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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

"The Destiny of the Reactive Mind is Suicide for the Purpose of Demonstration."
By Les Visible
Apr 1, 2020 - 6:20:11 AM

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March 31st 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There is only one source of conflict in this world that occurs between PEOPLE and themselves; that is The Personality. There are 12 basic personality groups and 36 variants, based on Decanates. It doesn't take all that long before you have met everyone in the world. You have not met them all personally but you have met the prototype. Of course, there are shades of deviation BUT... they are negligible. What complicates the affair is where and when the prototype was born and... that then determines which persona is 'rising' in them (rising sign) AND the emotional filter (the Moon) operating in that time period, the couple and a half of days that it spends in that filter and then... which planets are in which 'houses of operation' and that decides all of the colors of the life; the changes that life will be put through, due to the requirements of KARMA, which determined the where and the when of this BIRTH.

That was as simple and comprehensive as I could make the descriptor for the astrological palette. Think of God as ♫ that Old Master Painter from the faraway hills ♫

It's been said that a wise man rules the stars. What does that mean? It means that whatever the state of the ocean and its waves, whatever the shore is like, the one possessed of wisdom surfs it. He does not resist it. You don't fight the ocean if you want to survive it. Regardless of the severity of the conditions we are put through to satisfy the imperative of KARMA, the situation is NEVER improved by reacting to it or running from it. Whatever your reaction may be, THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN FACTORED INTO THE KARMA! Of course you can't run from it because that also has been factored in.

Rare among us is the one who DANCES WITH ADVERSITY. You cannot be here and be entirely free of adverse circumstances. Common sense, ALSO RARE, should intuit, after a certain amount of exposure to life and its actions and reactions, that life is all about balance gone missing. We are here to find that balance. We are here to surf that wave. We are here to become wise. From 'my perspective' the first requirement of wisdom is to STILL THE REACTIVE MIND and you gain command of anything by studying how it operates. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

I put the astrological Cliff Notes presentation; this Astrology for Dummies at the beginning of the post BECAUSE... it is the most all-embracing template I could think of and everyone who comes here has at least a basic awareness of what it is. Think of KARMA as THE FORCE at work in the manifest theater and Astrology as the mechanism it demonstrates through. You do not have to be an astute mathematician to get the principles on display here BECAUSE... we will be dealing with the esoteric aspects, as opposed to the nuts and bolts schematic that ONLY A VERY FEW are capable of interpreting and communicating in the first place. Here is a novel idea! Come to terms with who and what you are, to begin with, THEN... THEN consider a plan of operation!

I have a certain advantage that is not shared by most people anywhere and I wouldn't say this were it not true that practically any of you could be in the same state of awareness IF YOU CHOSE TO BE. I must use analogy to make my case, just as my spiritual betters have been using for thousands of years; I am a fisherman in a boat on the vast Subconscious Sea. Unlike most everyone, I am not proprietary about The Tiller. I have relinquished control of The Tiller through an act of faith and am only a passenger in the boat. The one at The Tiller knows this sea intimately, every particle of it. He knows the location of everything buried beneath the surface and AS SOON AS I SETTLE DOWN, he is disposed to advise me on all things having to do with fishing. How do I SETTLE DOWN? I still the reactive mind.

How do I still the reactive mind, so as not to scare the fish? First I let the reactive mind do whatever it pleases. This allows me to study it. At one time... this mind was my best friend but we grew to be at odds, due to compromises made, due to self-deception, JUST AS IT HAPPENED TO YOU. Arriving at realization is not something new that you discover. It is something old that you will remember. Now... I should point out that there are people about who insist that there is no mind, no nothing really AND... in an absolute sense, this might be true but THEY ARE NOWHERE NEAR THE POINT of understanding the things they parrot that were said by others. It is one thing to pontificate and hold forth on something. It is a world of difference between the visceral apprehension of it and the intellectual egotism that is only able to argue and object. Such people are fools and will remain so for as long as they can bear the pain of their self-deception. If they knew what was what, they would have nothing to say. That they cannot restrain themselves is proof that they do not know and also proof that their reactive mind commands them.

