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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

"The Awakening is the Advent of the Avatar and a Sure Sign of His Coming."
By Les Visible
Mar 5, 2021 - 5:01:59 AM

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March 4th 2021


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Awakening is irresistible. The force of it continues to grow and the impact is made more telling by the addition of the uncertain state of The World and the unpredictable possibilities of Lady Nature. Everything has a timer on it. I know how it looks because if you don't possess Unity you won't see Unity. If you do not possess Harmony you will not exist in Harmony. The Awakening is the Advent of the Avatar. It is one of the most direct signs of his impending and increasing presence. The spiritual light that radiates from him leaves nothing untouched. Fortunate are they who positively respond to it.

Harmony, real Harmony, is a natural accord with everything, be it the tiger or the deer, be it the outrageous spectacles of Injustice, or the timeless poetry of a still lake. There is a deeper wisdom that sees all the pomp and circumstance as circus clowns playing, 'look at me!' People scream and shout about the Rape of Innocence and the Horrors of War; "why! Why! How can there be a God who permits all of this?" As Lao Tzu says, 'better to come to terms with it and meet it at the marrow.'

The idea of Karma has been removed from Western Culture so nothing makes any sense. If people only knew how wonderfully they could change their lives by changing themselves. Wow! Look! There goes the water under the bridge! To understand Karma, one must understand human nature, and to understand human nature one must understand themselves and enter into those areas of reflection with the knowledge that psychology is a trap for the self-interested mindset. When you are bound and determined to lie to yourself, all the tools you will ever need are concealed within the medium of The Concealment Traps.

Any question, whatever it may be, arises with its answer in tow. We don't see the easy solutions to everything because we don't like what deeper inquiry reveals to us. Self-deception is a trick of the mind. It keeps it entertained. It keeps the attention off of the real issues. It is a constant distraction machine, motivated by the mind's desire to be THE important player. It thinks it knows but it does not. It cannot actually know. It must be held in suspension so that THAT WHICH KNOWS can present The Truth. The mind HAS TO BE STILL. Only then can the image be seen clearly. As soon as the surface trembles, the image is distorted. Still The Reactive Mind and you will have peace.

Your question is a balloon that you are holding under the water. Let it go and it will answer itself by popping to the surface. One needs a true romance between the subconscious and the self-conscious mind.

We are all a bus station filled with personalities. Certain personalities predominate, and other personalities come into power at the appearance of Necessity. Other personalities hunt the interior channels and wait for moments of weakness to permit them momentary control. None of them are in control, of themselves or anything else. It just looks like it is until the moment of irresistible change arrives, and IT WILL.

Karma is not just the blueprint for everything that shows up in your life, for which you are the architect. It is also an affair of the mind that puts you in the atmosphere you inhabit and weaves the scarves of illusion that blind you to the true light, which seems to be darkness. Karma is also your ancestors and whatever they transmitted to you, due to the karma that put you in that lineage, and your parents who gave you those genetic dispositions that torment you with drives and desires you INHERITED. That's karma too. Karma is also the fruit of the actions you are committing this very day, to be set into a vibratory pattern for the future when it shows up, with chickens coming home to roost and all the living embodiments of animal nature that strive to be let free.

Observe The World as it is being presented to you by The Shape-Shifting Magicians who weave the colors and patterns that overlay The Real. The world is in a tumble-dryer tumult of change at this time. There are those, either inclined to or trained in the devilish arts who think they see ahead of the curve. They think they can even control the form and appearance ahead of time. Then there are all the out-patients wandering the grounds of this vast open-air asylum. Many of them are wearing white coats and stethoscopes. They think they are doctors, or lawyers, or something. Others think they are Napoleon or Jesus Christ. It's "The King of Hearts" in real-time. Karma is the identity of the level of density of your material attachments.

