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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 29, 2020 - 4:46:51 AM

Navigating the Carnival Sideshow in this Marketplace of Shit.
By Les Visible
Jan 29, 2020 - 4:44:05 AM

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January 27 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Waiting for the Impeachment Hearing this Monday... images of the world in motion... Time, Space and Causation, being the only mediums the mind can perceive through... Cognize... Cogitate... Think man! Think! Speed of Sound, Speed of Light, Speed of Thought. These three rates of motion bring interesting ideas into the mind. The speed of sound is around 700 hundred something miles an hour. I think the speed of light is around 186,000 miles a second. It's more fun for me if I don't look information up and provides the necessary unequal playing field to my opponents (I'm guessing I have a few). I like to think of it as something like wheelchairs for people who can't walk. We've also got hearing aids these days and I hear they're pretty good but they still haven't come up with thinking aids. Why is that? Oh... they are working on them and planning on putting in back doors.

Anyway... we don't know what the speed of thought is but I have heard it is instantaneous. Apparently, realized masters and even the odd Fakir, with the necessary yogic power (siddhi), could transport themselves, with the power of thought, to anywhere in the universe at the speed of thought. However... what if there is no atmosphere? What if the atmosphere is toxic AND... what if there is an admission fee and they don't have the right currency? These are some of the things you have to think about when you are moving around at the speed of thought.

More importantly, at least for me... one can be 'in the thoughts' of everyone they think about and ARE IN THEIR THOUGHTS, each time they think about them. The impact of it may not be immediate. It might not even register. Some of us are more sensitive. Some of us are even driven mad by the chatter in our heads. It is unfortunate that we do not know more about the invisible worlds because they affect us at all times. This is how it is though, in times of material darkness. When our mental processes are overpowered by the input of sensory data, through the sensory organs, we lose the ability to discern and apprehend what is occurring in the super sensory realms. Those of us who had the benefit of psychedelics in our life experiences have had and do have, a form of entree into areas of being that most are unaware of or simply ignore. For me, what is going on in the invisible worlds is of much greater importance than what is taking place here. HERE... is often a carnival sideshow in a Marketplace of Shit.

Anyone who had the misfortune to watch the vomit inducing Grammy Awards last night and was in possession of an objective perspective, could see how the awards were skewered toward certain social justice concerns, such as Obesity and Satanism. People on the outside of the blueprint room, where they draw up the plans for shaping material futures, don't see the evidence of intent, with the draftsmen and architects who create the schematics. Lizzo got a whole lot of awards because of the shape of her body and Billie Eilish got a bunch of awards for her songs about Satanic fantasies and suicide dreams. Billie didn't just appear from serendipitous event... AS THEY WOULD LIKE YOU TO BELIEVE. The bio is as much of a lie as Anne Frank's ballpoint pen reflections that she didn't write. Eilish was sculpted and shaped to represent emerging patterns and fashions in material life by being the vehicle for a produced message for public mind control. She is the logical inheritor of the Madonna-Lady Gaga lineage.

No one... not anymore... not in these times... comes to international celebrity BY ACCIDENT. They are all vetted and then molded by the thought wave shapers, for the purpose of indoctrination. These days, the music business and the fashion industry and the education system are all connected.

This is another area where the force of thought is extremely powerful. Certain vested interests use the music business to influence cultural behaviors. Rap was created to create a moral sewer in the hearts and minds of western youth. It was created to promote the degradation of the divine feminine because the Divine Feminine is coming into power in the Aquarian Age and it behooves the manipulators to pervert it, before it can represent at a higher level; or at least that is their intent. Rap was also created to make a religion out of 'bling' and Materialism in general. Nearly all of the forgettable compositions are about women being willing celebrators of whoredom and as subservient slaves to sexual excess. If you want to know what the intent of the message is, LISTEN TO THE LYRICS!!!

