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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jul 6, 2019 - 5:15:29 AM

The Crack in the Liberty Bell is Where the Truth Leaked Out.
By Les Visible
Jul 6, 2019 - 5:13:57 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Today is the 4th of July (I originally and unconsciously typed $th of July- which is what you get when you capitalize '4'... grin)

Usually what I say about the 4th of July is that it is amateur night on the highways. The 4th and New Year's Eve are non traffic days for me. The 4th is the day when people combine too much sun with too much booze; many of them are rookies and so... I stay off the highways. You can add St. Patrick's Day as well. Several times I was in New York City on St. Paddy's Day. All the bars were open at 7:00AM and some earlier and the green beer would flow and by late afternoon it was evident on the streets- yadda yadda.

Today I celebrate my independence; my spiritual independence from attachment to the magnetized particles of the material plane. I celebrate my freedom from the illusion and delusion of the narrow bandwidth of the senses. I celebrate being rendered deaf to the mindless chatter of nonsensical conversations and the hammering clatter of hundreds of millions of poor souls, thumb-humping their cellphones in pursuit of an epiphany of some sort.

I celebrate the absolute certainty of my pending self realization; the inevitable moment when I will see myself as I truly am, independent of all the vain imaginings of previous, false identifications of myself and freedom from those selves I once projected upon others, that diminished the splendor of the divine shining forth out of them.

I am not a religious person. I agree with the atheists that the god they do not believe in does not exist. However... god- the incomprehensible and indefinable light, the protection and salvation of the Atman, through his ceaseless meditation upon it... is certainly real. I have ample evidence of this; more evidence than I can even remember. It is an automatic certitude for me now.

My chosen word for God is- the ineffable. It is both a term and a description. When the love of any person for their creator, is greater than their love for anything manifest, regardless of the fineness of its material being, then the creator will reveal himself to that creation.

As with anything in this or any other life, there is one true and enduring law. You can have anything you want, if you want it more than anything else. All the suffering in this world, is caused by the disappointments of finding that whatever you wanted, other than the ineffable, is not what you really wanted. Life is a relentless and unflinching exercise in the proof of that. The greatest pleasure experienced by the materially wealthy, is the thought that they have what others do not. It is a hollow triumph and not worth much at all.

Hell... is simply the absence of the divine. Hatred is love suppressed. Fear is the absence of Love. When the divine is awakened within anyone, life is an uninterrupted progression of joy and bliss. When the supreme enjoyer is in residence, enjoyment continues with an inflexible consistency and anyone who wants it bad enough can have it, or... as we have said already, anything else.

We wander this thirsty desert of unrequited desire, amnesic and alone, while those created to serve us, spill our wine and laugh at the confusion that has blinded our sight from the beauty of ourselves. They mock us from the throne we have abandoned in the pursuit of chimera and now we have forgotten its location, even though it travels with us everywhere we go.

I remind myself on each 4th of July that the crack in the Liberty Bell is where the truth leaked out. This country, ostensibly founded on the principle of liberty, trembles on the cliff edge of uncertainty, over looking the fields of tyranny. This is what all that sexual degeneracy is about ...because liberty never was and never will be license. It is sure and certain bondage. This is what the incipient creep of socialism is about, where those whose ancestors murdered tens of millions in the Soviet Socialist Republics; ten million in the Holodomor in The Ukraine ...and in nearby environs, now seek to do here. Like Coca Cola, "it's the same thing only different." This is what the Jacobin facsimiles of Antifa and similar were formed to bring about. It's the same sad and tired song of the Hegelian Dialectic.

This is what the gender bending insanities are created for, to confuse us about our identity, till we have no idea of who we are, which most of us were unaware of in the first place. This and similar venues are an attack on the family unit because the family unit is the basic building block of society and 'they' want disorder.

There is nothing new in any of these chaos magic antics. The same thing has happened in many another land. It has happened in lands beyond the reach of memory, or any evidence and which are now composed of anonymous grains of sand on the ocean's floor. You become a slave when you cease to be your own master! When you do not know who you are, there are those waiting in the wings for the opportunity to define you to yourself.

Who are these sophist professors that are teaching the Young and Restless and Stupid, about the necessities of violent revolution, on campuses across the country? Their fellow travelers sit on the boards of every organization for the support and proliferation of the varieties of dysfunctional sexual expression. They own the mass media and the entertainment industries. They own the publishing houses. They own the central banks that print the money. They orchestrate periodic boom and bust for personal profit.

