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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

My Jumping Jack Flash Insurance Policy and the Forever Beckoning Love and Succor of God
By Les Visible
Oct 13, 2019 - 4:10:42 AM

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FAKE BOOK has now banned this blog as well so...
only a few to go!

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

When you find yourself wondering how the world got the way it is, there are all sorts of causes and conditions to point to and ALL OF THEM might have something to do with it but blaming any one of them is short sighted and forces you, at a minimum, to negotiate this world with one eye closed- at least. Paul Joseph Watson gives some of the most riveting examples and incisive commentary I've yet seen in his latest rant. This is REALLY amusing.

You don't have to wander about for very long in the land of insta-pop opinion to find clear and concise analysis, IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. What the man says in this link may well be true as far as surface interpretation goes but... NO ONE... NO ONE... has yet been correct in their predictions about the world at large. People have picked the right teams in sporting contests. Sometimes they even get the right score. People have gotten rich predicting what someone else might do at a card table. People have gotten rich predicting which stocks will go up or down AND have likely been wrong more often than not, in the long run. However... when it comes to the state of the world, ALL I have ever observed is people being partially correct for a limited time frame and wrong about most of the rest; often not even taking into consideration the REAL intentions of the players because they may well not know what they are, nor what the conditions really are and then... there are the cosmic forces of Nature and the Invisible Planes of Above and Below.

We have, more than once, presented a reasoned schematic for WHY IT IS WHAT IT IS; for why so many people are unhinged or barely hanging on to REALITY, which is not real but a 'functioning delusion' that carries them from day to day. I'll be repeating that schematic in a moment, but first... let me say that one of the few things I do know is that not everyone will agree with me and ALSO, most people will already have their own explanation for why everything is as it is. I am after the truth, no matter what may be the cost and I have already paid, on the installment plan, throughout my entire life for this. The result is that I don't own anything much, not a house, not even a car (anymore), no 'material' investments. I have a SMALL monthly stipend. I have no insurance beyond my Jumping Jack Flash policy but... I am VERY wealthy, primarily because there is just about nothing that I want. I eat well. I have shelter and the basic amenities. I have my musical instruments and computers and... I have The Ineffable and that puts me as close to paradise as we are permitted to come... here.

In the wider world (and this increases by the day) what I notice most is Hunger and the Pursuit of Appetite. I notice Confusion. I notice Fear and Anger. I notice Aggressive Polarization. I notice, Alienation and Despair... These are bookmarks for The Apocalypse. There are a number of secondary considerations, I don't think I'm telling you anything. I ALSO NOTICE, Incremental Awakening intensifying in exponential fashion. I notice people seeing through artifice that once held them spellbound. The bullshit isn't working anymore; not like it used to. It is almost as if the Crazies are getting crazier and the Sane are getting saner. The fork in the road is right there, no matter what direction you turn in, there is a fork in the road. This fork is counterpointed by SWEEPING WORLD EVENTS. Many of these are in early times or inception status... give it some time and you will see what I mean. Now... back to The Schematic.

The primary offspring of Materialism is Insanity, attended by depersonalization, alienation, confusion and listlessness. More and more people are being left by the side of the road as Mammon's Hummer barrels DOWN the highway; witness the homeless pandemic. On the other hand, more and more people are having their chronic dysfunction catered to and even celebrated. The progeny of the feckless, helicopter parents, are a growing menace and are easily zombified by rapacious psychopaths like Soros, The Climate Nazis, Antifa and what have you. They are indulged in their gender bending lunacy, by parents who look at them as Bonzai plants and vehicles to neighborhood celebrity. Kids in early grades are aware of the notice paid to transitioning school mates and at the colitch level the 'protected status' is just the thing for calculating narcissists who LOVE that Safe Space, "I'm having a moment" culture. There is a classic example of this at the 1:01 point in this video from Evergreen College.

Atheism is the default religion of Materialism and Satanism is the operating philosophy as per the 'me first, you later, maybe' SELF INTEREST PREVAILS, over every other motivation and it is how you get 1 percent of the population having as much wealth as the rest of the world and in more than a few cases, individually more wealth than many countries. This creates a perspective in the chosen few, that is also prevalent in all the fields of Entertainment and Media, where these elite players acquire a God-Complex, that invariably expresses in Satanic fashion BECAUSE, behaving in a true, God inspired selfless fashion is going to categorically deny your success in any of these environments.

