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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

"Somehow, by Supernatural Agency, You are Reassured and find Sweet Honey from the Rock."
By Les Visible
Aug 24, 2020 - 5:27:34 AM

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August 23rd 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There are reasons that I continue to appear here. There are reasons I comment on what I comment on; the subject matter that comes up and there are reasons that other subjects are not discussed. The main reason that this happens... all of this... is that I wish to share with you the fruits of epiphanies I have experienced and to spare you what I had to go through to discover I did not need to go through it. This is what The Purpose of Demonstration is all about. You can learn vicariously from what others went through and not have to fall off the same cliff or trip over the same obstacles. EVERY DAY, we see clear examples of the accelerating madness that is incrementally pressing upon the weakest links in human personalities.

There are all kinds of people who have solutions to the world's problems and mostly; NONE OF THEM WORK and MOST OF THE TIME, they are about making money or upping one's profile so they can make money. There are reasons I don't charge for what I do. They are PROFOUND reasons with cosmic implications. There is a reason I do not harass the reader with regular fundraising schemes and reasons why JUST ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE does do so, BECAUSE people don't usually send you money unless you browbeat or shame them into it. I could easily charge for the work. I know people who would be glad to set that up for me. I know all kinds of things I could manufacture and merchandise and sell to people on the various sites; How-to videos, Music CD's, Books and the like; of which there are many forms.

Sure... people have to eat and put a roof over their heads AND... if you are simply operating in a commercial profile, providing PEDESTRIAN services; selling toilets, fixing toilets, even filling toilets; if you happen to work in the media, politics, or similar mediums. If your vend food and goods. If you market your talents... electrician, construction worker, car services and WHATEVER... you have a right to charge what the market will bear and to compete with everyone else in the same field, WHICH... is a good idea. Competition ensures product quality and technological advancement. It keeps prices reasonable, depending... BUT... if you are engaged in spiritual matters, ageless wisdom says and all enduring traditions with any integrity state... YOU CAN'T CHARGE FOR THESE THINGS, but people do. The New Age is a marketplace filled with scam merchants and predators in sheep's clothing.

Why do people charge for spiritual teachings ? They are insecure and do not really trust who it is they supposedly work for. I do, so I don't have to charge AND IT WORKS! IT WORKS!!! It would probably work for anyone who is sincere BUT... they want MORE than having their basic necessities covered. THERE IS A FORCE. It is a REAL FORCE and it sleeps in the atavistic portion of the mind. It is programmed with great sophistication from the reptile mind. Think of it as an INLET from a much deeper and darker sea.

It speaks to the mind in a sibilant fashion and its urgings are as old as time itself. Its primary nature is to DECEIVE. It can and does justify ANYTHING. It moves in serpentine fashion from side to side, while the whole body of it moves, by increments, further and further to one side and into darkness. You wonder how it got to where it got. It got there by measured stages. Think of it as acts of simple theft which move to ever greater thefts, with degrees of increasing threat and violence, leading to bodily harm and on to murder and worse. It gets there like anything gets anywhere, which is basically ambulatory by perambulation. It gets there step by step, inch by inch; (slowly I turned) NIAGARA FALLS !!!

There are guides that come to you when you are trending in a certain direction, just as there are guides who 'can' lead you to realms of light. You have to possess the necessary discrimination because... at first... AT FIRST, it can seem to be another thing entirely. You don't find out about these things till further down the road when turning back becomes highly problematic.

Another thing about speaking the truth that one MUST CONSIDER from inception is... is one authorized? Does one have PERMISSION to speak? Why is this? Because you, yourself, do not possess Truth. Truth is the possession of Divinity. Real truth can ONLY speak THRU YOU. It is NOT something you come up with or discover on your own. Everything that happens, EVERYTHING... IS A SPECIAL DEALING OF GOD WITH YOUR SOUL. This is why Intuition is one of the most vital items one can possess. Everyone has one but not everyone EXERCISES IT. The Intuition is like a muscle. It has to be exercised. Otherwise, you will need to be exorcised if you are listening to one of the stand-ins for the intuition that tells you what you WANT TO HEAR.