This small group of deluded know-it-alls, appear in regular fashion, whenever any of us discourse on anything. They cannot help themselves and they most certainly can't help you. There are two basic types of individuals who work in this area of enterprise; those who have surrendered their imperious ignorance and those who have not. The former is capable of being informed. The latter is not. This is why I have surrendered The Tiller. If I need to know something, I am told. I am able to be told because I am not filled with preconceived notions that immediately set to argue with what I am told. I have emptied my bucket. Subsequently, the one at The Tiller can recommend to me the proper hooks and bait so that my every fishing expedition will be a success. I did not discover this method. I do not invent the things I say. They are all capabilities and information that I receive through the intuition. ANY OF YOU CAN DO THIS but you must first, STILL THE REACTIVE MIND.

What is the composition of this reactive mind? It is the force of the compendium of your astrological makeup. It is the force of your assigned KARMA, resisting its own best interests and the force of its Liberation. There is the 'force of you at war with the world', via the schematic of your astrological template ...and then there is the force of the one at The Tiller. If it happens that you imagine that you are at The Tiller, well... good luck with that.

When you set out upon the path of liberating yourself from your astrological servitude in the Penitentiary of the Mind and when you are able to disarm your jailer, who is the reactive mind, this does not mean that you are then free of all future conflict, or... rather... let us say the potential for future conflict. You will most certainly 'be in a position' to run afoul of the know-it-alls, religious fundamentalists and other malcontents. You will run afoul of the makers of rules and laws, that are the systematized, official protocols of accepted behavior BUT... BU... BU... BU... BUT, you DO NOT HAVE TO REACT TO THEM. The reactive mind is a truly subtle and demonic force and it stays alive and is fed by your complicity with it. As with all negative occupying forces, like Fear, Doubt, Anger, Hate and the like... THEY MUST BE FED OR THEY WILL DIE.

Freedom from the reactive mind and all of the negative emotions in its arsenal, is not the fruit of a single day's efforts and the time required can vary considerably from person to person. HOWEVER... and THIS IS KEY. When you have absolutely decided that there is no other option but Victory; when you have reached inflexibility on this point, it is no longer an arduous and seemingly endless struggle. Once you have committed and there is no Door #2, no alternative whatsoever, YOU HAVE WON. It is getting to that commitment that is the whole shebang.

Watch what happens every time your mind reacts. Study yourself! You will be amazed at what you see and as you begin to gain command, you will see how ingenious this reactive mind can be BUT... the mind is a tool. Use it. Don't let it use you. The idea is to allow the Indwelling Self to operate UNHINDERED THROUGH YOU. This is accomplished by restraining the personality, which is a construct used by the mind to negotiate existence and all else that it gets up to, some amount of which is detrimental to you. It will become an instrument in the hands of The Self. It will no longer be poorly ruling your life like an incompetent dictator. The Self will be permitted to be The Lord of all it surveys rather than it be you as the victim. This is such a profound divergence from your previous state of bondage. You will no longer be that. You will still look like you but everything else will be dramatically altered.

Don't argue with stupid people. It makes you stupid. Let the frustrated angry and resentful howl. What is it to you? They are howling at themselves. Simply dismiss and ignore them. It is like watching someone wrestling with the invisible man. It is themselves they wrestle with, not you. It is not your affair unless you permit them to drag you into it.

The personalities of the self-indulgent, the sexually perverse and the social justice Nimrods, are merely temporary expressions, of particular insanities, that express themselves for The Purpose of Demonstration. They will burn themselves out. They will eliminate themselves in a true Darwinian fashion. They DO NOT NEED YOUR HELP. Be like pure water, colorless, odorless, pass through this life, mirroring the essential and real in all you encounter. Pay no attention to anything else. Do not let the shortcomings in others call forth the shortcomings in you. STILL THE REACTIVE MIND! Once your reactive mind is firmly under the control of your true self, the reactive mind of EVERYONE ELSE is also under control. Everything is under control. Live it!

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

♫ In That Shape Again ♫

A dumb young man named Pocketnet grew restless on the net. A fool consumed with wanderlust who really meant no harm. He changed his clothes and shined his Birkenstocks (or Crocs) and combed his pink hair down and his mother cried as he walked out, "don't take your rhetoric to town son, leave your rhetoric at home, Pocketnet, don't take your rhetoric to town." Well... you can find what's left of him here.

les visible at pocketnet


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