Materialism DOES NOT stop at some point and automatically correct itself. It intensifies as it goes. As a result, the insanity intensifies as well and it spreads like an infection as it intensifies. You can literally see and palpably feel this. Network television gives you powerful examples in its programs and the advertising and it keeps getting worse. Example; Reality TV... if ever there were an oxymoron! Insanity? Here is a truly classic example.

The desperation of politicians has gone wacko. Look at the latest from the 'no longer Boy' Scouts. I have more examples of the point being made, right here at hand, than I will EVER use. In tandem with the culture, as if it were an unruly beast, trying to pull the rider off the road and into the ditch, Nature is also reacting to this sense of uncertainty in the human mind and this is only one of many examples.

I do not want to go negative on life. I also do not want to blow smoke up anyone's posterior. From one perspective it is all trending bad indeed. On the other hand, hope springs eternal and it may well be that all of appearances of chaos imminent, are going to part like curtains as the light of the Avatar walks between them. I suspect it is going to go, simultaneously in several directions at once and the determining factor in all cases will be, Intention and Character. Everyone is going to wind up at the destination they are heading in. How could that be unfair?

The outcome of life, aside from unavoidable departure, is the outworking of your investment. In the scheme of things, it is what you value and what ideals you serve that determine your fate (this is what I see). Diamonds are more valuable than Gold. Gold is more valuable than Silver. Silver is more valuable than Copper but how does any of them compare to the Love of God (coming and going)? You can go to school and become an Anthropologist, or a Doctor, a Lawyer, or an example of countless professions that are possible. Any of these will have a relative value and you can count on a certain return for the work you do. Some will score big and some will just get by BUT... what if you tie your profession to your Love of God? If you are a Botanist then you may well be a Luther Burbank. If you were an inventor, you might be a George Washington Carver. Whatever your vocation, if you combine it with a love of The Ineffable, the outcome will be far different than if you only did it for personal gain.

Recently, The Ineffable told me that I could go no further on my own. In order to proceed any further I had to wait for him to lead me on. He told me I had accomplished the greatest thing possible for me. I had found him. I immediately, in my mind, began to go over the courses my life had taken and the ways in which I had acted. I said, "I don't understand how I could be deserving of this kind of attention."

He said, "visible, that you see your life as a mistake plagued experiment gone wrong is irrelevant. I don't judge you the way you do and certainly not the way the world has, on occasion. You simply loved me more than anything else and that is all that matters to me. This is why I showed up in your life.

"You imagine that you are honored more than you deserve but... it's a numbers game. There are 8 billion people on the planet at this moment. Look at how the majority of them are spending their time. Look carefully at this world you spend so much time commenting on. You are just one of a certain number who expressed love for me to a particular degree. Most everyone else is running around serving their appetites and ambitions, chasing one thing or another but... how many of them are chasing me? How many of them are sincerely chasing me and how many of them persistently keep chasing me after I have thrown a few curve-balls into their life? How many of them relentlessly persisted when I did everything I could to stop them continuing? Now... do you see what I mean? You wound up in that small group that loved me more than anything else and that is how you came to be where there is nothing left for you to do... you found me and now you have only to let me take you the rest of the way.

"You're not happy just accepting this. You feel that there has to be more for you to do. Well... of course you continue to do what you do and you RELY ON ME. You keep me uppermost in your thoughts. You keep your heart and your mind open to my impress because... how are you going to be led otherwise? But seriously, it doesn't matter at this point. I am not fickle. Once I am convinced of someone, I remain convinced and I do not permit them to offend me. They lose all power to do that.

"I want you to go and tell your friends and your readers about this conversation because the same result that has come to pass for you is available to them as well. They have only to persist after me and not give up. These times are like no other times. There is a great deal more latitude to be had in these times and I am more likely to get directly engaged. People are very fortunate to be here in these times, though many do not think so. It is a matter of where their priorities are... 'where your treasure is' and all that. This is why there is so much material excess and so many attractions, to act as distractions for the insincere and otherwise magnetized. (He actually converses in a very colloquial fashion) Everyone is going to get out of life and themselves what they put into it. As you like to tell people, "God is watching." Oh visible, they have NO IDEA. I am most certainly watching and listening at all times, I know what passes in their minds and I know what lives in their hearts. I cannot be fooled but I can surely be impressed and disappointed. I took on a human persona in order to experience it all just like everyone else. The only difference between us is the degree of attachment. I don't have any."

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is-

♫ Imaginary Queen ♫

And the often trivial and pedestrian Pocketnet WITH any number of brilliant moments is ALWAYS over there somewhere.


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