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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Nov 18, 2020 - 6:03:22 AM

"Politics and Religion, No Matter Your Precision, Leads to Derision and Division."
By Les Visible
Nov 18, 2020 - 6:00:25 AM

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November 17th 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I may have let myself down yesterday. It's a shortcoming of mine, to be intolerant of people when they just flat out ignore important elements of what I say, and which I go through such terrific pains to clarify my position on. It is an old quote from the 19th Century that states; "Never discuss religion or politics with those who hold opinions opposite to yours." It is a very wise observation.

A lady came at me on Fakebook yesterday. She went on and on. I couldn't read it all and... that is the case when people send me voluminous commentary. I scan it and get the gist. I also look for the emotional quotient. She was outraged that someone she had respected and admired for years would come out as a 'supporter' of Trump, who she CLEARLY despises. I wasn't very kind to her, and this is where I let myself down. Sure... I can justify having responded as I did; I get ticked off when someone bypasses all of my efforts to explain and elucidate a position taken. I get even more ticked off when they brand me as something I am not. I've had a problem with slander and being taken out of context my whole life, because I have been a victim of these assaults.

I don't understand why people don't simply come at me for my obvious flaws. I don't understand why they have to make shit up. I understand that it serves the purposes of their argument, BUT... there is plenty that critics can accuse me of, without having to resort to fabricating a 'there' when there is no there, there. Yes... that's life and I know it says more about the people doing it than it does about me. Still... I could have, should have taken the high road. I'm working on that and... even if I do say so myself, I've had major improvements in recent years in that area.

I haven't urged the reader to vote in any particular way. I haven't engaged in any "rah, rah" pom pom waving, fanboy antics. I measure everyone by the same rule of conscience and that is, "By their works ye shall know them." Meanwhile, there has NEVER been such a disparity between candidates and agendas as in this most recent election. Biden is a sold out Globalist whore, and... should he and his mentors, managers, and cronies get their hands on the reigns of power, it could well be the Death Knell for The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Yes... God is ALWAYS in charge, no matter what.

So... I felt compelled to offer my perspective on the matter. I happen to LOVE my country. I guess you would have to say, I am probably a patriot. My first allegiance is to The Kingdom of God, BUT... I have heard SEVERAL spiritual masters say that one should love their country and that we all have civic duties. I know Trump is a flawed human being; so are we all, BUT... the alternative? There IS NO ALTERNATIVE. Well... I have already gone into detail about all of this, not that it did much good with a certain sector of the population.

This person also said they were considering becoming an Anarchist. I am CERTAIN this person does not know what an Anarchist is. This person mentioned eliminating the government and all of us getting together and sorting it out. I KNOW what happens in situations like that; the same thing that happens when you defund the police. You had BETTER be damn sure you know what you are doing before you set out to run the show, or change the ways things are.

People seldom do research deeper than the surface or bother to gather facts before they form an opinion. This guarantees that they don't know what they are talking about. How many people KNOW that BLM is an avowed Marxist organization? All of their founders are STATED Marxist, BUT that's not all. Instead of giving you a single web article, I am going to link to a search engine page that contains a host of articles about BLM and Satanic practices and Dark Side Witchcraft. This is like children, spoiled and selfish children playing with a Ouija Board. It's actually far more than that.

I suppose that most people do not know about the Satanic associations of George Soros, or his stated ambition that NOTHING would give him more satisfaction and pleasure than to destroy the United States. He has actually said this. If you go to the search engine on this, you get Snopes and all the rest of them saying it isn't true, and then you get a bunch of crap about what a misunderstood sweetie Soros is. These days, the very fact that Snopes... or any of the rest of the so-called rumor and lie slayers, show up to say something is not so, is pretty much proof that it is.

Soros funds BLM and other sinister ops, and he and they are deep into controlling the Biden Presidency, which, I should point out, DOES NOT EXIST. Do we want these people forming government policy? Perhaps, however unlikely may be the case, you can see why I have stuck my oar in here. Before you get all hot and bothered about replacing one system with another, you had BETTER know what you are replacing it with.

