

There is OBVIOUSLY far more going on with this Coronavirus than is apparent. The results, I believe, are dependent on one's perspective; it is all about an awakening. It is a precursor for Armageddon. It is just one of those things, brought about via the expected perils, resulting from overcrowding and bad behavior by far too many of us. There are 'other' perspectives, of course, feel free to indulge your whimsy on that account.

Here is how I see and shall CONTINUE to see it, regardless of whatever may yet happen, or appear in The Event Horizon; EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL and... ALWAYS WILL BE. At no time, is anything, not a part of the divine plan. All of our problems are the result of our personality (the vehicle of the ego) calling the shots. Our single duty is to assist our Individuality (simply one of many terms of description), our true self, in taking over the whole of our existence and calling the shots. We CANNOT dispose of the personality- the ego. I DON'T CARE what anyone says on the matter. You would effectively dispose of yourself.

Once your true self takes over, it immediately looks for the most expedient route out of the rat maze. You will HAVE TO experience certain events on the way. Call it 'paying your dues'. Call it whatever you like. It is the nature of the personality to take the longest possible route, because its main concern is the luxury to do as it pleases for as long as it can. It DOES NOT WANT to go into harness but... it must. The tarot card, The Chariot, stands for, Triumph in the Mind.

BOTA Tarot deck, The Chariot

This is followed by, Strength, which has to do with the complete sublimation of the animal nature. This is what follows Triumph in the Mind.

BOTA Tarot deck, Strength

What follows Strength is, The Hermit, the natural and logical progression, where the true self has been victorious over the Personality.

BOTA Tarot deck, The Hermit

Then one is rendered into being a Wayshower and that explains the illuminated lantern that is held forth. The Hermit's cloak, which is gray; is the color of Wisdom. The staff is the cosmic will, upon which The Hermit is utterly dependent and it is in the Left hand, meaning this reliance is automatic.

One could, if so informed, hold forth, near endlessly, about the meanings implicit in any one of these cards. Ageless Wisdom, of which these cards are an exponent, contains all the answers ANYONE could EVER need. These things do not attract the personality, unless it is to use them as egoic accouterments. Most people DON'T WANT TO KNOW. It gets in the way of what they are after. It oft compromises the aspirations of appetite and desire. People go on and on about wanting to know but they don't want to know, not really. This road is NOT for the timid, or merely curious, who very soon find this out. This road can be costly and painful, due to the intensification of suffering, which comes along in the process of the individuality taking over from the personality. If you get there quicker, the road can be harder.

So... I ALWAYS attribute what happens in my life to having made a particular decision. This is a decision that could have been made much earlier and as one comes nearer the objective, or higher up the mountain, the force of the winds increase, as does the potential for greater error, a longer fall. It behooves the cautious observer to then place their thoughts, words and deeds in the hands of one who has already traversed the expanse. It then becomes imperative to have something like unceasing prayer, "who am I?" or "Be still and know I am God", ALWAYS present and before them. Memory is KEY because the subconscious holds the secrets and it is in recall that they are discovered. It is not so much about anything one learns, as it is about what one comes to remember.

We are and were perfect. We simply forgot and some of that was on purpose, so that we 'closed off' areas of awareness. They got relegated to that vast dumping ground of the subconscious, where many a sunken treasure chest lies buried in the Subconscious Sea bottom sands, along with Davy Jones Locker.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is-

♫ Build me a Castle in your Heart ♫

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