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"Only the Path of Love can Cut Through the Material Darkness of These Times."
By Les Visible
Jun 27, 2020 - 4:56:35 AM

June 26th 2020

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The fear of these times is palpable. It presents differently depending on the person. In many cases, although Fear is the source of the comportment, the vehicle of expression can be anything from anger to a forced hilarity. I've seen just about every kind of variation in my 'just passing through' this vale of tears. I have to say, I am less impressed by the day with this world. Maybe it is part of the aging process, the closer you get to leaving, the less reason you have for staying; at least in my case that is. I have noticed that in many cases, the closer they get to leaving, the more desperate they are to stay. I am guessing that is for two reasons. One of them is attachment and the other is their having made no preparations concerning their onward course. All they know of life is here, and so... suffering is their guidance system. Unfortunately it goes nowhere but in circles of life after life. Unseen within the circle, is a spiral on a barely perceptible incline. This is the spiral of evolution. Just as a form of evolution exists on the physical plane, it exists on the spiritual plane as well and both of them can involve vast reaches of time.

One does not have to be a random pinball, bouncing off of the bumpers of cause and effect. One can hothouse their evolution. As Krishna said "Success is speedy for the energetic." Personally, that is my preference. I fail to see the attraction in doing the same things over and over in hope of a different result. Strangely... at least for me, this same understanding is not commonly shared. When I was young I strove with all the strength I had to get beyond the snares of this world but... it was to no avail. I was thrust into the cauldron of Karma, whether from debt, or desire, or even because I thought I might do some good and now... I simply hope I did more good than ill. It feels that it might be so but... as I never tire of saying, I don't know.

We have plans and God has plans and I suppose it doesn't take a great deal of pondering as to whose plans will prevail. As for making preparations ahead of time, I suppose the reason more people do not do so is that they have little idea of how to go about it. Some say that fate is the result of character. Religion says ones further destiny is predicated on their behavior, or devotion to a particular icon, though I have seen all sorts of exceptions. I have come to believe that one's Kismet is solely based on the level of intensity present in one's love of God. This I found to be most especially true in the Kali Yuga. At the time I thought I had had a unique vision that was based somewhat on a knowledge of my own shortcomings, combined with the awareness that my love of God was certainly stronger than my intelligence or my self-discipline. Later I came to find out that nearly every spiritual master I felt an affinity toward confirmed it. I became convinced that further studies in the occult would only get me into trouble and it also became clear to me that whatever path one took, a guide would become necessary at some point and the only guides to present themselves in the area of the occult were unsavory to my taste.

We 'think' we are on a journey of discovery where we are charting our own course but most of everything we encounter was scripted well before we got there. I know it has been in my case and from what I have observed, it seems to be true across the board. We are all actors here and only that. When Shakespeare said, "all the worlds a stage and we are merely players" he was spot on. In fact, if any of you have ever taken the trouble to read The Collected Works of Shakespeare you would see that he diagrammed the whole of human experience in his plays. Of course, there was no William Shakespeare per se and some years after his mysterious departure, scholars went looking for him at Stratford upon Avon, and there encountered his daughter who proved to be illiterate.

I've another reason for mentioning Shakespeare than the one given and that is to point out that there is a mysterious brotherhood that has existed for millennia. They were responsible for the works of Shakespeare and many other works. I will not attempt to give it a name but I will say that many of the illustrious names that are found in history had encounters with this brotherhood and on most occasions never had a word to say about it. I don't have the time or inclination to list those I do know about but I will say that all of us would be very surprised to know how far the reach and influence of this brotherhood extended and to what a degree it has impacted on human life. I am NOT talking about The Masons or the Illuminati. The closest we could come to similarity would be The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order, not to be confused in any way with the external order that exists today.

This brotherhood interpenetrates human society. They are the true shepherds of the flock. They have no name by which they are known in the wider world. They do not interfere but they do guide. There are rules in place that insist on circumstances being worked out according to the course of Karma and the will of the almighty. They provide the initiation protocols upon which all legitimate orders exist. They were present in Mithraism. Socrates and Plato were advised by them. The Comte de St. Germain was a member and as I have said, many others as well. They are the lights and inspiration operating in the background of temporal existence.

