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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021 - 7:01:09 AM

"The Billions March in Slavery to their Appetites, and Then They are Gone. STOP WANTING!"
By Les Visible
Jul 29, 2021 - 6:57:31 AM

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July 28th 2021


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well, as you can see here, people are not shy about losing their minds. On the two coasts of this, mostly... otherwise sane country, the formerly protected social spaces are no longer protected. Grave injustices are being performed as if they were business as usual. They have certainly become so. We are at a critical moment in the transfer between the ages. It can go in radically different directions from HERE. More and more it seems that it will devolve into a free-for-all in the densely packed locations on the coasts... and move more toward the armed camp mentality in what may later be called, The Free States, The Free Zones, or The Safe Zones. We are looking at some permutations of Escape from New York, AND Escape from LA.

The thing is, America cannot fall to ruin in a vacuum. The conditions and quality of life will change everywhere on the planet. America also has enemies abroad, for which there are a variety of reasons. Our global conflict record in distant lands is not good. We have also been used as a hired bully boy for a Satanic Banker regime in The Middle East. For reasons that escape the parameters of Reason, the present administration is literally busing in a criminal army, and NOT your 'poor, huddled masses yearning to be free'.

Something is going on behind the scenes. At times it looks like an orchestrated plot against humanity. At times it reeks of Satanic possession. Either it is the evil within, or the evil without, which turns out the same no matter how you look at it because, as The Beatles said, ♫ your inside is out and your outside is in, so come on and take it easy, come on and take it easy. Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey ♫ The monkey is your mind and the source of all your troubles, or the protection from all trouble, depending on how you handle it OR... it handles you. Now... it is not the mind per se that protects you but it is the main feature in all your torments and pain-free moments.

Something is going on behind the scenes. What could it be that would COMPEL Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft to bend the knee to... something? In attendance as well is the fashion industry, all entertainment venues, soft drink manufacturers, sports teams, AND traditional religions. Whatever this something is, it is VERY POWERFUL. It isn't affecting me though, and I know a number of other people who are not affected, given that we have the 23rd Psalm riding shotgun with us. DISCLAIMER ALERT!!! I am not a Christian, I simply have great empathy and love for Jesus Christ and ALL the Wayshowers of whatever faith they may be.

Something is going on outside of the public arena of nattering Nabobs. Some will argue that it is a reunion tour for the Annunaki. Some will tell you they come from The Stars. Some will say they come from within the Earth and are of supernatural origin. Some will tell you it is nothing but meat puppets getting restless, which happens periodically.

Holy shit! Get a load of this.

Let me see if I can put this into a comprehensible perspective. We... EACH OF US has two natures. They war all through our lives for dominance, or... until dominance is achieved through an Understanding Harmony between them. You cannot kill the beast, for you will also destroy yourself. You have to teach and train the beast to dance, and sing, and celebrate in the unity of the united self. You CANNOT allow it to run wild.

There are times in a culture where there is a surfeit of everything and people INCLINE or directly fall into the sticky matter of magnetized dust. This causes the Lower Nature to achieve preeminence. Unless one resists this descent into collective Torpor, one will be swept away in the slipstream. It is much harder for The Individual to set itself apart from the whirling spin of attractive objects in such times. Peer Pressure is a greater force than one might think, not to mention that The Government intrudes itself into every area of our lives. Oh... what is one to do?

It is a given that existence has gone astray all around us. It certainly looks like The Bad Guys are winning. Let me clarify this. It is IMPOSSIBLE for The Bad Guys to win, but... for the Purpose of Demonstration there has to be the appearance of it. You are here to either capitulate or stand within the sanctuary of The Self. The Bhagavad Gita clarifies the nature of existence Very Well.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

It begins on a battleground and the reasons for this are explained in simple terms. Of course, there are going to be people who resist this. Usually, these are the people who know better than The Eternal, and... they will surely find out if this is true or not.

You are present in a magic show, and various magicians are competing for your attention. This magic show, this fundamental illusion on the playing ground of the senses, appears to exist in all directions. That is the world outside. HOWEVER... the world outside is controlled by the world inside, UNLESS IT IS NOT! This brings us back to The Mind again. Everything you see moving around you or standing still is a crystallized thought-form. It is composed of Mind-Stuff. YOU are the author of your world since you have chosen to label all of it according to your likes and dislikes. Universal Law says that your attractions and aversions equal out into balanced measures of pleasure and pain. I prefer to go another route.

