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"Similar Minds in Other Cultures Adapted it Because It had The Ring of Ancient Tyrannies."
By Les Visible
Oct 19, 2021 - 6:14:22 AM


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I got a peculiar comment a few days ago about something I had said in a posting. As I was reading it, I was taken aback by what he was saying, and which was not my intention when writing it. I know this fellow, virtually. He's been very supportive for years at another location. I always think of him as the guy with the guitar on his back. Because I am fond of his persona, what little I know of it, I took him seriously. I tried to alter a few words here and there. I had a lot of thought about what I should say to him. It occurred to me if I had a lot to say, that wouldn't be good. If I had nothing to say (grin), well... I don't know.

I won't go into any of the details. That's too many words. I will say that the reader is aware that I have concerns about the activities of those I call, The Usual Suspects, and sometimes... The Semitic Pretenders. I've even worked up a parody song based on the template of the Jackson Browne song, "The Pretender". I am confident it will not appear here. I don't see the point of looking for a fight when its intention is to come to you anyway.

I don't watch any TV except the occasional sporting event. I do see commercials though, on those occasions, and I can see as many as I like on Youtube. I see things in the various sites I visit, and I most certainly watch movies. I see what's going on in the culture. As I have been at pains to say, and it is also the absolute truth... I don't care who falls in love with who; be they of different religions, races, colors or even sexes. I know that in times like these, at the fall of a culture, certain sexual practices proliferate, as do all kinds of behaviors.

When I see certain behaviors, in a very short time, ruthlessly pressed on the rest of us, I am then not okay. When I see material proselytizing, and propaganda shoehorned into the school systems. When I see that the people agitating for race wars are NOT the color of the ones they are inciting AND financing. When I see what should be obvious to anyone paying attention, going on to the detriment of everyone else, I'm not okay. Yeah... I'm okay no matter what but you know what I mean.

I only know one race, and that is the human race. I grew up on military bases, which was the first place where segregation ended. I was exposed to everyone at an early age. I do have some prejudices, I must admit this. I am prejudiced against Stupid, and ill-mannered behavior, and lack of control. Things of that order. I do keep it in check though. I am a witness, not a participant.

I have, of course, been guilty of all those activities, but... since I am not Stupid, I grew out of them.

So I see where the powerful media is PUSHING, and I mean really pushing through every medium, certain forms, and behaviors. Knowing what I know about the people who are pushing it, I KNOW I'm not going to like their version of it. They like to take something that is perfectly natural, as it is, and twist it to fit the tastes of their Stool Sample Deity. I react to these things in these blogs often... it stands to reason that I am not always as clear as I can be. I work in a limited size product. It's mostly the broad strokes, unless we narrow in, which happens.

I'm not that proficient in talking about the things of The World. There is also a lot of contention possible in that field of play. Doubtless, I will rub some people the wrong way. However, I leave it up to me who I choose to offend and not offend. I do not seek to offend anyone, but if it turns out that I do, it won't be the people seeking spiritual content and conversations about God. Since I ONLY care about this end of the equation, what happens on the other end is the interpretation given by PROJECTION. We see in others what we would expect from ourselves. If the bar is low, well... so will then be the projection. I like to keep the bar high and see the best in everyone. You MAY get it back. You might not get it back, but then... that wouldn't be your fault.

There is a lot of tension in The World right now; also a lot of conclusions jumped to, where Reason and Restraint might be better employed. There is a particular group of entities, associated by a common objective, and they are doing a lot of bad things to others on a grand scale, AND... they have been doing this for a very long time. They are not all of the same genetic persuasion. They are, CERTAINLY, all of the same motivations. They are the ones, teaching in the schools... the lies that the students go on to reinforce.

It's like the forced migrations. It's like the sexual messaging, heavily financed to a specific end. The same as with the transgender and gender-bender wave, and all sorts of other constructs that are actually destructs that have to do with dismantling society as we know it so, that someone else can take over and do it their way. Their way is to exterminate and subjugate. The Satanic consciousness in Communism has a specific end in mind. Take a look at what happened during previous experiments. The Bolshevik Revolution was a horror show that the fabricated holocaust is a cover for; a misdirection. Similar minds in other cultures, adapted it because it had the ring of ancient tyrannies. If you pull it off, everyone else, except you and your tight cabal are vulnerable.

We are experiencing the tyranny of the minority which I am certain does not have our best interests at heart.

I write as I do because I know the stakes are high. I also realize that the battle is already won. That is the reason for the unflagging optimism here. It's not so much what I want to believe. It is because I found it to be true on high and it is coming to Earth; may already be here. Certainly is here, influence-wise.

Yes... the battle is won. That does not mean some people will not suffer and cause others to do so. What it means is that that is what is coming, and what will prevail over all the other themes. This is not a new occurrence, but it does happen differently each time. Not everyone believes it. However, everyone who has looked deeply into it does, especially if The Intuition is active; then you get confirmation. Confirmation is a big deal.

It is resident in everyone, but many do not listen for it, as it gets in the way of what they want. They do not miss out on the karmic resolution of that... or any... form of behavior, and they do get a chance to start again, over and, over, and over. I would prefer to be past that as soon as possible, which was some time ago. I don't like repeating errors. I would prefer to always be corrected about something new, not the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, like so many people do. Sometimes it looks like one of those toy wind-up soldiers that walk into a wall repeatedly until it falls down, or runs out of winds.

We are all members of the human race. There is no other race and more and more have dropped out because they stop behaving like a human being. That is REAL self-identifying, bringing us around to "by their works, ye shall know them."

Do not think discouraging thoughts. Do not let your heart be troubled if you don't want trouble coming upon you. People THINK things into existence. It's a process and it involves the emotions, which color it and give it shape. It's a process and then it's a thing, whether you encounter it or become it, whether it is inside you or outside you... there it is. That's karma, and that is how we bring it into being.

The human mind is being programmed with lies. This has been going on for a really long time. This is going to end. The flame of God's Truth will burn the world of lies to a cinder. In Times of Material Darkness, it can seem like lies are all there are. Then changes come from an invisible hand, with visible results. Your job is to cast the lies out of your mind. You can also simply not pay attention to them, and they will wither and die. If it is something big that you built up, that you fed for a while, don't try to dismantle it quickly. You need finesse and patience. When you have help from above... within, it's no longer in your hands. You no longer need to concern yourself with the details of it working out. In the search for immortal truth, everything is in how you present yourself. What you seek has already been found by others. You attract one of their calling by presenting yourself as a worthy applicant. Heaven has an HR department too.

Beings with powers are going to appear. Some are already here. I am not talking about the impostors who work with shadows that are only a travesty on these powers. These are powers of light and they are going to transform The World as we know it. I recognize that I can sound like I'm in a fairy tale inside my own head, but I've seen how God works and I KNOW that NOTHING is impossible. His powers are limitless. I have been told that we are on the verge of the biggest demonstrations of The Purpose of Demonstration that we have ever seen, for good and for ill, though... ultimately... all resolved.

The World outside you, and The World within you are going to be transformed. You can go willingly, or you can go kicking and screaming. Go you shall. I pray that you find the light within that is already there.

End Transmission.......

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