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"That Low Spark of a High-Heeled Tribe Dancer Promised Russia a Number of Things. He Broke Them All."
By Les Visible
Mar 8, 2022 - 4:21:21 AM


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The bottom line about the Ukraine-Russian conflict is that The Bankers want Russia's natural resources, and Ukraine is a steaming pile of scheming Tribe agitators, looking to force a conflict regardless of what Putin does. That is why they were killing Russian citizens in the two breakaway provinces.

Everywhere you go, all you see is what a monster Putin is. Nothing is said about Azov and the other neo-Nazi brigades and battalions. Nothing is said about the wholesale murder of Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the Eastern sector of the country. Nothing is said about the agitation, and the threats and the missiles pointed at Moscow. It's all okay, according to The Usual Suspects who are behind it.

Putin's history has not been one of encroachment on his neighbors. The Usual Suspects started up trouble in Georgia. Putin shut it down. Soros (with Rothschild money and influence) orchestrated the Maidan Color Revolution in Ukraine, and installed a court fool in his place, driving out the previous head of state (not that he was such a bargain). That led to the problem in Crimea. Now... for a number of years they have been saber-rattling on the Russian border. That low spark of a high-heeled Tribe dancer promised Russia a number of things. He violated every single one. He broke every single one.

Putin could have wasted Ukraine, in short order, if he was what they say he is. Instead... he has gone cautiously, at a cost to his own army. In the wake of this, staged false flag events are being filmed by the hour. Faux News has gone Full Neo-Con. All the rest are showing their colors, all paid, dancing marionettes for The Bankers who THINK they control The World because they control the money. I can guarantee to you that this was all anticipated by Russia who planned out the Before and After much earlier.

I am not believing the tidal wave of bullshit about Mr. Putin. I've been watching him for a long time. If he is what they are saying he is, he would have been doing whatever they accuse him of A LONG TIME AGO. He is provoked. I watched that color revolution drive the legitimate leader from the country, and then install that literal clown. I think it is all a good thing now... even the bad things that are happening BECAUSE... in an Awakening people SEE, more and more, what is really happening. Mr. Apocalypse is there to make sure of it as he keeps initiating Revelation in the mind of Humanity.

There is no way to hide the intentions of one's constant acting out... when what they are doing is being more and more scrutinized by a public that is seeing things it was previously ignorant of, and seeing through things as well. This is why the suffocating hydra-headed media has gone Full Retard on The Truth.

There is a question. Are people asleep or are they Stupid? What if we are imagining that people are Stupid when they are just asleep or... do we think they are asleep when they are really Stupid? Does being asleep mean you are stupid anyway? Does being stupid mean you are asleep anyway? These are not questions I give a great deal of attention to because I have come to understand that it is better to be concerned with the Sleeping Stupid Within. It sounds like an infomercial for a captive audience.

Everywhere you look, people are cashing in on Russia-hate. The level of absurd overreaction is what you expect in the run-up to a CRITICAL American election, but... both sides of the political aisle are compromised! I don't know what Heaven intends in the matter. You are dealing with a whole lot of unawakened Stupid, combined with Psychopathic Nasty, and all of these pinheads are like the oxen turning the Wheel of Karma.

Fool I... I had expected better from certain quarters. Materialism and Convenience have made people soft, slow, stupid, and bedazzled in the false light of The World. Everyone who has something of value, curls their arms around their plates, their possessions, with their cutlery in each hand, like a convict at mealtime. NEVER... NEVER let the Material World get hold of your heart and the mind's sub-basement. It will turn you into someone gone blind, who shits themselves in an agony of panicked indecision. Look at the pain and suffering generated by an over-fondness for STUFF... for things.

I never had nor wanted much of any of it. For most of my life, I could put it on my back or in the back of a small car. Lately... these days... I have enough to fill a room. Bravo, Visible! You've done alright for yourself. Why... you've got computer components, an electric keyboard, some guitars and clothes, and a few odds and ends. Living the Life of Riley; aren't you? Actually... I am. I am sitting in The Catbird seat, even though I am a vegetarian. When you don't actually want anything? You are rich beyond the understanding of doomed royalty.

When you burden yourself down with material ballast, The Invisible World laughs at you. You provide quite a bit of entertainment for the rougher crowd, who almost fall from their perches with near uncontrolled hilarity... over your primping in the mirror of an unbridled vanity. Sometimes I think Justice is watching pretty girls and boys grow old. The Invisible World KNOWS from whence you have come and whither you are bound.