You have to become tired of The World because The World will NEVER tire of you. It is the relentless disappointments of material life that eventually spur one to look within. It can take a while before that fully kicks in, depending on how many books you have to read, how many religions you have to join, how many arguments you have to have; with others and with yourself. At some point, and that remains a mystery until it is arrived at, you realize that you can find out nothing of lasting importance until you look within, where the object of your restless quest is ALWAYS resident.

You have to think of God as busy as he can be in his motionless stillness. You might find yourself "troubling deaf Heaven with your bootless cries" for a good long while. You MUST be persistent and you must want it more than anything else. That's about it. Once it is made clear to The Invisible Hierarchy that you are sincere and CANNOT BE DETERRED, you are in for a wonderful surprise.

There will be the usual crowd of know-it-alls who claim that none of this can be true BECAUSE it hasn't happened to them. Why should you gain favored status while they languish in The Twilight Zone? I can give you a good answer for that. The Invisible Hierarchy loves Humility and if you don't have it, and Gratitude and SOME measure of a few other things, you're not even going to get close. Arrogance will keep you out of Heaven as surely as violating the dress code at a fancy restaurant.

Yes... there are many who believe that if they don't know it, it can't be known. Angels are everywhere around, but if you can't see them or feel them where does that leave you? You have to win the favor of Heaven by behaving in a fashion that makes you RECOGNIZABLE to them. You need the mark and The Mark WILL come as the fruit of your industry. The Mark is like a merit badge. It is like a license to perform Selfless Service. If you do not understand the PROFOUND meaning and outcome of Selfless Service, you WILL GET NOWHERE. You can piss and moan about it all you want, BUT... deaf Heaven and all that.

I am trying to present this as best I can. However, I am limited in my abilities. What I mean to say is that there are RULES and FORMS that you must abide by and acquire. You don't really acquire them, they are given to you. Still... you MUST earn this.

I feel sad for the curmudgeon mind and rigid egoism of those who sentence themselves to The Penitentiary of the Mind. All they can do is argue and insist in their pointless contentions, which is not unlike a dog chasing its tail. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. What I am saying is that you need to know what to do with the tail once you catch it. It's like having a Left-Handed Skyhook but no operation's manual.

You WILL NOT get far without a guide. Most people will not set out on such a course anyway, but... for those who do, You MUST have a guide, a mentor, a teacher... someone to lead you there. It is IMPOSSIBLE to find otherwise and you MUST come to a visceral awareness of NOT-KNOWING. Try entering ANY of the blessed spheres with your head filled with nonsense and garbage; not going to happen.

I truly feel for those who have burdened themselves with so much knowledge, and none of it useful further on. It is only useful HERE and that is a matter of debate as well. You MUST become as a little child through Regenerated Innocence. That is the flip side of Senility. Who is going to help you HERE? Doctors? Lawyers? Influential Friends? Paid Sycophants? None of these terrestrial professionals can save you. Perhaps they can ease your PHYSICAL pain. Meanwhile... day by day, you proceed inexorably toward The Howling Unknown. You don't know where you came from and you don't know where you are going but you have convinced yourself that you do. I can just imagine some of the humorous exchanges that happen when some get to The Gates of Elsewhere; "Your papers plizze."

Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground. Anyone can make a relationship with Heaven, or Lady Nature. It doesn't happen overnight (usually).

So... who is responsible for all the fear and the unrest? We are. We carry our fear and unrest with us, and they find their counterparts as we move through The World. If you are not carrying fear and unrest with you, it WILL NOT FIND YOU. Once again, let us visit with Lao Tzu and see what he says about this;

"Death might appear to be the issue of life,

Since for every three out of ten being born

Three out of ten are dying.

Then why

Should another three out of ten continue breeding death?

By use of sheer madness to multiply.

But there is one out of ten, they say, so sure of life

That tiger and wild bull keep clear of his inland path.

Weapons turn from him on the battle-field,

No bull-horn could tell where to gore him,

No tiger-claw where to tear him,

No weapon where to enter him.

And why?

Because he has no death to die."

All that is USEFUL or can be written down,is simply and elegantly written here. There are other examples of Ageless Wisdom as well. The cloying suffocations of Vanity and self-importance are a horror to see and a horror to experience. The billions march in slavery to their appetites and then they are gone. Stop wanting. Stop wanting anything but illumination and see what happens.

End Transmission.......

A few links for context;

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"entire set-up was planned as per WH official"

Dan Bailey; his "chance encounter" with Tucker Carlson

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This has five parts but for those of you who have an interest in such things this is RIVETING
Devolution Part 1 - How did we get here?


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