Under the radar, the food producing areas of the country are experiencing catastrophic events. Every day I awake and expect to find that Kalifornia is mostly gone. I am not hoping for it; it just keeps coming into my mind. When you are curious of the future, it pays to study the present. I do not concern myself with what might happen. I concern myself with my relationship to the ineffable. When Nagasaki and Hiroshima were bombed there were areas that were untouched, along with the people in them. In occult history, there are all kinds of marvels that have taken place in times of turmoil and revolution, in the streets and on the battlefields. They generally go unremarked upon in fabricated history. It assuredly helps to be in association with the source of all love (and power).

Nothing is what it seems and that which cannot be described or defined, is certainly not what it seems. In that space which precedes what the senses report, there is a finer and more enduring reality than is to be found in the pedestrian ...and the fate of anyone, is mostly the offspring of their character, as well as it being definitively true that depends on who you know, even more than what you think you know.

Regardless of what the skeptics and materialists may believe, there is most certainly justice on this plane, as there is on all others. One might say that it is a matter of balance and that is why scales figure so prominently in the symbolic presentations of justice. Of course, it may well be that certain debts are factored into future appearances. It is said that 'the good' can often be gone for hundreds of years and more- between lives, in between their coming and going here ...but that 'the evil' ...return relatively quickly.

People have all kinds of ideas about what angels do, despite never having 'knowingly' met one; though they might have 'treated with them unaware'. One thing prevails throughout creation and that is that all the members of The Devic Realm have occupations of one kind or another. The senses in use by all sentient beings are the province of a particular angel and its helpers. One is engaged with sight, another with hearing and so on. There is one angel that is called 'the recording angel' and angels galore for all manner of doings. Seeing an angel, or anything that is generally outside the general bandwidth, has to do with the range of vibrations one can access. Those immersed in appetites, brute entertainments and who are spiritually dull, do not see much beyond the very ordinary. There are those who move among us who vibrate at a rate beyond what the ordinary senses can register and remain unseen. Yogis and other spiritually evolved souls, live in a world much different than what is taken to be 'the world' by the masses; very little of which is real.

What is that line from Hamlet? "There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Oh... that is so very, very true.

So many of us spend our time worrying about tomorrow and all the fears that are attendant in mortal life, sometimes leading to what they fear, coming upon them. There are far more Don Quixote's running about than many thousands of folk can shake a stick at. Somewhere in The Bible it says; "fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." People argue about whether Hell exists or not, when it is plainly in evidence in many places in this world at any time. It is good to note that it all happens in the mind and if it can be imagined, it is surely possible and probable that it might exist.

For those of us who have put some time into the comparative study of religions, we note that there is a marked similarity between all of them, concerning the lower and upper realms of being. All of these religions have rather graphic art concerning them. This is not to say they are precisely accurate but you can get the idea, from Bosch, or any number of inspired artists... East or West.

Being concerned about what anyone here can do to us, can lead to all kinds of unfortunate behavior. I am concerned with only one thing and that one thing controls everything else and always has. Surely it can look like it's all out of control here, or there, but I tend to think it's all in hand right down to the last jot and tittle and scripture informs me of this as well, as does my intuition. Anyway, I am today celebrating my liberation from all of the fears and concerns that plague so many of our kind.

I am celebrating how truly fortunate I am that I am so completely in love with the source of all love, whose primary nature and vehicle of expression is love... ...and saddened now and again that it seems unimportant to so many. I have briefly glimpsed the landscapes of rarefied and shining worlds; worlds that no tongue has ever adequately described and KNOW that it is the destiny of anyone, whose love is directed at the source of all love, to sooner or later reside there, perhaps forever, depending on the degree and...................... intensity of that love.

For the one whose power is limitless and it is so effectively demonstrated, by the obvious evidence of this vast universe and its endless reaches; its brilliant, glittering stars... /for the one whose power is limitless, anything is possible and for those who are friends and companions of that one, that ineffable one... my goodness; how fortunate are they?!

So... I am celebrating, as I do most every day ...because every day is another literal and metaphorical 4th of July for me. Truly... I hope and wish for this to be true for so many others and it well may be true, if they should want it more than anything else.

Visible leans down to the alley surface, shaking the dice in his hands and saying... "C'mon baby, Betsy Ross needs a new pair of shoes!"

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is:

♫ Rocks in the Stream ♫(first time posted online)

Please go to this site and make note of it, lest I disappear from this location and you can no longer find me. This is one of the most remarkable places I have found yet and some of the dialogue and information is truly unique! Should you be inclined to join I would very much appreciate your voting on my posts which will help in the proliferation of the messages provided here. Thank you!


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