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No Foundation No Morals
By Tim Jones with comments by Ron
Sep 3, 2018 - 4:37:11 AM

There is an intrinsic problem with secular humanism, a clever euphemism for [Ron: Talmudic fostered] materialism and atheism, that submits that there is no transcendent deity responsible for the creation of the universe, humanity, and morality. It is the philosophy that posits man is the measure of all things and that morality is magically derived from one's self-constructed conscience. But there is a massive gaping hole in this worldview. If man is the measure of all things and therefore each individual's morals are equal to those of each and every other individual, then you have to automatically put an immoral person on the same level as oneself. It is baked right into the premise of the nonbelieving secular humanist.

From Abdu Murray's book (a man who converted from Islam to Christianity), Grand Central Question:

The same problem that confronts secular humanists when it comes to intrinsic value and objective purpose persists in the struggle to ground objective morality without God. Theists have long argued that atheists lack any grounding on which to base the existence of objective moral values and duties. Now theists do not argue that atheists cannot act morally or recognize right and wrong, they only argue that atheists have no rational basis to affirm that right and wrong exist.

If I am the measure of all things, I have no right to claim another as immoral or acting immorally because I have conceded that person is also the measure of all things and has an equally valid claim as to what is right and wrong. This is essentially the definition of moral relativism that began with the Reformation that splintered the Christian world; then the Enlightenment that stripped God out of the uniform Christian moral worldview entirely; then the political, social and cultural progressives of the 20th century who were the progeny of secular humanist philosophy spawned by the Enlightenment that gave us the fractured and fragmented world we have today.

Another quote from Murray:

What is missing from every one of the secular humanists in their widely published and endorsed documents isn't the affirmation that humanity has objective value and purpose. Rather, it is the affirmation's justification that is lacking. In other words, it is not the what that is missing, it is the why... Both atheistic secular humanists and Christians can agree that ugly prejudices are wrong and must be stopped because they do violence to human value, dignity and purpose. But we cannot agree about why they are wrong, because we do not agree about the source of human dignity...

Although the vast majority of Americans believe in God, religion has been marginalized by the overwhelming hegemony of secular humanism and has become just another lifestyle choice in a smorgasbord of options that society has come to offer.

[Ron: Belief in God ie the Creator of the Cosmos is a spiritual insight. It is NOT the same as belief in a religion. Religions tend to be human ideological constructs designed to be social control mechanisms. At best, as here suggested, religions are a mere lifestyle choice.  However, a genuine belief in God is a spiritual expression which comes from within and is a conscious  expression of awareness of our indwelt fragment of Creator consciousness.].

And with each option being equally valid, moral relativism has destroyed the possibility of a uniform and transcendent moral order. Instead, each individual has become a god unto himself, and chaos and discord are the only possible outcomes. With millions of equally valid personal agendas competing with each other based on nothing but materialistic hyperindividualism, truth and moral consensus tragically become collateral damage.


[Ron: As I understand it, the Creation exists independent of humans but the Cosmos and the multiple universes within it are the birthplace and nursery of humans who evolve therein and then become part of its administration. The Creation's foundation is thought and its viability depends on the balance of energies created by that thought. Max Planck rightly said:

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Nikola Tesla put it this way: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

To continue its existance this energetic Cosmos must remain in balance and that requires that it functions in accordance with consistant laws which if breached, cause chaos and dissolution. Accordingly, to survive and thrive every thing and every being in the Cosmos must operate in accordance with those energetic laws or face dissolution and reabsorption into the background energetic "ether" from which they emerge.

Real human science seeks to understand those energetic laws of balance. The existence of those laws requires a MIND that has created the need for them. That mind must be the Creator of the Cosmos and the laws that create the balance that enables its existence. The attributes of that Creator can be inferred from examination of the Creation and its complexity, consistency, unity and wholeness. The thought energy that creates and maintains the Cosmos ie, ALL THAT IS, has generally been called LOVE.

