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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jul 16, 2020 - 4:59:21 AM

"Satanism, Sodomy and the Reversed Kundalini; the War Against Humanity."
By Les Visible
Jul 16, 2020 - 4:51:19 AM

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July 16th 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......
Every tradition has a semblance to what is traditional to Indian Yoga, which is the Kundalini energy serpent, rising through the central Shushuma canal of the spine. A Sufi parallel is the whirling dervish, spinning in ecstatic celebration of this force. I could present many variants but I leave that to whatever curiosity may exist in the mind of the reader; nothing beats discovering something on your own.

In the Indian tradition, this force rises out of a base of the spine pool called The Kunda. That is where it slumbers until it is awakened. Prior to the awakening the Dream State is in full force. As it rises out of the depths of being, it passes through those areas in the first 3 chakras that represent the playing fields of most of humanity at this time. The center chakra is the Anahata, which is the heart chakra. It is the link between the lower three centers and the upper three centers, where, for the moment, almost no one spends any time, or resides... where time is either remarkably transformed or no longer is present.

At the basic levels, this serpent is representative of all of the hungers, desires, and ambitions that are the chains that bind us. Once it has reached the Bridal Chamber, in the Sahasrara chakra, it is known as Godhead, where an eternity of liberty and bliss is extant. You have, thereby, the playing fields of mortality and the playing fields of immortality and we, at present, find ourselves where the treasures of our hearts are located. You are where you have decided to remain, or are pressing on from.

Let us consider the Christian aspects of this force. The Christian RELIGION has long been the hostage of forces who use it for CONTROL. As a result, what is true and enduring has been mislabeled and placed in the good and evil fabrication zones of a humanity enslaved by ignorance. Anyone familiar with Gnosticism knows about the serpent force. Here too, we will leave greater description in the hands of whoever is curious enough to inquire further.

Let us consider, to begin with, what is hiding in plain sight. There are two Protestant, Christian religious systems that share a similarity in their names. One is called The 'Shakers' and the other, The 'Quakers'. These are both Kundalini references and whether you register it as representative of 'trembling before the throne of God' via... "the fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom." or whether you recognize it as the shuddering and shaking that attends a Kundalini experience, they are both the same but viewed differently. It's all a matter of perspective, similar to the two riders of the rollercoaster; one of them is terrified and the others is terrifically excited.
We are informed of the meaning of life by the state of life which surrounds us. Once again you get that dual perception thing. Some are repulsed by what they see around them and others are full bore into it. What appeared to be real and present two and three hundred years ago was VERY DIFFERENT from what we experience today. The force of materialism in times past was nowhere near as great as it is today, but we mostly don't notice that because we are enveloped in it. In any case... the more prevailing materialism is, the further away is genuine spiritual experience and 'the sense of the Presence of God'. Whatever we understand as spiritual has been filtered through the lens of materialism. People seldom tremble or shake these days in the thrall of a spiritual event. You see some manifestations of this in Pentecostal and tent revival environments but they are often of questionable provenance.

The reason there are sodomy rituals in Satanism and why priests, driven to depravity by draconian church mores, as well as the leaders of organizations as widely diverse as Skull and Bones and The Boy Scouts of America so engage in it, is that it works to reverse the flow of the Kundalini. It has long been a staple of purveyors of The Left Hand Path. Now it has been mainstream normalized-naturalized and is being pushed and promoted in nearly every K-12 educational system in Western culture. This is not accidental and it is not the result of some version of a New Enlightenment. There are end results to this kind of behavior and if you are too dense to catch what they are, it is not my job to inform you of them.

Everything that is happening right now, from the ludicrous wearing of masks for a pandemic that doesn't exist, to the despoliation of innocence and the rape of childhood worldwide, are ALL part of a concerted effort to drag humanity into the abyss. The race and culture wars that are presently being ignited around the globe are also part and parcel of a calculated attempt to generate a covering of darkness, woven of FEAR... CHAOS.... and CONFUSION, so as to bring about the enslavement of the human race and the elimination of the greater portion of it. THEY know about The Avatar and The Awakening. THEY KNOW and what is happening is one last desperate, pitched battle to subjugate us one and all.

There are basic changes that have to be brought about in order to bring about the conditions for what THEY have in mind. One of the most basic is THE DESTRUCTION OF THE FAMILY UNIT. Another is a wide-scale perversion of our sexual nature. Pressing the limits of Abortion right up to the end of the gestation period is also part of it and a demonstration of contempt for the miracle of natural childbirth and the transference of the process into laboratories where the genetic mapping is completely in their hands.

The calculated dumbing down taking place in the educational systems is no accident. People now employed as school teachers often no longer know when this country was founded, as was recently demonstrated in video. One of the examples I saw teaches Social Studies. The ubiquity of Rap culture is another factor in the coarsening of human nature, as are the films and other artistic productions of these times. To say so is to be declared a racist! Luckily there are some of us who do not fear slander, as opposed to knuckling under to abomination. As is highlighted in E.E. Cummings' great poem, "i sing of Olaf glad and big", "there is some shit I will not eat."

There are few poets or creative souls, possessing any degree of true inspiration that I see in these soul-numbing times. It takes a courage beyond that of the majority to speak truth to power in these days. Of course, there yet remains many cinderblock heads who gladly go to the battlefields of Banker Wars, seeking a glory and name celebration that is not to be found in these blood-soaked arenas but... what do I know?
Once you have gained control over the information highways, you can modify human intelligence and understanding any way you like. Once you control who makes the art and what the art contains, the culture is in the toilet. Once you can program young pre-pubescent minds, you can dictate the following direction of their ambitions and their appetites and desires. Add in poisonous foodstuffs and all kinds of invisible and destructive rays and the outcome is not in doubt. WERE IT NOT THAT THERE REALLY IS A CELESTIAL HIERARCHY you could have stuck a fork in us long ago.

IF...if... what remains then... as motive and intent for all that we see, is that of a universal testing ground for humanity, then that would explain the seeming control of the evildoers over the rest of us when that has NEVER been the case. What it is, is each of us being forced to confront ourselves concerning what is and is not acceptable in human behavior. We are each being tried to extremity, concerning what we will and will not tolerate, in the world around and within us. For most, that battle has been decided but wait!!! "It ain't over till it's over." and in these times of extremis, the true state of human nature will become manifest as something greater and more profound than we might presently think. It may well be that we are better than we thought we were but it is only trial and adversity that can bring it out in us.

There has never been a time when The Divine has not been in total control of every single condition and event in life. If it seems otherwise to some, it is due to a lack of Faith and Certitude, among other things. Materialism makes people spiritually lazy. Trial and adversity make them strong and that is what we are seeing. As for whatever else is lacking, well... reincarnation and the Hand of Heaven are taking care of that.
End Transmission.......

Today's Song is; ♫Point Me Out a Star♫

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