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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

"Pursue The Divine with an Unquenchable Ardor and See what Happens."
By Les Visible
Jul 12, 2020 - 4:58:11 AM

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July 11th 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

And a deep and heartfelt greeting to you one and all.

Since I have been engaging in a disciplined lifestyle for going on two years now, it has been sometimes difficult not to regret some of my previous, outrageous behavior, now and again. It doesn't last very long, however, because I am usually reminded, internally, that there was nothing I could have done about it. For reasons that have yet to be made clear to me, I... apparently, have yet to understand what The Purpose of Demonstration means on a personal level. I mention it often and am coming to understand that much of what I write is as much for myself as for anyone else. To say that my eyes have been opened in this stretch of time would be an understatement. To even attempt to express my Gratitude, over the way my life is now, is far beyond my ability ...and I am good with words.

I realize... and am reminded of it every time I go out into public, that not everyone is magnetically drawn to the possibility of an ever-expanding love for one's creator. I AM and... it is my great pleasure to share it with kindred souls at every opportunity. NOTHING on this Earth comes anywhere near the sheer enjoyment level of communicating with the divine and experiencing the reality of God's presence in every moment. Ah... my, my... the words fail so often of late that I fear I may soon grow quiet, due to a severe lack of capability to express the joy and comfort that comes to one who has made friendship with The Divine their singular and all compelling pursuit.

I was sitting down to a rare meal earlier. I don't eat often anymore but I enjoy it when I do. I try to enjoy everything I do OR I DON'T DO IT. Capiche? I have come to understand Tantra in the way... I think, in the way it was meant to be understood and not in the limited, pedestrian fashion that sees the Kama Sutra as its operating manual. Even though it is about having sex, it is not sex per se but a mindset of having elegant sex with everyone and everything at all times. Everything is sex, one way or another. It is something you practice when you eat. It is something you practice when you breathe, drawing in the air as if it were liquid silk that caresses your lungs as it comes and goes. It is something you practice with your eyes and ears, loving everything, as you see past the coarseness, depravity, and selfishness that is the hallmark of what passes for civilization these days because you see it is all God playing. It is hard for people to get their heads around events like war, famine and the direct and collateral damage; the violations of children, the brutish natures and... of course, I could go on and on here BUT... whether you understand it or not... all of life is God's sporting as everything in everything.

I began that last paragraph talking about sitting down to eat and I went specific, so now I will go general. I looked at my food and saw God in substance and the room and the house as God in substance and myself as an expression of God, micro-cosmically, though... not fully aware yet, BUT working on it and being worked on. I was eating the substance of God, which I had blessed, in a world composed of God, as the environment... and in which the force of God is in expression in every action taking place and in which God is present, in one fashion or another, as everything... still and moving... conscious and unconscious... dreaming and awake... by degrees. I thought, 'how wonderful this all is' and that it is what it is always... as it is and it is ONLY my level of consciousness and awareness that determines the experience and outcome of EVERYTHING having to do with who I imagine I am.

When I dine out... VERY RARELY... (only when traveling) what I notice is that I and my friend are the only ones saying, Grace. I watch people eat and talk. I listen to what they are talking about and... personally and especially these days, if the talk is not about The Divine... it has no importance for me and doesn't hold my interest for longer than it takes for me to turn the conversation back to talk of The Divine. Yes... I arrange to be certain places for certain reasons and must converse about DETAILS having to do with whatever BUT... in my mind and in my heart, the thought is always there that ONLY GOD IS REAL and only God makes anything real that is real.

None of this causes me to think better of myself than another because in all cases, there but for fortune goes I. I am of such insignificance that that is also beyond my ability to describe. Guru Bawa used to say, "I am an ant-man". I know what he is talking about. Anytime I think I need a sense of perspective and humility, I think of The Sun; Lord Vivasvan. I happen to KNOW that The Sun is a living creature. I have spoken with The Sun, whom I consider to be a very good friend and have heard back from him. Whether anyone else accepts this as true holds no meaning for me. The Sun is... as you might expect... heh heh... seriously over the top, boisterous and filled with genuine bonhomie and just... wonderful. He makes me laugh at every encounter.