Arguably all thinking, including the thinking of atheists who claim to be the measure of all things, must emanate from the same unifying source as the MIND that creates ALL THAT IS! If that is not the case the Cosmos would lack intrinsic unity and balance and hence it would not exist.

Therefore our thinking must in some way emanate from the MIND that has created the Cosmos; and to retain our energetic existence, our thinking needs to be attuned to the LOVE energy that determines the existence of life, the universe and everything.

The Urantia Book and Celestial messages tell us that each human (Higher Universal Man) is imbued with a fragment of the consciousness of the Creator which gives each HUman a unique personality and the ability to think and make choices. This ability constitutes our "consciousness" which cannot be shown to be in, or generated by, our biological brain or our body, and it is therefore not an attribute of our physical body, our "meat suit". Moreover, as Max Planck implies, our bodies are congealed conglomerations of energetic particles created by MIND. Arguably then, our spirit is not physical and not subject to physical dissolution, ie it is immortal as part of the thought of the Creator.

The fact that we are NOT our physical bodies is evidenced by the manufacture of clones and artificial biological entities that have biological brains infused with memories obtained from a human brain or otherwise programmed like a computer.  An entity that is programmed with the contents of an existing brain will appear to replicate the human whose memories it has been given. Clones, robotoids and artificial life forms need to be programmed by external programmers in order to continue to function whereas humans are enlivened and operated by a God given soul that overshadows the physical body and communicates through neurones in the heart, brain and intestines. If an ensouled being reaches "I AM" status and starts to make moral judgments his/her soul is infused with a fragment of the Creator and becomes a potentially eternal spirit. When the individual soul evolves sufficiently to make loving moral judgments the indwelling Creator consciousness fragment fuses with that individual's spirit and it becomes an eternal HUman.

It follows that just as the Creation is the result of the Creator's thoughts so too our world constantly manifests as a result of accumulated thoughts, feelings and actions, both positive and negative. However, we and our world can only evolve spiritually as a result of harmonious, loving, soul and spirit centred thinking. The world we experience is thus the product of our accumulated thoughts, feelings and actions that generate energetic vibrations that either coalesce to constitute and maintain, or dissolve, our physical bodies and our environment.

As humans are gifted with free will they are capable of rejecting the Creator and the balanced thinking that sustains the Cosmos. This would constitute choosing to be uncreated. That choice requires a conscious choice to reject our God-given existence.

The fact that a conscious thinking free will being denies the existence of the Creator does not alter the fact that Creation does and must function in accordance with consistent energetic laws. Attempting to live as if those laws do not exist causes energetic imbalances that are spiritually, psychically and physically destructive, and attempting to live in such an energetically unbalanced disfunctional way will eventually destroy the individual.

Empirically, observation of life the universe and everything demonstrates that certain attitudes and behaviours are conducive to physical and mental health and wellbeing while others are not. Attitudes and behaviours considered to be conducive to physical and mental health and wellbeing are generally labelled as moral. Humans are obviously social beings who thrive in loving, caring and sharing communities that are conducive to harmonious, productive and peaceful existence. Such loving communities focus on service to others more than self, as epitomised by loving family life. That focus creates the harmony and balance that we label as "moral".  in contrast, individual focus and emphasis on service to self results in lack of peace, harmony and genuine productivity, and excessive service to self leads to outcomes that are labelled as immoral. Accordingly, as sharing, caring and loving service to others accords with the laws governing our lives and our universe, we can reasonably label them as moral. It follows that overt thoughts, attitudes and actions elevating service to self as encapsulated in the idea that each individuals is a law unto self, does not accord with the energetic laws governing life, the universe and everything and can reasonably be called "immoral".

Whether we believe that the laws governing the existence of the universe and our lives are created by a Creator or not, the reality is that to survive and thrive we must think and live in a balanced way respecting the loving energetic forces that determine the existence of ourselves and the Cosmos. Assuming that we are a law unto ourselves and can ignore the need for balance in our relationship to other beings and our environment is dysfunctional.

Arguably when a human being who is indwelt by a fragment of Creator consciousness thinks and acts fully in balance with the thinking of the Creator s/he is acting as God.].

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