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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 18, 2020 - 4:53:05 AM

"The Coming of the Grand Summoning and the Golden Age."
By Les Visible
Jan 18, 2020 - 4:42:49 AM

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Friday, January 17, 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

This morning I was watching Paul Joseph Watson. You may or may not be a fan (I am) but his clarity in perspective and his courage to speak the truth, no matter how those offended by the truth may be, impresses me. I think of him as a kindred spirit and I don't get to feel that way as often as I would like.

I watched the following episodes; "London is a Shithole". "Portland is a Shithole" and "Madworld".

London is a Shithole by Paul Joseph Watson

Portland is a Shithole by Paul Joseph Watson

Madworld by Paul Joseph Watson

And then? And then I saw "No Nut November".

No Nut November by Paul Joseph Watson

After that I had to stop because it began to depress me (grin). No... really, it did. When I see up close... but from a comfortable distance, how out of control the whole thing has gotten; whoa! There was a time... there was a time when I was the craziest person going. I didn't live in this world. I lived in the world I was creating from moment to moment. Let's say that didn't always jibe with what was going on around me. Now... Now? I am one of the few sane people. How did that happen? I'm still pondering that.

They've got a novel way of dealing with the homeless problem in London (as demonstrated in "London is a Shithole"). It's not quite how they deal with it in Portland, or any of the other urban madhouses on the West Coast. They've installed spikes, 'sharp' metal spikes where the homeless are likely to place themselves. I thought it was some kind of sick joke. No, but... meanwhile... the hooliganism has expanded to such an extent that Clockwork Orange now looks like Sesame Street.

I have to read the news each day and I get that, not just from the fake stream news but also from people who comment on the world situation, like Paul and others. It's usually not anything I want to hear but I process it and hope to convert it into something better than the shit it is when I first encounter it. It's that alchemical thing, the effort to turn shit into gold and that brings me to the point of this particular episode in 'the life'.

When we take the surface reading of the world we're passing through, or hearing about, or seeing, at a far remove through the news reports, filtered through oil slicks and the minds of those paid to render sow's ears into silk purses, or the reverse, if it's in the interest of those who pay them, we get a scary and chaotic picture of a worldwide infrastructure crumbling all around us. The cities are smoldering in the anticipation of flames to come. Religions are going sideways. The youth is zombified with poisonous vaccines and poisoned culture. On the surface, the future seems toxic and threatening in a hundred different ways but that is not the totality of it. That is all just shadows dancing at the portals of roads not yet taken and... once again, that brings me to the point of this particular episode:

We are on the threshold of a golden age- not all of us but however many of us are in the mood for it. It doesn't happen very often and when it does there is no one around who remembers what it was like the last time around, unless you count Babaji and the Rishis, who are all in the Himalayas now. The wise tend to retreat in times of confusion and catastrophe. When there is nothing you can do, then whatever you do will make it worse. The Buddha's call it, unbearable compassion; even though you want to help and do good, even when your every instinct is to try your best, no matter what the odds; but you see it all has to play out the way it has to play out. So... even though that golden age is far more real than the shadows dancing in front of the portals we haven't walked through yet, it's not going to happen for everyone.

There are going to be such natural disasters and burning cities as we have not seen in recorded history. It will be like a world war, played out like 3 dimensional chess. Unlike most previous wars, this war is not about the usual need for plunder, geographical acquisition, or ideologies that are only masks for the Will to Power. This war will be about awakening and not awakening, about resistance and surrender. It will be about what apocalypses are always about and, if you don't wake up, YOU WILL BE AWAKENED, like it or not ...but you may well not be waking up here.

So... we have good news and we have bad news and it all depends on you. It all depends on where you are standing. Whenever an age changes, which is every 2,200 years, everything changes. The archetypes change and the infrastructure changes. There is a cusp period that passes between the two and it lasts for around 200 years each time. It doesn't just change shortly after someone starts singing, ♫this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius♫ Like having to break eggs to make an omelet, change, dramatic change, is never a positive event for everyone. It is especially not a positive change for those who are change resistant. Those are the same people who refuse to awaken and those are the same people who exist in a relentless rebellion to the cosmic will.

Those who are resistant to the cosmic will believe that THEY KNOW WHAT IS BEST. They demand that the world accommodate to their vision of it and SOMETIMES... this can happen for a short period, right up until they are presented as an object lesson for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. You may not like it. You may "trouble deaf Heaven with your bootless cries" BUT... it makes no difference. The Ineffable is in total and perfect control of everything and when it doesn't look like it, it's because it is being woven into an example of what happens when one is headed the wrong way, for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION.

You may learn the truth of this tomorrow. You may already know the truth of this, or it could be ten thousand lifetimes before you do BUT YOU WILL LEARN IT. Go ahead and recite the poem, Invictus, as if it were a private mantra, for all the days of your life. God will not be impressed. God will change the channel.

Someone, who doesn't get what is said here and probably doesn't pay attention to what is written here, wrote in to tell me that I am too negative, even though every posting from the halfway mark on is 'usually' all about positive opportunity and methods for positive change. I don't concern myself with the odd and occasional diatribes that are part of the cost of doing business. I concern myself with telling the truth, insofar as I might know what that is and being very clear about when I don't know what it is.

As I was finalizing this posting I side watched Degeneracy by Paul Joseph Watson.

Degeneracy by Paul Joseph Watson

I knew it was getting more and more depraved out there but I did not know to what degree. These are truly the end times, the last days before the Grand Summoning and the awakening of the sleepers from their dreams. It could be any moment now when the seas shall rise and the Earth tremble at the approach of The Lord God. It is so transparent to me; so obvious. Am I delusional? Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is:

♫ Down The Roads ♫

And as always, there is Pocketnet where profound and interesting information and points of view are to be found, if you don't mind dumpster diving (grin).

les visible at pocketnet


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