Look how immediately people's heads swivel and bobble from COVID to The Ukraine. Watch them get 'WORKED' by the shapeshifters and warm-up acts. It goes from one act to the next. In the end, as always, the sheep get sheared... or so it has been. I was expecting something different this time, and no doubt I will get that, only... it REALLY does seem that there will be mixed results.

Everyone has leapt to their feet, and counted themselves, among some number of other goofballs, too stupid to think and act at the same time. The mindless hordes jump up and down in their bouncy castle heads. It's that indie-film effect that you get from the meth-head cameraman. The news sources... the talking heads, the Chatty Cathy circle-jerks, the empty-headed entertainers of every stripe, are dancing like Halloween skeletons in the show window of a bondage emporium.

I've never had much actual respect for actors and entertainers. I've met enough of them at every level of fame and been generally unimpressed... when I wasn't repulsed. They aren't USUALLY very bright and they are on camera and stage, even when they are off-camera and stage. They know only what they have been told or what their character is supposed to convey. It is one thing to memorize and another to understand. People who need the attention of others, because they might really die otherwise, are likely to be little caring about whether you live or die. One thing I have noted that is common to most of them is that they are insincere and undependable.

Even when they are well-paid they can be, ah... difficult. When Vanity gets its hooks into you, you are doomed in ways seen and unseen. Vanity is the worship of The False Self in pursuit of the unobtainable, which is unobtainable for The False Self.

It seems like most people do not pay attention to the direction they are headed in. They often do what is expedient, instead of what is right. They cut corners, even when they don't have to. They wind up hurting, old, and badly out of shape from what they have done to themselves in a place where they can take NONE OF IT with them. They look crazy, and they are crazy. Even the usual of the smiling clueless, you only have to scratch their surface for The Beast to appear. I must remember... there are a lot of good and decent people all over the planet. It would be MUCH WORSE if this were not so.

It is in times like these... when we see the best and the worst in people. Just wait until the supply lines dry up. Then we will see what Mr. and Ms. Potatohead have to say.

It is best... from my perspective... to court The Divine to appear in your life. I have found that NOTHING is more important, and every man... woman... and Jackie of us is going to see where their investments (thoughts, words, and deeds) have taken them. Many things are reversed on the other side. You'll see your stats come up on The Big Board. Seldom do you hear the cry to nail a golden spike where that cat wailed.

If you believe in the Happy Hunting Ground you are going to the Happy Hunting Ground, and the same applies across the board if your acts are more deserving of merit than... otherwise. Then you might go there as the prey or the scenery... if you got sent back to the end of the line the last time. "In My Father's House are many mansions, if it were not true I would not have told you so."

Maybe you have never done very much. While there is breath, there is hope. I will close with a selection from the "Wisdom in Action" chapter from The Gita;

"Even if you were the most sinful of sinners, Arjuna,

you could cross beyond all sin by the raft of spiritual

wisdom. As the heat of a fire reduces wood to

ashes, the fire of knowledge burns to ashes all karma.

Nothing in this world purifies like spiritual wisdom.

It is the perfection achieved in time through the path

of yoga, the path which leads to the Self within.

Those who take wisdom as their highest

goal, whose faith is deep and whose senses are

trained, attain wisdom quickly, and enter into

perfect peace.

But the ignorant, indecisive, and lacking in faith, waste their lives.

They can never be happy in this world or any other.

Those established in the Self have renounced

selfish attachments to their actions and cut

through doubts with spiritual wisdom. They act

in freedom.

Arjuna... cut through this doubt

in your own heart with the sword of spiritual

wisdom. Arise; take up the path of yoga!

End Transmission.......

What do they say (and I often say it myself)? Difficulty at the beginning? On Saturday, I TRIED to do a blog posting about pedestrian things. It didn't go well (in my mind), although some of it was probably funny, and some of that... inadvertently. Anyway... you can be the judge=

Then... on Sunday, I did a reading of the previous Petri Dish to put up on Podbean and I couldn't figure out how to do it. I've not lost my faculties, so far as I can see, but MAYBE I'm not supposed to be doing it. I went to Blogger... to put it up at The Radio Show Blog, and was stymied. Had it been a video it would have been a piece of cake. I crapped out at Blogger too. MAYBE I'm not supposed to do it? Then... I went to do a video from The First Church of the Presence of God, but... I guess I ran out of gas at that point; can't remember... something came up... I went into a dream. Well... I am not dismayed. I will be back at it again, but... I will be looking to see if, MAYBE there might be a better use of my time. The video is still percolating.

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