There are many tales of individuals having met up with members of this organization. I'll go into no further details about this. I simply put this into the post to emphasize that things are not what they seem and also to say that the ambitions of the agents of darkness will never prevail. Their only power exists in perversions of lesser powers they were able to steal the knowledge of. The greater powers of light are forever denied to them. Yes... there has been chaos aplenty. Hundreds of millions have died in wars and due to other disasters. There have been times of exceptional unfairness when brutes and beasts have usurped the natural order. It seems impossible to the minds of many to rationalize the horrors of history with the existence of a benevolent creator.

You might say that the agents of darkness did indeed prevail, here and there but it was only for a time and it was all a matter of the outworking of Karma. The stages are set in many places and at many levels for the working out of Karma. That is just how it is down here and cynics and critics rage against the physical evidence(s) that they cannot reason out to their satisfaction. They seem altogether unaware and uninformed about The Invisible. I am not concerned with the pithy arguments of the uninformed. I KNOW what I say to be true and the reader can take it or leave it. It matters not to me.

We are in an age where nasty has become the currency, not only in the theaters of entertainment, in the music, and in the way we treat each other as well. So it could be said and... I am saying it; Nasty is also one of the new ways that we channel our fear and why would we have fear at all? Fear is caused by an absence of Love and if Love is absent then so is God and that is the whole purpose of the architects of this prison camp in which so many of us find ourselves. It's a bad magic show being performed daily in the penitentiary of the human mind. Poof! God disappears. Poof! Fear appears and this is why Love of God is the solution to the Kali Yuga and the passport to the Golden Age that appears when the curtain goes down on the departing age.

God doesn't disappear, but there are those who have the technology to make you think he has. What makes the love of God so critical is that it acts as a prevention against the fear created by those seeking to subjugate you with it. Everything else we might seek to use in this time will only serve to ensnare us because ONLY the spirit of God can prevail against the dark magic of this period. God is not going to permit anyone's personal force to prevail against the practitioners of personal force because one is only making another simulacrum of the very force presently engaged in deceiving and enslaving humanity. God's intention is to set us free and ONLY love can accomplish that.

Loving God makes us a channel of love and displaces the false self that blocks the passage of love and which we see prancing, posturing, and posing all round us every day. The secret is not in knowing everything because one can't. The secret is not in dazzling others because that is a charade. The secret is not in any of our possibilities of personal performance, it is in the love we can generate, which creates the resonance that manifests brotherhood in every moment of contact we experience. True love is the one thing that can't be faked and in a time of epidemic fakery it is the only thing that is real.

There is AN ACTUAL AND LOGICAL REASON for saying that the path of Bhakti, the path of Love, is THE ONLY SURE AND CERTAIN PATH. In times of material darkness and mass confusion, only Love is capable of cutting through it. Only Love masters the moment where everyone is arguing and shouting to be heard and no longer listening to anyone else. Love IS DISARMING. Love cannot be resisted. Love demands the presence of God and perforce, God comes. The prayer to receive PURE LOVE, via THE GRACE of the creator is the most profound prayer and appeal of all. Ask for Pure Love.

There is an actual and logical reason for The Greatest Commandment being the greatest commandment; "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength and with all thy mind." It goes directly to 'the heart of the matter'. It gains the attention of the source of all power like nothing else can. One should do it with a guileless spirit but even if one does it, knowing it is the most potent of all approaches, it succeeds like nothing else. THIS IS THE REASON for choosing the path of love. THERE IS AN ACTUAL AND LOGICAL REASON for Jesus the Christ appending to The Greatest Commandment the statement that you should Love your brother as yourself, especially NOW as we are entering The Age of Brotherhood. It is because HE IS YOURSELF.

Those choosing the path of knowledge must RETURN AGAIN and walk the path of love, whereas... those who walk the path of love have all knowledge added unto them on the way... automatically. To love absolutely is to emulate absolutely and one... sooner or later, BECOMES the same as the object of their affection IN A MICROCOSMIC FASHION. This is what EVERY bonafide system teaches.

Love God... all else will follow. As you love God, God more and more displaces everything in you that is not God. Letting go... surrendering... utter reliance... is the way to go. If you are not doing so... you can begin this very moment.

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