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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jul 25, 2020 - 6:17:07 AM

"President Trump; a Few Thoughts on Two Minute Hate Sessions- We have Always been at War with Eurasia."
By Les Visible
Jul 25, 2020 - 6:13:25 AM

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July 24th 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I'd like to talk about President Trump for a bit today. There are some very mysterious conun-drums being pounded on by invisible hands. They are invisible to me at any rate, BUT... I can certainly hear them Extremely, materially powerful forces, have been conjoined with fellow travelers in a nonstop effort to remove him as president since the day he was elected. One can say that the entire COVID-HOAX is designed to do what all of the other efforts, so far, have failed to do. It is a lot more likely to succeed as it attacks his greatest strength which 'was' the economy. These ruthless psychopaths care not at all about ruining the lives of the financial heartbeat of America; small business owners, the Mom and Pop operations and all of the entrepreneurial efforts for which America is justifiably recognized as the best in the world.

I've had my criticisms about the man. My primary concern is his slavish support of Israel (and his occasionally tactless and bombastic behavior). I've given him something of a pass about it because I don't know what his long game is. You can't become president without publicly fellating AIPAC and the J-Street lobbies. Aside from that, he's done all kinds of good things. He got the economy smokin' hot. He went after the Deep State (or did he?). There is something very off about all those indictments that never seem to come round and which are critically important. I've been hearing that they are talking about waiting until after the election. Is it still possible after the election, when the incoming junta would immediately set out to disable everything he had done? He's gone after the pedophiles; though news of this is routinely suppressed. He knows that Putin is not a bad guy, compared to people like George Soros and the rest of the Satanic Collective.

WHY is he hated like no president I have ever seen? You have to look at this in terms of how the information is worked that has generated all the hate and resentment in the first place. Big Tech- Social Media and Big Media are the ones principally responsible for creating the national narrative about Trump. At the same time, the younger generations of Americans have become noticeably stupider with each new batch, due to the ubiquitous dumbing down. Programming and brainwashing the public has NEVER BEEN EASIER.

And the RAGE!!! The rage is generated in the young, the disenfranchised and those bred into sociopathy by The System, via the profound emptiness and disenchantment that comes out of the hollow state of being, created by Materialism in the advanced stages. There is a spiritual vacuity and a sense that it is all meaningless. Part of it is due to The Awakening, which is bringing this to people's attention and part of it is due to astrological configurations; out of which comes most everything manifest. They are all dancing to music they cannot hear and which is generated by the planets rubbing up against each other, figuratively and literally speaking but... perhaps not exactly 'rubbing'.

It doesn't matter from what perspective you are watching, OR how valid your perceptions are, there will ALWAYS be more that you do not know than that you do know. Some will think- and correctly, to a point, that there is an agenda behind the present state of disorder in the cities. Some will think this is being orchestrated by foreign interests, and they will be correct, up to a point. Some will think it is being engineered by domestic forces, who want to continue the liberal policies of the former administration and, they would be correct, up to a point. Some will think it's come about as the result of random occurrences and, they would be incorrect up to a point. There will be as many opinions out there as there will be places that The Sun don't shine but ALL OF THEM will be incorrect, up to a point, or limited, or both. This is why no one has a solution and those who might have a solution are in no position to employ it.

It is simply, The Time of the Season (cue The Zombies ((in every sense))) for chaos and confusion and that is because these two line dancing partners are ALWAYS present in the initial moments of dramatic cultural upheaval and social change. Sometimes they are around for a good deal longer than that.

In the midst of the microcephalic uproar at this stage, there are those slavering beasts who believe they can almost taste the sure and certain victory. There are bean counters and number jugglers, ad insanitus. These are the same people that handle the scut work that accounts for ducks being in a row. They also make sure you are, 'proud as a peacock', 'as graceful as a swan', and 'as wise as an owl' when required and they also make sure that there really are two birds in the bush when there needs to be. You seldom hear the names of these people but they do a great deal of damage behind the scenes, where laws are written and where the rules that are meant to be broken get constructed.

None of the experts on these present conditions are right. Yes... The Devil is the hardest working entity in SHOW business and the people running that business work for him and it is ALL SHOW business now but the solid and incontrovertible, can't get around it, FACT is... The Devil works for God and EVERYTHING that is happening- everything in the SHOW business that is now all business, from Monkey Business to Big Business to None of Your Business is FOREVER under the control of The Divine.

