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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

"Satan's Little Helpers, With Their Shoulders to The Wheel. Helping Us All on Their Way to Perdition."
By Les Visible
Mar 12, 2022 - 4:52:15 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

By now... we hope that everyone can see the -by this time- obvious death dance of Materialism and Insanity. It could spawn a new network show, like... Dancing with the Damned. How about Dancing with the Deranged? Dancing with Dumbass in Donbas? There are a lot of possibilities.

Remember when crazy behavior was an occasional thing? Remember when it was shocking to hear about some outrage, and... now? Now it is a daily affair in multiples. Of course, Materialism can create all of this on its own, BUT... it seems there are Satan's Little Helpers, who are putting their shoulders to the wheel to help us all on their way to Perdition; sounds like the name of one of those infamous Old West towns doesn't it? Soon... Clint will appear on the horizon line with his cheroot smoldering and his eyes squinting. He'll have The Tibetan Book of the Dead in one hand and a gun in the other. Probably (if you were wondering) he will have the reins in his teeth, like John Wayne in True Grit. "Yeeeeehah!!!"

It's not all that easy to say Yeeeeehah with the reins in your mouth, so... maybe I imagined that... not important in the long run. Yeah... it's about time for a new rendition of that Willie song, "Crazy." I'm not in the mood to write it, but... you will hear it on the playlist for the soundtrack of your life... when it comes around in the rotation. Yeeeeehah!!! It's got a nice ring to it. Sounds like some kind of freedom out here on the high, wide, and stupid of the American landscape.

♫I see poison Nightshade and dead children too. They opened the cages in Hell's hungry zoo. I see men running in skirts and high heels, probably from anal with electric eels, and I think to myself... let me out of this world♫ I probably... did not need to include that, but I'm all about transparency and full disclosure

Maybe I'm thinking of The Little Drummer Boy or that partridge in a pear tree song. Someone is bringing gifts to the metaphorical manger... ♫4 Russians trashing, 3 Ukrainians flashing, 2 children watching and a Pedophile in a pear tree♫ Sounds like a Pride Parade where... appearances indicate, a pervasive lack of respect for anything sane people want anywhere around them. That's who's REALLY making war on Putin, Oh! You thought it was the other way around? Not hardly. It's the First Petticoat Brigade... marching guidon for The Usual Suspects in their general, endless and relentless aggressions against the rest of us.

It's ALL about your embracing the Hari Kiri spirit of sexual suicide, where you get to put real meaning into; Go fuck yourself! Right away! And... thank you for suggesting it. "Oh!!! Oh!!! Oh!!! Gawd~!" Uh... that's not God. You have to stop looking at God upside down... and it would probably help to point out the only effective way to look at God, and... that... that is in each other's eyes. Namaste.

Remember how, in the Lord of the Rings, it was said that Sauron (and Saruman- I guess) constructed orcs from tortured elves, and men that he had perverted he turned into something else. I can't remember the details now; not my department. One of the best understandings you can come to is what does... and does not have to do with your department. It is what I call, Understanding Dharma. It's seldom easy putting a Western perspective on Eastern thought. Like The Tower of Babel... and other phenomena, the difference in the mind is put there by The Divine.

Whenever you start getting closer to God, he begins to throw things at you. Anything... to distract you. It is like what a mother does with her children. The closer you get, the more stuff there is that is being thrown at you. "Don't make me come down there!" Yes... it can be intimidating coming up on The Divine. He's not going to make it easy. Oh! If you're sincere? There's not going to be a problem... but that vacillating mindset... that uncertainty... well... that's going to be met with more of the same. You got to be sure going in, otherwise... you'll be much more disappointed than you were.

God is a most elusive thing. I think of him sometimes as a creeper. He will creep into you and continue to, if you can remain Still. Being still is a big thing. Of course, he is already there to begin with, but... that will clarify itself in time. One of the objectives of Meditation is to achieve this stillness. The Mind has to be made capable of extended... protracted... focus. "Concentration is the secret of the magical art." This magical art has to do... DIRECTLY with The Sun. The performance of it is accomplished by getting out of the way of it. You do NOTHING of yourself. Christ said this. It happens to be true. In the end... it is not all the charms and spells you learn or books of lore that you read. It is the getting out of the way of it... so that it can Demonstrate.