Unrolling like one of those narrow red carpets, the density of your material attachments gives birth to all those negative emotions that plot, react, connive; Well, the mind does that but the fire and fuel are the emotions and the emotions are centered in the mind as well. All the jealousy, envy, lust, and greed, anger and likewise; there are so many of them, come out of the attachment to matter, in whatever delusory shape, to respond to either one's attraction or aversion, AND IT MEANS NOTHING but SUFFERING.

If you let go of all that, your Karma will be routed through the most expeditious course available and what might have hurt like Hell or burned like blazes, doesn't have the same effect it would have had if you remained attached. Why be attached to what is temporary and impermanent? WHY??? That is The Great Question. Why do we embrace a cactus in search of love? Why do we tear ourselves apart over what DOESN'T MATTER? Yet you will find 99% of the world doing this and defending the right to do so to the death, and it will be death regardless. You ARE LITERALLY and presently resident in a lunatic asylum. The more you detach from all the cacti and quicksand the better off you will be.

People are drowning in waves of panic in a self-created ocean of useless things. Every time materialism comes to the level it is at, widespread and infectious insanity washes the planet. It's like being at the carnival and playing those games that seem so easy; maybe you get a cupie doll, a stuffed animal. Then you find that all the games are rigged, and yes, they are. Then, step by step, they are deeper and deeper into it and IT is deeper and deeper into them.

The most (should be) glaring evidence of the coming of The Avatar is The Awakening. Let's throw a little more light on the subject! That is the light of The Avatar. Of course, in many cases, it is having a reverse effect because the blind can't read very well and everything has to be done in Braille. Here is a great for instance- notice the connection between sexual dysfunction and the decline of a culture? Those seeking to destroy humanity KNOW that perverting the sexual function will do just that. Of course, they are misled also because they are unaware of The Divine Imperative going on.

With the arrival of The Age of Aquarius, The Divine Feminine is in the ascendant, BUT... due to the pressure of Materialism, instead of these higher refinements being expressed in the superior feminine virtues of patience and restraint, humility, compassion, intuition, and the many other lovely virtues, the male psyche has been turned into a Bacchanalia of depravity. Those who have gone in this direction have found that THERE IS NO SATIATION POSSIBLE and the hunger rages and burns until it consumes everything. There are various causes that contributed to their state, but this will serve for simplicities sake. Men become bitches and women become seethers of rage

Our former constructs of fabricated reality will no longer serve in this coming new world. This is The Age of Brotherhood coming and we shall see the finest and worst expressions of what is possible in that respect. HOWEVER... The Divine Imperative is irresistible. Would you not rather be on the winning side? Yeah... maybe it's a zero-sum game, cosmically speaking, but... there are winners and losers. In the Looooooooooooooong Run it all works out. At what cost... over such a length of time?

We should stop looking to play "The Woman in the Dunes." We have to get past all the flotsam and jetsam and stop grabbing on to it to stay afloat. It is a sea of love, in fact, and one will find eternal life by drowning in it. "NO! I'll forget who I am!" "What about all my stuff?" "What about my name and my reputation?" They are ALL desperately fighting against drowning in that sea of love. They attach to whatever is in reach so as not to be melted down and reforged in that sea of love. You don't lose ANYTHING of value by letting go of all worthless things. You gain the one thing of greatest value. Call it The Pearl of Great Price, or The Philosopher's Stone, it is the essential element of love from which all lesser compounds are born.

All of the old icons and traditions are passing. There is nothing you can do about this. You can find your way. The Celestial One is coming to set things right and all the scornful, the mocking, and the naysayers can't do anything about it, except taunt in an impotent frenzy. If you want to find the right way, just look at the way that few are traveling. The Truth does not attract crowds. The World wants a better mousetrap, so Nature will build a better mouse. It's like criminals and law enforcement. Yes, many laws are created to protect the property stolen by ruthless men. Why should those without the property, or those the property was stolen from, not steal and kill in return? It's a vicious cycle with Karma as the reward.

End Transmission.......


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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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