THIS... THIS is what you MUST remind yourself of in every moment that you possibly can BECAUSE it has EVERYTHING to do with your Quality of Life, your Safety and Security, AND... Your Final Port of Call... whether anything is final is another matter BUT... I assure you, recognition of Divine Agency being at the controls of EVERYTHING is the way to go if you plan on going anywhere at all AND if your making plans has any effect on anything anyway cause... how do you know it is you who is making the plans... EVER? It's right about now, given that it is ALWAYS NOW that one should ask themselves, "What would Jesus do?"

President Trump's people have a few cards up their sleeves. You can see this in his demeanor and in the way those around him behave. I don't know what these cards are but I know they are there. I love that President Trump DOES NOT wear a mask and when he does he's making a joke about it BECAUSE IT IS A JOKE. Masks are no more than EVIDENCE that you are open to manipulation and they don't do a damn thing to keep you safe, in fact... the whole dynamic is toxic.

I'm not saying that the president is a good guy or a bad guy. Time and circumstance will show up and determine that, but so far... I go by the words of The Master, "By their works ye shall know them." I am saying that ALL of the present competition for his job are bad guys and more than that; incompetent and MOST CERTAINLY, open to manipulation, which is exactly what is going on with them right now, given that it is ALWAYS NOW.

Everything you see in this world, everything you wish you didn't have to see or hear about, every unpleasant, unfortunate, undesirable, sad and shameful feature of existence is the product of a single cause; BAD PARENTING. If... you were poorly raised and presently suffering from the PRIMARY AND INITIAL Telepathic Invasion that happened when you were a wee thing and all the following circumstances brought about as a result of it, it behooves you to parent yourself (under the aegis of Divine Inspiration), starting right now, given that it is ALWAYS NOW. What you see in The Now, is the aggregate sum of the past in present expression and... The Future is what the present becomes, reflexively manifesting out of whatever you think and say and do in The Now, which is where The Future is going to occur and ALWAYS does occur.

The lines of the times are clearly drawn. If you can't see this, you are in subjective thrall to whatever pernicious influence is manipulating you.

LOVE is the grand and glorious force. It is the supreme attractive force and it is Bad Parenting and the Karma of previous Bad Parenting that accounts for your destructive and disastrous attractions. Love is God, insofar as God can be understood and it is the ONLY thing by which we can gain ANY understanding of God and then put us under the influence of Good Parenting. Love is the most obvious and palpable evidence of God. It is the power that shines through The Sun and every other star. It is everywhere, in the atom and in the largest star. Love is the power that moves everything that gets moved.

Unfortunately, for most of humanity, seldom does any member of that group, slow down long enough to give due reflection to any of this. The force of appetite and all desire is the fruit of the Karma that put you here as you, hungering for whatever it is you have deluded yourself into believing will complete you. Love gives itself away and as a result, is forever increased. If you comprehend THE SCIENCE behind the truth of this, you will be empowered by that same force that shines from The Sun. All of the Avatars we have had, have come from The Sun. The Sun is radiating an intelligence and the timeless teachings of Ageless Wisdom in every moment that it is shining upon you, and out from within you BUT who can hear it? Who can see it or hear it, when the eyes and ears have been tuned to another message? It is a message that is not about giving yourself away, not about immortality, not about Liberty BUT is about TAKING (by whatever means necessary) and DEATH and BONDAGE. It is a simple truth but you have to be simple to understand it.

The drama that is the presidency of Donald Trump will play out here in the theater of the moment and we will see, in some cases, perhaps, regretfully with 20-20 hindsight that far too many of us were victims of our own suicidal will to power and self will run riot, not to mention (but I am) delusional thinking and Bad Parenting. When did it become a shameful thing to stand for decency, humanity and to revere one's own integrity? When did all that was good in us become an embarrassment to possess it? When did UP suddenly become DOWN and Right suddenly become Wrong?

Today's Song is (a rather frivolous) ♫ Night Like This ♫

This and all of my songs are available to be freely used by President Trump's reelection campaign; NOT because I think he's the cat's meow, or the savior of the world BUT... because I am certain his competition, should it come to power, means the end of this country as we have formerly known it.

You can find the link to this posting and all other postings here at Parler, which, for the moment, seems inclined to allow us to be there.

You can also find us at the decentralized Pocketnet. I suggest saving these links for the time when you may no longer see me in the places where you previously were able to, if that matters to you.

les visible at pocketnet


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