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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Nov 11, 2020 - 5:52:40 AM

"The Answer to Every Question UNDER THE SUN is Hidden in Plain Sight, Under the Veil of Ignorance."
By Les Visible
Nov 11, 2020 - 5:46:09 AM

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November 10th 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... my friends, it is heating up indeed and there is pressure on the hindquarters of big players. They had to put a ring in Bill Barr's nose to force him into action. It would SEEM that someone has SOMETHING on him. Nonetheless... there is a massive gathering of force occurring across the country that APPEARS to be GROWING. Huge marches and rallies are going to take place and NOTHING from the other side, who... by now, must know that they REALLY screwed up with their tactics. They were CAUGHT by SURPRISE and reacted instinctively without thinking. This will prove to be their downfall. Links will appear at the end of the post. There are so many of them, I could only glean a few. I don't have the time or motivation to go full bore here.

I intend to refrain from getting caught up in the sociopolitical theater that is going down. God is my single focus and celebrating the presence of God is my single objective. There is nowhere to run to that proves a convincing alternative to where I am. I'm in the best spot this country could provide at the moment, given that I saw this coming several years ago and took steps to put myself here, UNDER THE DIRECTION of the angels who look after me.

Here is what I am seeing. People... many self-important people are leaping into the camera lights to defend the indefensible and this is BEING RECORDED by agents of Mr. Apocalypse. Communist front-bots are compiling Enemies Lists of everyone of any significance who can be identified as a Trump Supporter or a Trump Enabler. I don't know what their intended actions are. I think it varies from deranged radical to deranged radical in degrees of intensity. Some want total censure and shunning. Some want Chinese Communist-style reeducation camps. Some want imprisonment and some want them put to death; "nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition."

Keep one thing in mind and THAT IS THE REASON I present any of this as a backdrop; GOD... The Supreme Ruler of Existence and the SOURCE of ALL FORCE is in ABSOLUTE and TOTAL CONTROL of EVERYTHING. Period... Exclamation Mark!!! EVERY TIME an age changes the ARCHETYPES are RECONSTITUTED. They are the same archetypes but they will present through a different persona. For instance, in the overall sense; in the Piscean Age, the highest expression of Love was in SACRIFICE as demonstrated in the Life of Jesus the Christ. In the Aquarian Age, where we WILL BE fully resident in 41 days, the highest expression of Love WILL BE in Universal Brotherhood. This IMPLICITLY indicates... a coming Golden Age as a fait accompli.

This Golden Age could well be a mini-Golden Age, and it could also be selectively present. It will materialize following some number of catastrophic events. It will include those who came here for that very purpose. I have outlined a schematic several times, concerning the destined outcome for each and every one of us here. Imagine the Los Angeles: Pregerson Interchange. Now, visualize it a hundred, a thousand times more complex than it is. Now, get M.C. Escher to draw it in his inimitable style. Now visualize a PORTAL at some point in every single stretch of highway. Sometimes it will be right at the beginning, as you merge with traffic. Sometimes it will be in the middle, during gridlock and sometimes it will be at the end, a little way past the sign that says, "Road ends in one-quarter mile."

Each of these PORTALS is a Bardo, or a specific Purgatory, or a Loka in the Lower, Mid, or Upper Astral Plane. All of these may be the same thing with a different name. Each of these is a temporary point of residence, like the one you are in, only less materially dense. I could add caveats here for the advanced mind, BUT... I won't because any advanced mind should be able to sort that out themselves. "La la la la la la, I can't hear you." Then... there is also that.

You could say that I have described certain features of The Ascension here. Once again, there are a number of terms that refer to the same thing, as-so identified in a different religious or social construct. So... what some would see as precursors of a Golden Age, others will see as Armageddon, or an apocalypse, as it is TRADITIONALLY understood by high ranking members of various traditions who DON'T UNDERSTAND IT.

It could also be THE END OF THE WORLD! This should be considered within the context of the WHOLE WORLD ending for several someone's every single day. Holy Shit!!! The Sky is falling!!! Here I should mention that this also may be true in certain theaters of experience. I should also add that it is indeed Holy Shit. It is all HOLY, as exemplified by Paracelsus and many others who talk about the Black Dragon and assorted similes, metaphors, and adjectives all related to the same thing. I fully intend to make Gold out of Lead but... for me, the REAL GOLD is Sunlight. I should add that there are various kinds of Sunlight, with different properties and powers.

The answer to every question UNDER THE SUN is hidden in plain sight and the only thing obscuring it is the relative density of one's veil of ignorance. This also proves out the construct that, "there are none so blind as those who will not see." IF... IT... was something one could simply define or explain, EVEN THOUGH IT IS, there is no way it could be translated into Common Parlance, BECAUSE for many who would hear it, it would sound like a foreign language. I should also add that it is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to define or describe something that isn't being seen in the first place. There IS A REASON why it isn't being seen and ONCE AGAIN, that reason is IGNORANCE, although you can use words like DENIAL, or INDIFFERENCE, or Geez, Louise... there are a lot of terms that cover the same thing.

Just as, "when the pupil is ready, the master will appear," so is it true that you will see it when you are supposed to see it, and just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. A person can ACCELERATE the process of seeing. Few choose to. Other things get in the way and this is how we get 'left to our own devices.' For those who can see it AND many another wondrous and peculiar thing, it is simplicity itself. You mean it was right there all along? Yeah... it was AND IS.

One does what they can but THERE IS NO WAY to force the issue. You might as well try to pull the bud apart to reveal the flower. Once again, there are ways to hasten the process, UP TO A POINT. This is called (or I call it), 'hothousing'. Just as there are Fast Tracks along every route of personal advancement, in business, in the arts, in every area of enterprise, depending on WHO you know, or the demonstration of superior skills, so there are also Fast Tracks in every area of life, visible and invisible, physical and metaphysical. Most people don't care about the invisible when the visible is calling their attention through the mediums of desire and appetite, not to mention ambition and the rest of the ancillary drives.

The quickest route to ANYTHING of a more rarefied nature is LOVING GOD and the speed of that route is determined by the intensity of the Love. Of course, the more intense the Love, the less the one experiencing it cares about anything else. Once again, it is SIMPLICITY ITSELF.

Whatever the knuckleheads out there are getting up to, it IS going to COME BACK ON THEM. This can be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on INTENTION. If covering one's tracks were such an easy thing to do, so many offenders would not get caught, and ESPECIALLY in a Grand Apocalypse, one is going to get caught. WHEN one gets caught depends on what the Lords of Karma decide is best for The Purpose of Demonstration. Sometimes, the point being made needs to be a more lasting example. Sometimes it is for individual epiphany and sometimes it has a wider reach. We'll be seeing about all of that, sooner AND later.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the MOST important thing any of us can get up to is to put our own house in order, lest we become the object lesson of The Purpose of Demonstration. You can't tell anyone about this UNLESS they are supposed to catch on. By the way, (digression coming) tomorrow is 11/11. I don't know if that means anything. I'm just pointing it out.

Links are at the very end of the page-

End Transmission.......

You can watch the latest (as of last night) video of The First Church of the Presence of God here, AND MIND that youtube is insisting that the video starts six minutes in. They have been doing this sort of thing recently. They have also been selecting the gooniest looks of mine as the feature image. These ARE NOT the looks that open the video, as used to be the case.

GAB can be accessed here.

Visible's Music can be accessed here.

Pocketnet can be accessed here.




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