Everything with God is Tantra too, if you permit it to be. The wind (and pretty much everything else) is caused by The Sun and The Sun is a direct material expression of The Spiritual Sun, which is a direct expression of The Light of God, within The Light of God, within The Light of God, which is the best way I know of to describe the ever-intensifying concentrations of LIVING AND CONSCIOUS light that makes up The Holy of Holies that moves from the outer to the innermost sanctum of spiritual being and which can only be hinted at and that... poorly.

The wind caresses me. The Sun warms and laughs with me in the sheer exuberance of its being. All of creation is filled with the laughter of God... IF YOU CAN HEAR IT. How is it that God can laugh with so much misery on all sides? Well... it's not all misery... unless you are engaged in misery making enterprises. No doubt everyone would like to get out of their misery BUT then; why do they pursue it with such determination? For some... there is a ways to go to get out of that misery, though... The Grace of God can transform it in an instant and does now and again. HOWEVER... if you are determined in another way than the pursuit of misery... by stages... by increments... you come into ever more rarefied and refined states of being. It is there for the having if you WILL PUT IN THE EFFORT.

Scoffers and Cynics don't see how this could be so BUT IT IS... OH YES, IT IS INDEED! God is resident in you this very minute. Perhaps you should ask yourself how often you attempt to communicate and commune with The Divine. Some actions take you closer to God and some actions take you at a further remove. That's it... PLAIN AND SIMPLE. You can please God or you can please the world. Wait a minute... you can never please the world, all you can hope for is an uneasy truce. Keep in mind that God is in COMPLETE CONTROL OF EVERYTHING AT ALL TIMES AND ALWAYS WILL BE. God CAN make your life a joy past understanding and from time to time he does this. There are certain things you can do that get God's attention, via his angels, who are mediums of transmission between us and The Divine. If you get the attention of angels then you have God's attention. Angels on a particular plane of existence are devils, so changed by the perceiver, due to the location and vice versa. ONCE AGAIN; God is The Devil the way the wicked see him.

Right this minute, you can become a friend of God. No one is more generous, open-hearted and forgiving as God is. DON'T MEASURE GOD ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN STATE OF BEING AND UNDERSTANDING. Of course, if you want to be his friend, he IS going to test you. If you are sincere this should not be a problem.

I have people ask me how one gets into a state of friendship with The Divine and I would say... tantrically, that YOU COURT HIM. You romance him/her. You must have all the ardor of a serious suitor. I tell people to go into the forest or the desert with only water for 3 days and cry out to God in every waking moment. Seven days is better BUT even one day is better than none. GOD WILL HEAR YOU... REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THERE IS ANY IMMEDIATE RESPONSE. Some might be inspired to do it at regular intervals through a year, or more. I guarantee it. It is much like my ten-dollar course on how to play the guitar like Carlos Santana. I will give you the answer for free; get a guitar and go into a room and play for ten hours a day. My point is... MAKE THE EFFORT or otherwise shut up. There is a considerable portion of humanity that likes to mock what they don't understand. It never fails to amaze me how some people can have such opinions on subjects they have NEVER put any time into understanding and then demean those for whom it has been the work of lifetimes. These days everybody is an expert.

My friends, I am giving you real substance here and you can make of it what you will. God isn't going anywhere. God is HERE forever and ever. God is everywhere and in everything in one fashion or another and NOTHING... NOTHING gets God's attention so much as when you love him. If you can become capable of loving God, NO MATTER WHAT GETS THROWN AT YOU, and I speak from experience here, then you have done ALL that is necessary, and whatever may be missing WILL ARRIVE when needed.

End Transmission.......

I am spending a portion of each day recording songs and am committed to completing at least one a day. On some days I get two and they are all at the site where today's song is posted. I recorded today's song yesterday. They are all being done lickety-split- in one take- and I have to say that I am surprised at the results. I hope you are too.

Today's Song is=

♫ Time is Flying ♫

I'm too busy to spend much time at my favorite news-gathering site but as I have said, in one fashion or another, if you go to Pocketnet you are likely to find more worth pondering than you will find elsewhere. Just click on 'All Posts' at the top of the page.

les visible at pocketnet


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