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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

"Surely You Know People are NOT All as Stupid as They Appear to Be. They Work for Their Own Suicidal Self-Interest."
By Les Visible
Jan 6, 2022 - 5:10:57 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As the Old Age is recycled, all of the worst of it rises to the surface to distract the hearts and minds of the populace with chaos and dysfunction. On one channel, on New Year's Eve, you had Hollywood Tattooed Hooker, M. Cyrus, and America's unfunniest comedian, and Satanic squeeze toy, Pete Davidson... coked to the gills and drinking from the bottle. On another channel, you had Pink Mafia icons, Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, being both drunk and stupid. I saw neither of these (I don't watch TV), but The Media was full of reports of their antics. This wasn't accidental. They are force-feeding you what they want you to swallow... like the endless race-mixing on commercials and in movies; you seldom see a film where this is not the case these days.

I have NOTHING whatsoever against people of different backgrounds coming together. I do object to the Force-Feeding, and manipulation of cultural change. It is a personal matter if people of the same sex want to frolic, in their minds, or in the dark and suffocating urban darkness of End Times. It's none of my business and I KNOW this shows up whenever a culture begins to fall. If you have studied history, YOU KNOW THIS, and it happens whenever the conditions are fertile for its appearance. It's a phase that cultures pass through on their way to Entropy and composting. It is out of this compost that the New Age comes into being.

When the sexual force gets fucked up (pun intended) AND Material Culture is in the ascendant, it gravitates (some might say it is pulled) toward perversity. Sex is sacred. Now... I don't make rules for others. They are free to learn at their own expense, and it just pisses them off if I point it out to them. They DON'T want to hear it. Let us just say, I have seen where those roads lead and I am not going that way. In history, you note that some legendary characters were gay. That is between them and their Kundalini, BUT... you must gain mastery of it or it will take you all kinds of places in search of itself. I found it, so I don't have to keep looking anyway. Certain directions and practices lead to increasingly greater pain.

They want you to take these vaccines that are proven to kill and maim. They are their usual slick selves, thinking they can get around the obvious by sending out a number of variants of the vaccines... placebos, saltwater shots, whathaveyou. Nearly everyone in power is pushing the efficacy of these worthless vaccines that DO NOT STOP the common cold and flu; nothing ever has, except living right. All they had to do was to relabel the common cold and seasonal flu as COVID.

Surely you know that these people are not all as terminally stupid as they appear to be. They work for their self-interest and that is the direction their self-interest runs in. Word has come up from The Kingdom of Hell that all shall be humbled and forced to kneel before The Beast of the Personification of Carnal Nature. This ONLY works if Carnal Nature has its hooks in you. Then you can be led with the bit in your mouth. FEAR is the whip hand.

HOWEVER... in Times of Material Darkness, as more and more of humanity is pressed into open-air urban prisons, and as more and more of their attention becomes fixed on eating, drinking, fornicating, and entertaining themselves, their carnal nature becomes stronger than their ability to resist it. It's not a big deal UNTIL IT BECOMES A BIG DEAL... until it becomes bigger than you... like your shadow when you are blocking the light from a particular direction at certain times of the day.

The cowardice and venal mindset of the hoi poloi has forced them to mimic their masters. Some think their lot will improve as time passes, and... in an ever-smaller number of cases it might well do... for a time. Some think they will escape notice if they just keep their heads down and go along with the program. An INCREASINGLY larger and larger segment gravitates toward whatever nearby Kensington is available to them.

You are dealing with monsters in the making, whether it is alcohol, or drugs, or sex, or wealth, or power, or any of the age-old ruination-roads of humanity... and you create them within yourself if you feed them... they are cute when they are young. They're like the gremlins in that film. They get bigger and bigger as you feed them. My angel, at the behest of Heaven, put me through all manner of situations having to do with these monsters... for The Purpose of Demonstration, for me to be convincingly made aware of how dark and painful it all can become. Then... it was all shut down without discomfort. That was the end of it... so to speak.

It once was that if you did not like it where you were, you could go somewhere else. There was always another place where conditions might be better, and perhaps they are, or the grass only appeared greener. Now... they have in place, governmental restrictions on movement, government restrictions on relocating, UNLESS you are part of the migrant hordes who have been imported for Crime and Disorder, or... unless you got lots of money. I have European Union membership for life so that I can travel to any of the countries, but... why would I? It is even worse there.

On occasion, I have sat down and thought about where it might be best to locate myself. Of course, that is in God's Hands but one tends to imagine possibilities, even if one does not act on them. For the moment I am in one of the safest and most hassle-free locations in this country. That was God's Work. I'm not concerned about my safety. I know whose hands that resides in, AND... NO ONE tells those hands how to move.

It's a rough go these days, my friends, but... only if there are things you want. My advice is to cut back on mindless cravings. God and his angels are very real and very present, REGARDLESS of appearances to the contrary... and even more so on those times when they seem not to be. God IS the core reality of life. Hold fast to The Inner Light and trust it implicitly. This IS a plane of suffering here, and especially so in these times. One can militate against that in their own life by detaching from the cause of suffering; Ignorant Desire.