I think it was Manly Palmer Hall who said it, though... I am not sure. This won't be verbatim. He said something like, "Yes... black magic is foolish and dangerous but it is not a joke. There is nothing funny about someone being able to burn a hole through an inch of ebony board." The way he said it, it sounded like he had been there. Well... I botched that. Sorry.

Certainly, you remember. It was not that long ago that The Crazy (the real pandemic) was just occasional happenstance... or however you define it to yourself. It wasn't that long ago when Transgender Insanity was not a thing. It was not that long ago when twisted sexuality and racist vitriol were not a part of the curriculum. It was not that long ago when most of what you see and hear about... around you, and at a distance... was only a rumor. Now it is not a rumor anymore. Apparently, Sauron has heard about The Shire.

You can see this, right? You can see The World going mad? Much of what has happened has been intentional; letting criminals run roughshod over your rights does embolden them. When the people, nominally in control, are criminals, that is what you get. The institutions have been closed and the mentally aberrated are now on the angry streets of every city. Those on the lower rung of the economic ladder (a place where I have been comfortable for a long time now) can no longer house themselves or feed their children.

Fortunately, there are EBT cards... but the rents!!! The cost of housing is also crazy and this is being done intentionally too. Vanguard and Black Rock are buying up single-family units as quick as they can. Part of their plan is to tear the houses down and erect multi-family dwellings, once they have baksheeshed The Zoning Commission.

THEY want to control every aspect of your life. They are the REALLY CRAZY among us. God has made them so; "those whom the God's would destroy, they first drive mad." When you see crazy people acting out, whether by a dumpster on a side street or in a three-piece Armani suit... it is only a matter of appearances. The Crazy is still just as present and often... more potent. There are so very many ways to be a nut-job. Look at the people who write for Huffington Post, The Times, The Washington Post. These people are out of their minds. They are the functioning crazy. You can't always tell if they are crazy... or possessed... until they point their finger at you and give that silent cry that only The Bodysnatchers can hear.

It might calm you somewhat to know that this is all programmed to a specific end, in every specific direction it moves in. Just because you don't know how it is going to turn out, DOES NOT MEAN it will be turning out badly. Yes... there are those locations that are going to be hosting Dramatic Demonstrations. There are also those places where nothing much will be happening at all; birds of a feather.

I do not understand how people can have such a difficult time understanding that everything visible came out of The Invisible. Right there!!! Right there... a very important metaphysical truth is to be had... if one only thinks about it. When you think about something... anything, it sets up a ping in search of a response. It's like GPS... or Lojack; probably they are the same. The internet runs like that with packets and such. Information flows toward the mind focused on WHATEVER the attention is placed on. Patanjali laid it all out in his aphorisms, although he didn't say much about DNS attacks.

My friends... we are coming up on it. It is going to be radically different... what comes in on The Ping. You'll be dialing it up for your pleasure (should that be a feature) or pain (should that be a feature). It's like you got what you thought was a bird call whistle, but... it's not birds that arrive or maybe it is Angry Birds... or angels, as they are... or in disguise. We must all pay attention to what we are sending out and then we will have a good idea of what's coming in. Fore! Look out below! Gangway? I don't know.

End Transmission.......

I should mention that I saw The Power of the Dog. We had to turn it off halfway through. It was exceedingly boring and pretentious; just like the person who created it. Along with the homoerotic undertones, and metrosexuals on the range posing in a Drugstore Cowboy kind of a way... it was just boring... boring... boring. Then I saw Nightmare Alley. It was like Stephen King's retarded son took an old fable and used it as a cover over some of the worst storytelling and direction I have seen in many moons with such high-profile actors. Ultimately... and all through it, it was CONSISTENTLY a piece of shit. These people really are beyond embarrassment. On a more positive note, The Righteous Gemstones is quite entertaining.

Some Links=

If you like empirical science with a touch of Reason and egalitarianism, you will like this guy=

I don't know about anyone else, but... things like this activate the salivary glands of my interest=

Well... they were behind the whole thing in the first place=

Jussie is screaming about the consequences of what he did to himself. And guess what? He is also apparently a member of the Oldest Victim Class in The World. This... he and his lawyers were claiming in another article at Breitbart=

The REALLY interesting thing is that The Usual Suspects are behind it. This quote is in the article; "The City of West Hollywood, in collaboration with nonprofit partner, National Council of Jewish Women/LA"=



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