Of course, these people DID NOT win the election. President Trump won in a landslide, as will soon be public knowledge. They fraudulently and CRIMINALLY skewered the vote tally. This is beyond doubt now. The following are true statements, "Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty" and "All it takes for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Yes... I am fully aware of his relationship with Israel and some of the things that have been done. I am also aware of epic peace deals and complete troop withdrawals, and his promise to achieve a state for Palestine. I don't know what kind of a strategy he has going on out of view, but I do KNOW that THEY are the people who KILL PRESIDENTS and they have done so, EVERY time a president tries to mess with the Federal Reserve, or opposes their fantasy that they rule the world. ONLY God rules the world and The Aquarian Age is here. You are about to see things you never would have imagined. Sure... he could be very wrong about this. I don't know all the facts but WHAT I DO KNOW is that the OTHER GUYS are BONE-DEEP EVIL and corrupt, like nothing we have seen before, AND it looks like God is about to head them off at the pass.

My friend does not understand my general wariness about this fellow, Sasha Stone. Somehow... my friend AND OTHERS, always think that when I am not completely warm and accepting about someone that that means I don't like them or think they are wrong-minded. I get this about a lot of people that I don't jump up and down and whoop-de-doo about. IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What it means is that I am wary, no more than that, just wary. I am wary because of things I have read, or wary about associations the person has, or wary because of Phrenological and body language takes, or intuitive reads. It DOES NOT MEAN they are wrong-minded, because I DON'T KNOW. Most of the time when people ask me what I think about someone, I don't even know who they are talking about. I don't much follow ANYONE on the internet. The people I do follow are ALL Spiritual Masters. That's me. Call it narrow-minded or whatever, but... I don't learn anything from internet personalities. My eyes glaze over. I learn something from Spiritual Masters and MOST ESPECIALLY through the Intuition.

I have this friend, Peter Blum. We once owned a bookstore together in Woodstock, and also had a lot of adventures during a time when we were both footloose and young. I left town at one point and went to Maui. I was gone for several years. In that time, Peter's social profile went way up. He was the cultural editor of The Woodstock Times and he knew a lot of people. He used to call himself a 'link-man', meaning he brought people together for mutually advantageous reasons.

Before I went away, I had this local television show. It was once a week for 90 minutes every Saturday Night and I went on at the same time as Saturday Night Live. I angled for this time slot because I thought SNL was a complete shit-show and NOT FUNNY (I still do). My show was me being 7 different characters, who wore different hats and glasses, or something. One of them wore a strand of Christmas Tree lights around his head, and they all had a different take on things happening in the world. It became very popular and I wound up on a New York City channel also and other places after a while. I would write the whole show on Friday evening during my train ride from NYC to upstate. So... a lot of people knew who I was.

After a few years, I decided to return to Woodstock and I told Peter I was coming back and him... being Peter, went around telling everyone he knew (which was considerable), "Guess what? Les Visible is coming back to town." I ran into him a few days after I arrived and he said, "Wow! I did not expect this. People either really, really like you, or they don't like you at all. I couldn't figure out why, so I asked them if they had ever met you and not a single one of them had. I then asked them why they didn't like you and they ALL said, "It's the things he says."" I have found it to be a given in my life. People either really like me, or they don't. I polarize. That's just how it is.

In recent times, there hasn't been much of that. Yes... the occasional disgruntled and anonymous sort will send me a poison pen comment but that is rare and getting more so, BUT... just let me say something with political implications, or in a religious context, that doesn't jibe with Fundie-Dogma, and oh boy! Who let the dogs out?

You can never apologize enough. You can never explain enough. Unless you are saying what people want to hear, even something like, "grass is green." They are going to object and try to argue about it. I don't argue. Take it or leave it. You can't please everyone, EVER, so... you speak your mind and you roll with the punches. You can't let it bother you. Don't say anything you don't know to be true in your heart and ALWAYS make sure to say that you don't know, whenever there is a call for it, and keep your eye on the prize. Nothing else matters, not even a little bit.

I could have been nicer to that lady. I see that now. She wasn't even upset with me. She was upset PERIOD and I just happened to provide a target for it. The reader should know that I try as hard as I am able to improve as a human being, BUT... some of that ONLY God can correct and some of it God leaves there, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, for his own inscrutable reasons.

End Transmission.......

Still hoping to get a new First Church of the Presence of God video up. In the meantime, the most recent one is here.

Visible's Music can be listened to for free, here.

Our Safe Haven, GAB, can be sourced at this location.

Maybe Parler will prove useful at some point. Until then we will continue to link there.

Pocketnet is still the place for the latest in news you won't find anywhere else.



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