In the 60s and 70s we had songs about positive revolution, brotherhood and all manner of positive statement (most of the time). Then, gradually, music made its way to the nihilistic, depressed and suicidal songs of the 90's and now we have what we have. In previous centuries we had sweeping and ascending symphonies, often with religious and mythical themes. There was a time when art reflected the higher sensitivities of our human state. We were not being urged to act like beasts in a depraved and anonymous wallowing, with multiple partners, including household pets and livestock. There was a time when the transgender lunacy was just that, an expression of mental aberration. Women were held in high regard. In the old west it was still a time of chivalry in places and God help a man caught abusing one. Yes... I know there has always been abuse and mistreatment but there was also a general tenor to the times that we lack today.

NO ONE IS GOING TO COMPEL ME TO RESPECT AND CELEBRATE THE ICONS OF MY OWN DESTRUCTION! No one is going to piss in my ear and make me think it is rain and I don't eat shit, just because you served it to me warm.

I'm not surprised by the Coronavirus, or the even more deadly forms being engineered, as I write these words. I KNOW there is a cabal of powerful, self styled elite, who would like to reduce the greater population, to a much more manageable number, of permanent servant class lackey's, for their pleasure. I see what's going on and what I don't see, I can intuit. UNLIKE SO MANY PEOPLE that I know in passing, or hear about, I am not in a panic over the criminal elite, or their Protocols, or their mandates for a New World Order, of world domination. I am not convinced that every powerful person is a reptile, or evil; NOT AT ALL. I don't see conspiracies in every conversation, within or outside of earshot. This is because, I KNOW GOD IS IN CHARGE! I know that God weaves all Good and Evil actions, intentions, agendas and whatever, to the conclusion dictated by his will. NO ONE can command or compel God, except through Love. God is a slave to the higher love, which is also his/her primary expression.

God is not deceived and God is... most assuredly, not mocked. God is everywhere in control and eternally, through his angels, a witness to everything and there is an eternal and inviolable law of existence that attends to the necessary justice, that falls upon every thought, word and deed. I recommend disabusing yourself of any possibilities otherwise. GOD IS ALL POWERFUL and is the very power within and behind every thought, word and deed. God is the master of all things and the end of the journey for every traveler, no matter how many lifetimes are required to reach him. ALL POWER PROCEEDS FROM GOD AND IS... ON LOAN... AT HIS PLEASURE, for so long as it pleases him, to confer it... FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. AMEN!!!

In the wink of an eye, God can switch the flow of the current of power to ANYONE, NO MATTER WHAT THEIR POSITION MIGHT BE, whether one be emperor or slave, rich or poor. He can dash the one to the ground and elevate the other at his whimsy ...AND I ASSURE YOU... this is going to happen shortly. Mr. Apocalypse is soon to amplify the awakening ten fold. This WILL shake the foundations of present reality. This will put the lie to the Holocaust fabrications, professional victimhood, sexual degeneracy and many another falsehood, that presently rules over human thought to the advantage of the predators.

I suggest that you expect signs and wonders now. I suggest you look for surprising appearances and dramatic shifts, in both perception and what is being perceived. We are now in those times that over the centuries we have been warned about the arrival of. At vast and distant removes, an apocalypse appears. No one among us remembers what occurred then but once again, let me itemize in a general way; Uncovering... Revealing... Exposing and MOST ESPECIALLY AND IMPORTANTLY... AWAKENING!

Every time you think of anyone, you appear in their mind, whether they note it or not. Every thought you have, expresses a degree of force upon the being, object or location thought of. Not all of these are positive events. Many of us are vulnerable to them and some of us are protected but... ANY OF US COULD BE PROTECTED IF WE CHOSE TO BE. There is a great power in our thoughts, just as there is in our feelings. We SHOULD BE MINDFUL OF THIS. Think well of one another, regardless of whatever they may think of you. Generate and express Love toward all, no matter what might be directed at you. Compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

♫ In That Shape Again ♫

Here... Pocketnet. Here... here... Pocketnet... Here... Pocketnet.

les visible at pocketnet


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