If your eyes are open, you can... LITERALLY, see their world falling apart on them. What they never seem to get, or they wouldn't get up to it in the first place, is that Earth is a living and conscious creature, so is The Sun. The Earth is the bride of The Sun. As powerful as they imagine themselves to be... they are not powerful at all and are ONLY permitted to continue for The Purpose of Demonstration. They become a lesson for humanity in its evolution to greater states of awareness. The Invisible is FAR... FAR more powerful than the visible. Even the gods of the visible plane are only mockeries of The True God, and only get fealty from those in delusion to Material Culture. LIVE! Live as if you were utterly apart from it all as you move through it. Be in it but not of it.

The Lotus- Water Lily plant is a real thing. Its roots go into darkness while it sits atop the murk and is unsullied. People! This is a simple thing. Stay out of the murk! What is it that will draw you down into The Murk? It is Ignorant Desire.

Yesterday, I talked about a group of people at another location. I ruminated about why it is that they are so negative, depressed, and without hope. For some reason, they believe it is their right to freak freely in The Murk. Of course, it is! However... it does not come without attendant cost. These people believe too fervently in the report of the senses and they are outraged that it doesn't conform to their own ideals. They are expecting consistency and continuity from a world of Endless Changing. They are upset and... it has to be someone's fault. On that, I am in agreement with them. They are responsible for coming up with the perspective that reveals The World to them in the way that it does.

IT IS NOT THE WAY YOU THINK IT IS, but... it will appear to become that way if you persist in thinking it into being. We ALL live in a world we thought into manifestation, AND... if you can't fathom how the life you have led has led to such complications, perhaps... you should look further back. Of course, in most cases, you are unable to do this, BUT... you are able to cry out for help from within. If your faith is strong then help will come more expeditiously.

Love God more than anything else. Love God more than everything put together, AND... seek his qualities. They are the greatest possession you could aspire to, AND... if you are persistent, even annoyingly so (in your own mind), you WILL. You absolutely WILL acquire them. They are your birthright. You were created in order to accomplish this. It is no mean feat, and not the work of a single lifetime. As you persist... though it may... move through painful territory, now and again, after a time... The Way will clear and it will... simply... get better, and better and better. I speak from direct experience of this.

Here is something that might be helpful. Dealing with it effectively will remove all kinds of stress, and torment, and doubt from your calendar. Think that there are two minds within you. They have two entirely different perspectives and agendas. Once you have enough experience watching the two of them back and forth in your head... make The Decision to listen to only one of them. Sure... the other will pop in. This happens in the minds of masters as it does the rest of us, for perpetuity, so long as you are on this plane. Masters know what to do about it, and what they do about it is contained in this paragraph.

In other words, take The High Road! If it leads out of the life you have been occupying until now, then... shake the dust from your sandals and move on up the road. You know... I have a certain grasp of the English language, certainly more than I demonstrate here, BUT... I find that all that is worth saying is as simple as it is profound. There is no need for floral arrangements and Byzantine argument, endless convolutions of nothing at all... really. It is beyond words and any limitation whatsoever. It can create limits for itself when it chooses, for The Purpose of Demonstration, but IT IS NOT LIMITED BY THEM. This is the greatest self-defense system there is, but you can't talk about it.

End Transmission.......

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Via Lead Stories
OBVIOUSLY, this charlatan KNEW this before he posted it nationwide. He must have the most gullible readers around. I've seen even worse than that from him. I had a reader that used to send me links from this guy AND from Real Raw Stories (this is a fake news site that sticks in real news occasionally)=
Fact Check:
There ARE Movie Theater Listings After January 6, 2022

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And this is what they are looking to do here=
China Locks Down 13 Million in Xi'an, Key Ancient Christian Site

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Very strange indeed.

Kim Potter trial:
Minneapolis jury finds ex-police officer guilty in death of Daunte Wright

Here's that Hal Turner link=

Via The Real History Channel
I always hold out hope. I know about the ultimate redemption of man. Usually, it takes place rarely at any time. Soon there is going to be a flowering of consciousness like we have not seen, so... yeah. Meanwhile, there is that vaccine thing and I haven't had a satisfactory answer for that. He is therefore back in the untrustworthy category=
Mike King:
Understanding the "Two Faces" of Donald Trump


Keep in mind folk there is only one real puppeteer.

Via Fox News
I smell a put-up job=
'Jeopardy!' champion Amy Schneider reveals she was robbed in Oakland

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Things you might not have known about the Unabomber
'Unabomber' Ted Kaczynski transferred to federal medical facility


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She's definitely from NY AND a psychologist and she has... NEEDS=
I'm A Middle-Aged Woman Who Is Considering Hiring A Male Escort

Via Breitbart
How's this for a statistic?
Abortion Leading Global Cause of Death in 2021 with 43 Million Killed

Via Fox News
The worm turns=
ASU students found guilty after harassing White students slam college's punishment: 'Actually violent'


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