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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Spiritual Warfare
By Paul Brock with comments by Ron
Mar 7, 2021 - 8:42:50 PM

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Print Friendly and PDFby Paul Brock •  • March 1, 2021

Order vs. disorder

A battle that started in the spiritual world came down to the material after the free will of both angels and men chose to oppose their Creator, and that battle is still raging today.




The battle of St. Michael with Satan

Painting by Jacopo Tintoretto

This spiritual war is manifested in every major institution. From education, to news, to entertainment, to politics, to courts - and each institution is heavily influenced by the Church, for "As Goes the Church, So Goes the World."

[Ron: The Christian religion has been the dominant force in establishing the culture  and values of the Western world. Arguably though, it has been the vestiges of the spiritual teachings of Esu Immanuel, aka Christ Jesus, that have formed the positive essence of that civilisation. In fact Christ Jesus did not incarnate to establish a religion and didn't. He came to reveal divine truths lost over millennia and corrupted by Pharisees and others. The Pharisees forced the Romans to crucify Jesus in order to silence his teaching but were not satisfied with doing that. They then sought to eradicate his Good News about reincarnation and other revelations by influencing Roman emperors to establish the Christian religion in order to distort and corrupt Jesus' teaching. THIS THEY DID.  See  eg: Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism -

Venetian neo-Pharisees infiltrated the Vatican in the 11th century and influenced the Pope to call for the Crusades in order to weaken the Christian Byzantine empire and to enable the Venetians to establish secure slave, gold, silver and other trade with the Monguls. They also fomented the schism between the Vatican and Eastern Christianity in the Byzantine empire and the emerging Russian empire. Accordingly "the Church" as referred to here, has always been a thorn in the side of true Christian spirituality. As I see it, what we are experiencing now is the final battle between Christian spirituality and the Satanic forces unleashed on this world by Lucifer.

The seeming victory of demonic forces today is a chimera since the Creator is all there is.  Spirit is the only reality. The Creator's spirit of love constitutes the energetic waves and vibrations that create and permeates everything. Those who reject spirit choose the low vibrations that lead to non existance. If they are steadfast in that desire their wish will be  granted because this is a free will world. Their religious and other constructs will disappear with them. As every ensouled human being is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness, each individual is a temple of God. In effect spirituality will replace religious "churches".

The disintegration of the demonic low energy beings in our world is apparent everywhere via the insane and chaotic ideas and policies being promulgated by Cultural Marxists, Libtards and demonic entities generally. Christ Michael Aton (CM), the creator of this universe, who together with one of his sons,  Esu Immanuel Kumara, was a dual incarnate overshadowing Christ Jesus, has returned to restore Gaia to her rightful place in his universe. His Millennial Reign here was promulgated on 5 February 2019 and his Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and their supporters is  in the process of eliminating the demonic bankster and corporatist global cabal that has enslaved our world.  The result will be  that all spiritual human beings here who desire to serve others more than self will become safely ensconced in CM's Millennial Reign. So be it.].

These institutions, by their natures, play a huge role in any society, and each has a specific purpose. Education is meant to teach, news to inform, entertainment to entertain, politics to order, courts to justice.

In the arena of education - which in Latin is "educare" meaning to train or mold - specifically in America, false teaching has always been a part of the institution.

John Dewey, known as the father of American education, signed the first humanist manifesto that denies the biblical account of creation, stating that the universe was not created.

On education, the Church teaches that parents are to see to the "Christian education of their children" and in doing so, they "share in the office of sanctifying."

Today, proper education, meaning teaching the truth, is under full-fledged attack as some of the most powerful within the institution of education have called for a ban on homeschooling or private education.

Millions watch and listen to this misinformation every single day. Tweet

In the arena of media - which is the plural of the Latin word "medium," meaning middle ground or intermediate - in America, specifically news, and particularly with regard to the more modern forms of cable and internet, misinformation has always been integral in this institution.

Ted Turner, the founder of the first 24-hour cable news channel and mega-donor to the abortion industry, has called pro-lifers "idiots" and "bozos."

Today, millions watch and listen to this misinformation every single day.

On the internet, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a few of the most common social media platforms in the world and today, and many people get their so-called news from these sources.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, and Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey. The three platforms account for well over 4 billion users worldwide. Both founders ban free speech on each of their platforms, and in particular, speech that promotes the truth.

The entertainment industry, another institution that reaches virtually every home in America, seems to have completely embraced evil.

Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, had a heavy influence on the already morally depraved entertainment industry.

At 6114 California St. in San Francisco is where LaVey's headquarters was for his Church of Satan - he used the house from 1966 until his death in 1997.

(L to R) Marilyn Manson and Anton LaVey

LaVey associated with many Hollywood stars including Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Manson, Sammy Davis Jr. and many more.

There used to be rigorous standards on what Hollywood produced, and the Catholic Church had a big say in it as well.

The National Legion of Decency, also known as the Catholic Legion of Decency, was founded in 1933 by Archbishop John T. McNicholas of Cincinnati to identify and object to immoral content in films.

Hollywood's production code, which was the industry guidelines for self-censorship of content, gave the Legion of Decency the stamp of approval, which then meant films had to be submitted to the Catholic Legion for review before public distribution.

The Catholic Legion of Decency had a huge impact on the entertainment industry because if certain films were condemned, this meant the tens of millions of Catholics at the time would be forbidden from viewing the films under pain of mortal sin.

Catholics were asked to sign the Pledge of the Legion of Decency - this one from 1934 that states: "I condemn absolutely those salacious motion pictures which, with other degrading agencies, are corrupting public morals and promoting a sex mania in our land."

Nowadays, there is no Legion of Decency, and it follows that Hollywood promotes every single intrinsic evil imaginable.

In the realm of politics, legislatures not only allow evil to persist in a nation but have the ability to legislate and codify it. And with the courts, as a branch of politics, this institution also possesses that ability. The failure of these two institutions, with the respective purposes of order and justice, has been proven by the increase of disorder and injustice.

Nowadays, there is no Legion of Decency, and it follows that Hollywood promotes every single intrinsic evil imaginable. Tweet

Looking over only the past roughly 50-years, contraception was legalized, then no-fault divorce, then abortion. Now gay so-called marriage is legal along with transgenderism.

The Catechism teaches that the Devil has a "certain domination over man" and our ignorance due to original sin "gives rise to serious errors in the areas of education, politics, social action and morals."

Saint John Bosco tells us, "do you want to outwit the Devil? Never let him catch you idle. Work, study, pray, and you will be surely overcome your spiritual enemy."

[Some colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].


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