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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jul 27, 2021 - 6:44:01 AM

"The Armageddon Train is Huffing and Puffing its Way to The Killing Fields."
By Les Visible
Jul 27, 2021 - 6:40:44 AM

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July 26th 2021


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Armageddon Train is huffing and puffing its way to The Killing Fields. It's also huffing and puffing and threatening to burn your house down. Life already does that as your resistance to Heaven is measured against the aging process. It's a deep subject and you will need a ladder to get in and out. You don't just climb in and then climb out. It's not that simple. Every step you descend adds another layer of opacity upon your sight and Reason. Though millions of stars twinkle in the measureless heavens, the darkness is still pervasive and apparent.

There are areas of comprehensive darkness that one can enter. Some things are easier accomplished in places like that. There are also areas of concentrated light. It's a personal matter which of them appeals to you more.

The Vaccination Nazis are on their way to becoming the new stormtroopers for Homeland Security. What I find amusing is that all the activities they want to curtail for the unvaccinated are things I don't engage in anyway. I wouldn't notice the crackdown. They ARE SERIOUS. There are a number of features to the vaccine that are ancillary to the main intent. Some believe they want to kill off a significant amount of the population. Yes... that is so. HOWEVER... there is a deal more to it all. The main intent is CONTROL. It's tied into 5G. They want a zombie public and DNA CAN BE manipulated to that end. Think about the magnetized objects that stick to the skin surface of SOME of the vaccinated. That is a control field. We'll have a lot of links; ♫Got a whole lotta links. Got a whole lotta links♫ For those who are interested, that is.

If the present state of civilization were a movie, you would already know what kind of a movie it was. Some REALLY unfortunate events are going to be taking place shortly, most especially in the urban locations. War... which is one of the main contributions from Democratic administrations, is on the horizon. Saber rattling is the order of the day. You might not hear it all that well because there is a lot of other noise clamoring for your attention.

They are going full bore with changing society into an open-air sex mall. A lot of the players look like they might have been in those Star War films. You remember the nightclub scenes, right? I wasn't a Star Wars fan but I had to see the movie(s) to find that out, right?

I am routinely astounded by the capacity of people to believe their own bullshit. They can, AND DO, talk themselves into almost anything. Don't believe me? Look a little deeper into the subcultures vying to become mainstream. It's only been about 5 years since Bwak! signed the Gay Marriage Act, or whatever it is called. Already, bestiality, pedophilia, transsexual exclusivity, necrophilia, are ALL on their way to heading the menu. "What's your daily special?"

It is fascinating, in an almost scientific way, to see the emerging rituals of madness that wrong routing the sexual force will lead to. It is like watching black widows and Praying Mantises mate. It reminds me of a horror film where the soon-to-be-filleted Nimrod goes down into the basement, even though everyone in the theater is screaming, "don't go down in the basement!" You can look at human behavior from MANY perspectives and reason out, or intuit, what the outcome will be.

I see the large lines of autos going through the fast-food drive-ins. I have a cursory awareness of what they watch on TV. I can imagine the sort of music that is playing. I am knowledgeable about the health issues that are GUARANTEED to come about in due time. I watch the human mind in its atavistic enthusiasms for certain rituals. It is ONLY a matter of time before the culture goes the way of all the previous cultures, on their way to becoming relic stations in national parks. No doubt whatever passes for the Smithsonian of the future will have teaching dioramas of our times.

Now SURELY there are locations already chosen for survival. I once heard that there are seven locations that will be mostly untouched by THE MADNESS. There's your real pandemic; insanity. Two of them are in Mexico if I remember aright. I am CERTAIN that when the time comes, those of us that have sought the Hand of Heaven in our lives will be guided where we need to go. I can't get roused up about stocking foodstuffs and emergency items. I know well what happens to 'the best laid plans of mice and men." You are ENTIRELY in the hands of the ineffable, OR... you insist on handling it yourself a little or a lot. It's not a good idea. Don't become an object lesson for The Purpose of Demonstration.

During the times of The French Revolution, according to occult history, there were people who were swept up from one location and deposited in another by mysterious forces. St. Germain attests to this in written commentaries I have discovered in my studies. Certain people were NOT to be found where they were expected to be. I have PERSONALLY experienced this. I remember being in plain sight, walking in town every day, while the FBI and others were searching for me. This went on for a ridiculous period of time. I, myself, did not wave a magic wand to make this happen. I only heard about it later. They were right there and they didn't see me.

When the Bastille was liberated, there was a famous resident, the Count Cagliostro. Opinions on the man vary. Some say he was a charlatan and a mountebank. Some say otherwise. What we do know is that he accurately predicted what would happen to a number of people in the short term, and all of it happened as he said. Whatever he was, he wasn't in the Bastille that day. His cell was empty. Hmm... There are other tales about early Christians walking right out of jails.

There are the stories of Apollonius of Tyana, Mehemet Karagoz, the Count De St. Germain, and others who did similar and even more amazing things, with an abundance of witnesses. Now... smoke and mirrors were not unknown back then, except by the people they were used on, BUT... there are MANY, MANY tales about supernatural events. I know about them because I took the trouble to research them. We are, in the majority, very unaware of what is and is not possible and we know less about ourselves than we do what's in our breakfast cereal (if you should eat that sort of thing). We can be certain that you have read the back of the box a few times. It's human nature. As for yourself, that is a mystery to you.

A day or so ago I was reading about Nicholas Roerich and Shambhala. I should preface this with a brief mention of The Amitabha Buddha and his Western Pure Land Heaven. The only requirement for passing there, when you pass from here, is to have Amitabha at the forefront of your mind, in your heart, and on your lips. Those fortunate enough to accomplish this are then permitted to take all of their remaining incarnations there. This, I find to be a remarkable aspect of the affair.

It so happens that when I was reading the article (or whatever it is), Roerich mentioned The Pure Land in association with Shambhala. Then I remembered that BOTH of these places are said to be in the upper planes near Mongolia and the Altai Mountains. It flashed into my head that they are the SAME PLACE. You don't get to Shambhala by making a safari overland. It's not that kind of a place, though I am SURE it has portals, and one of them is interior to you.

I guess I am saying that, yet again, everything is connected. Then there are the degrees of separation by which The Informed can get to anyone... theoretically. I guess what I am saying is that I know of a finer, cleaner land that is far more engrossing than the chaos and confusion of these times. Honestly, I don't pay any attention to COVID, or the newly emergent racists with their 1619 and Critical Race Theory. I don't ponder Antifa or the wily Chinese (is that racist? I never know anymore). I don't concern myself with transgender sideshow freaks, pregnant men, men who think they are women but who are still men. Really... if you want to be a woman, or a man, or a dog for that matter, just give it time. All you have to do is VISUALIZE it and become it in the next go-round.

ANYTHING you might want to possess, to become, or whathaveyou, is only a matter of focus and patience. You WILL get to do or be that. There is no certainty that you will enjoy it, however. All but one road leads to loss and disappointment. The point of the disappointment is to inspire you to take the high road. Most don't. They are not only gluttons of many a stripe. They are also gluttons for punishment as well. It's not that difficult to understand... you ONLY have to know the difference between temporary and eternal to get out of jail free. "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

End Transmission.......

Quite a few links for you and more tomorrow=

Vaccine News=

highest gay concentration in US in summer


Mental Illness links=



Who does something like this?

Oh dear god!


I will save the rest until tomorrow.



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