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"Over and Over They Die in The Mud that is Made From Their Blood. Some Do This for a Long Time."
By Les Visible
Mar 4, 2022 - 5:17:31 AM

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We now know that Fox News is owned and operated by Neo-Cons. I'm seeing the most outrageous fabrications there, without a scintilla of proof. Interestingly... Breitbart is 'owned' by Israeli interests or at least run by them. If you go there for any length of time you see this. It becomes proof-positive before your eyes. Anyone who wonders why I seldom include CNN or MSN, Huffington, Salon, and Slate or... Rolling Stone for that matter is that they are even more egregious liars and propagandists, AND... they are a celebration of The Carnal Mind. All of them are owned by The Usual Suspects. They are comprised of two factions. One is to the Right and the other is to the Left.

There are only a handful of sites that tell The Truth part of the time, AND... this I can understand because NO ONE knows The Truth, except The Truth herself. In my galaxy, it is designed that way. In my galaxy, Evil does not win, except over other Evil, back and forth. There is ALWAYS tension and simmering violence in Hell. Here is something else I can tell you that I am very confident is true. Hell appears on Earth at different times. It is certainly here when there are catastrophes, wars... and revolutions. Thank God it is all managed from above and within. Yes... Heaven is here and so is Hell. This is the place where they battle in the flesh, even though the main puppet-masters are invisible.

War is a place that is constant here in Times of Material Darkness. Why... we all have a war going on within... until it is CEASED. So... war is a place where people with serious anger find a place to express it. Over and over they die in the mud that is made from their blood. Some do this for a series of lives, killing and being killed, like "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner." That song was written by a man with real genius and compassion. No one can hear, "My Shit's Fucked Up", who also knows what the song is about, and walk away untouched. Now... there was a soul who faced death bravely. I usually give death a kiss and thank him for cutting the brambles of attachment from my more important pieces.

Bruce Cockburn is another that I seldom mention. His "Tibetan Side of Town" will have you straining to hear the lyrics. It's that well written and he plays guitar like VERY FEW, even among the greats can match. And the atmosphere created in the song makes it like being there. Obviously, he had been.

I might as well deal with it here, mention it FYI (probably the only abbreviation I use, besides BS). I'll be activating this blog here. As you have probably noticed long before now, all of the blogs now have a decided spiritual drive, mostly centered around the Love of God. So... I no longer have a place where I can go all Petri Dish on something or praise something or someone to The Heavens. I'll be talking about curious matters of the material kind... as still happens here now and again, but now there will be a place for that. I'm considering reading each blog (all blogs) as a podcast (no! Not from the beginning), and we'll be reactivating the video arm of this conglomerate (grin).

This will happen in the short term. I've been considering each of them for a long time now. It's been a couple of years, give or take, since I have been involved in these areas of enterprise. The thing is, I have all this time and I like to be busy. The creative force is hammering on me and I become like a dairy cow that hasn't been milked recently. So... I am really more energized than I was when I started all of this. I need mediums of expression to keep my gears oiled and turning. I wouldn't digress to this extent if it weren't important; at the very least... to me. Some thoughts are better transmitted in other ways.

The World at this time is a roiling cauldron. Who knows what Archduke Ferdinand moment awaits... and then everyone picks up the big guns. We KNOW that THEY orchestrate such matters. We even have a term for it these days. It's... False Flag. Certain collectives are very good at making events seem a certain way... even if they always get caught out. This is why they went after all The Money and all the MEDIA, publishing, movies, and music. They know that sooner or later the public is going to catch on and they will be persona non gratia. It is in their interest to delay that as long as possible, while there is still some meat left to separate from the corpse. While there is still something to plunder.

I don't know what lesson The World is about to be taught. I suspect is depends on what you have gotten up to over the course of your getting there, or here... as it will no doubt be HERE when it arrives, as is... the case with everything coming and going, sometimes beyond even the report of memory. How much time did it take to make all those grains of sand? AND... I am told that nothing is forgotten. I am also told that at the end of The World it is consumed by fire, and God goes into his real day as this night of blindness shows. I hear that after everyone has been put down, for the length of a day of Brahma, They party out in Brahmaloka, and other locations. Then they do it all over again.

Imagine the scope of that!!! Consider the intricacies of The Web and Woof. Look at The Detail! I mean... what you can see of it, because most of us see very little, and EVERYONE sees very little by comparison with God. What a panorama! What a festivity of lights in the unreachable length of Space. All those glittering stars that shine for billions of years, in service to The Light, from which they draw the power and the ability to shine. Each of those stars is a conscious being. There are, of course... other... more evolved star systems. There are those who meddle and those who do not meddle, but the same could be said for the whole human race.

Do you know what resides in the heart and mind of another? Certainly, you do not know much of it, and usually... what you know has to do with more recent history. This is why YOU MUST leave Good Footprints! After a while, no one is after you, and no one is waiting on up the road, because you cleared your part of The Garden of Eden, which is a movable feast. We shape the blessings and the condemnations that come to us. If you are ONLY sharing blessings, that is all that will come back to you. I scrupulously adhere to this, now that I see the cost otherwise.

Here is another thing. If you are engaged in blessings trafficking (grin), you will acquire a great many blessings that you can confer on others. There are many levels of blessings. Think of our currency. You got a penny, a nickel, a dime, a quarter. Some acts, from thought to physical expression are worth a lot more than others. As you move up the spiral stairway of life, your abilities to bless all the lives you encounter... grow stronger. There are those with enough virtue to transform an entire nation. We are going to be seeing more of this kind of entity.

In the ranking of angels, you have Powers, Thrones, Principalities, and much higher. They all have a specific job that they do, and then there are the specialists within the ranks. I can't read a lot of Emmanuel Swedenborg at the same time. It's the same with Rudolph Steiner. This is not a criticism. My preferences are elsewhere, BUT... I like how Swedenborg spent his time. Anyone with any sense will be courting the Angelic Kingdom and The Devic Realm. No one who is corporate can do more for you than these angels and devas. Part of a prayer I speak several times a day is, "Archangel Gabriel is completing the Operation of the Sun in me, and making me a fit habitation for angels."

You've heard of affirmations? They work! My affirmations have to do with activities carried out by angels and devas THROUGH Humanity. We are ALL, already channeling other intelligences. It makes me laugh, in a rueful and wry way, when I hear about people claiming to be channeling any of The Big Guns. In NYC you can find a dozen people channeling Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, EACH of them is channeling the same character. NO... they are not. You could be channeling the everlasting, and be everlasting... if you do it with no thought of gain or mal-intent. I know this works because those I trust implicitly have said so. I also know it to be true because I have seen it, and I have done it.

The World IS NOT what it appears to be, and it appears to be something different to everyone with Needs and Expectations. People see The World in terms of it satisfying their appetites and desires. It can and does do this, but none of it lasts. Some features may last through the whole of your life, but they pass too when you pass out of their frame of reference. Only those things that are lasting, continue to last.

It really does look like one of those patches of time when The Usual Suspects and their minions and their Master, like to get up to what I call, Blood Mischief. I KNOW that there is a destiny outworking in these times. I have a vague idea of how it works out (it ALWAYS works out, one way or another) so I am not greatly concerned. Life here is fleeting in any case. I, personally, have other places to be, and I'll get there when I get there while being there already... in advance of it. Remember what we said about Karma? How you can pay before it arrives on the due date?

Well... I'll see you around in all those less familiar places, "that this heart of mine embraces" Something... something about carousels and wishing wells, summer days... and when the skies are blue. I'll be looking somewhere (The Moon?), but I'll be seeing you. Heh heh. All's well that ends better.

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