You want God to turn and walk away ? That is if you are fortunate to have him show up to begin with? Yes, he is in everyone but he is usually asleep and dreaming and THIS... this alleged reality you walk around in every day? This is his dream. If you want him to walk away, just start charging for what is PRICELESS and... if God walks away, where are you going to get inspiration from? Where are you going to get information from? How can your intuition function if there is no Inner Teacher to function it? That is what Intuition means; Inner Teacher.

Maybe you already know all of this. Anyway... I don't charge for anything that I do, NOT because I am such a good person and so... so... admirable. I don't charge for anything because I KNOW BETTER! What use could you be to God if you don't trust him enough to rely upon him absolutely? If you can't rely on and trust God to take care of all your needs then...THEN YOU HAVE NO VALIDITY. You aren't valid. You MUST have The Imprimatur. You must have his mark on you, which gives the ring of authenticity to what you say, instead of coming off like a parrot who can speak but has no idea of what it is saying and lacks that authentic ring. This is how it is that so many people can say the same thing BUT... yeah, BUT...

Of course, there are those who will say that I do charge; for these books and that music. Can you not go to my music site and listen to EVERY song and never pay a dime, not hear only 30 seconds but the whole song? Can you not and have many of you not received PDFs of my books free just for the asking? You'll have to make your own mind up about that. Probably well before we got to this part of the post, any number of readers are asking; why is he saying all of this? Go back to the opening paragraph.

Of course, the REAL reason that I do what I do is because I have no choice. Like those going down the other road, I have been on this road for too long to turn back. This is where it has led me. I am a poet more than I am anything else and poets are driven by love. They pursue and explore and study love. Sometimes they go in directions they might later repent of, like Lord Byron. If you pursue and explore and study love, you eventually wind up at the source of love and that is GOD. There is no way around that. It can't lead anywhere else.

What is the highest form of love besides Sacrifice? It is service, selfless service, and on that account and... on all related matters, concerning love, it is not anyone else that you have to convince of your sincerity unless you are looking to get laid and... that goes away. It departs like a temporary fever in which you lost your senses for a time. There's nothing wrong with sex. It's a basic life function BUT it falls far, FAR SHORT of true mystical union. Who you have to convince is, God ...and you can't fool God. He is right there in the deepest recesses of your thought process, before and after ALL of your thinking.

Most everyone either compromises or goes in another direction because the God thing, if it is real and sincere is REALLY FUCKING HARD and it takes everything away from you before it gives any of it back. It also, most certainly will break your heart and ruin the world for you as we already stated in a recent posting. You pretty much have to be designated to make it in the first place or you probably won't. Not because of God but... because of you. Unless you are absolutely sincere and determined you CANNOT muster the will or the wherewithal to get there AND... where is that going to come from anyway? Right. It is also true that anyone can get there at any time but... but... woo boy! It's a rare thing and probably won't come up anyway. This God thing, usually, is the fruit of lifetimes, once the Prodigal Son has the epiphany. The writer wasn't joking when he said, "And WHILE HE WAS STILL A LONG WAY OFF, his father saw him coming."

However... one should not be discouraged by the possible time frame involved BECAUSE... from the moment one awakens and sets off for their father's house, it gets better. Everything improves, even when it is hard, it feeds Conviction and all of the other qualities that grow in you on the way. Somehow, by magical means, by supernatural agency, you are reassured and find sweet honey from the rock and hidden springs in the desert and that kind of thing. If you are absolutely convinced and utterly reliant, GOD WILL AND DOES TAKE CARE OF YOU EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY... FOREVER !

Trying to make money off of spiritual things is a true fool's errand. The penalties are also particularly egregious. Everything costs something unless you give yourself away. Even then there are experiential costs and all those little tests and not so little tests that come around FOR ONLY ONE REASON, to compel you to trust and rely on God absolutely. Once that has been accomplished THERE ARE NO MORE TESTS

I could go on and on and on... and I do, almost every day but today we will pause it and move on to the next thing. God bless AND INSPIRE YOU, one and all.
End Transmission.......
Today's Song is; ♫Time is Flying♫
Please come and stop by Parler and rest for a moment, doing and accomplishing nothing whatsoever and be refreshed before you depart having left no trace of having been there. Parler, for those who have found the meaning in meaninglessness.

Then there is Pocketnet, the dual threat of mindless trivia and deeper commentary hidden like Easter Eggs from Special Ed Students. Pocketnet, where you don't have to think about why you came unless you already knew to begin with. Mind how you go in the areas of pasture.


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