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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Mr Apocalypse does the Rope a Dope at the Rodeo Clown Dinner.
By Les Visible
Nov 20, 2019 - 4:59:04 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As those who come here know, I am a BIG FAN of Mr. Apocalypse. I consider him a personal friend. He is as real to me as anything is and I have been watching him at work and when I say that I have been watching him work, I mean that I see him EVERYWHERE and I like what I see. He is the invisible man and invisible hand at the PRESIDENT Trump Impeachment Circus and Vanity Grotesque Show. I've been laughing old loud all through these farcical proceedings. My disappointment of the day was it was suddenly Monday and... there's no impeachment show. I was looking forward to it.

However, Mr Apocalypse is not only at the Impeachment Scam. He is EVERYWHERE. He is in the midst of the Social Justice Wars in the colleges and universities. He is deep into the vanguard and walking 'point' and 'drag', through every movement presently in the process of being exposed, for what it is. He is in the minds of EVERYONE presently going crazy and he is directing their acting out as if he were on a film set, which... let's face it... is what life is.

About 8 years ago, or so, I was in Southern Italy at a house my wife owned. It was a hectare and had 86 olive trees, a couple of dozen almond trees and a scattering of fig trees and other growing delights. It was also a lot of work and I was kept occupied from lights on until lights out. Somewhere in the days passing, I entered into a fugue state and for six weeks, without interruption, I was in a seriously altered reality. It could have been initiated by the amount of prayer and meditation I was performing. It could have had something to do with an uninterrupted, four day + intake of VERY STRONG Ayahuasca, which I brewed up in a 2.5 gallon pot and which I consumed all through that period.

It could have had something to do with me being me and supernatural events being part and parcel of my existence since a long time ago. It could have simply been the time set aside for it to happen. Regardless of what brought it about, it had everything to do with The Supernal Realm, because that is where my visitations came from and they have left their impact on me, continuously, until now.

One evening, during the Ayahuasca Period, I was laying on a futon that was still in the couch position. At some point Mr. Apocalypse arrived and began speaking to me. This conversation went on for hours, often the statements were a repeat of earlier statements, near word for word and delivered for impact. When I say 'impact'; let me give an example. At a certain point, Mr. Apocalypse was describing what he was going to do to those who had gotten all cozy and comfortable in their seats of power. His voice was delivered to me as if it were banging directly off of a Tympani and I finally noticed that I had been slamming my right knee into the back of the couch. I was instinctively reacting to the force of his words upon me. I was hitting the couch back with as much force as I could deliver from that position. I suspect this had been going on for some time before it became apparent to me. I was so caught up in what I was hearing, I doubt I had any awareness of anything else.

I will try to paraphrase what I heard to the best of my ability. He told me that the time had arrived. He told me that it was an apocalypse and everything that had been hidden for so long was going to be brought out into the open and that it was his job to do it. He said to me, "Visible... I am going to show up in the middle of them, at the same time as the public is watching them and then I am going to pull down their pants, while I also expose their deeds to the world at large.

"Visible, you have some idea of who I am?" I replied in the affirmative. There is little room for doubt when the object to be doubted is as intimately present as he was. He continued, "So... Visible you know that I am probably pretty smart and very well informed, Yes?" I replied again in the affirmative and he again continued. "Imagine if you will, visible, how ingenious I can be when I fully intend to be ingenious and when I also know all there is to know about anything or anyone I am in the business of exposing. I think you could fair assume that I could be incredibly ingenious." I probably assented without actually responding.

Here I have to try to express how powerful an impact he was having on my thoughts, as his influence was played through the amplifier of the Ayahuasca. It was riveting and had my fullest attention. When he spoke about appearing in a room, where all of his intended victims were deep into their version of no good, I could (and did) close my eyes and see him pulling down their pants, as if it were a movie on a screen.

He went right on talking about all the various details he had in mind for our public deceivers and about how diabolically clever he was going to be about it. Sometimes his voice would come in a staccato pulse, of varying bursts of force, as he punctuated his statements. He let me know that Cosmic Time is not my time and that it might be a bit before he got fully into the swing of it. He reminded me that this apocalypse has been coming for a long time and that there was a deal of scenery movement and placement of players to their best effect that had to be arranged and accomplished.

He told me to inform my readers about the things he said and that they would know when what he was talking about had finally been set into motion. For some odd reason, I cannot go into any greater degree or precision of detail. I seem to be strangely hamstrung in that regard but I see that what little I said, pretty much covered the gamut of his intentions. This puts paid to what I was told when I asked how I would know what I could and could not talk about. I was told that when I shouldn't, I wouldn't because... I couldn't.

He went on and on about the amount of attention he intended to put into hoisting the intended up upon their own petard. He wanted me to know that an incredible amount of focus and concentration were going to be employed. He was seriously energetic in his delivery and I was seriously energized to be hearing it.

Fast forward to recent times and NOTE how the way things used to go, they don't go anymore and that those seeking to shoehorn us into perversities and other forms of bad behavior are... not having as much success as they had hoped and the push back far more than they expected. Note how each attempt to depose the president has ended in failure and embarrassment and exposure for those so employed. It has been... well, it has been uncanny, REALLY UNCANNY!

You would have thought we'd be further down the road to being enslaved, or locked up, or copping a squat on Unhappy Street than we actually are. Just about nothing is going right for the bad guys. They don't even have a current war to throw money and bodies and justifying propaganda after. It must be humiliating to the bankers to be stymied in their actions to make our lives increasingly more miserable by the day and to have to experience such an amount of delay. By golly, gee willikers... it does feel good. Meanwhile... I sense... and can't prove it>>>

but... I sense that the Big and Important entertainers and nasty rich, as well as the ruthlessly powerful ARE experiencing increasing amounts of discomfort, the source of which is still unknown, in many cases. I suspect there is a real and compelling reason that Kanye West caught the Jumpin and Hallucinatin Jesus Virus all of a sudden like and then... I go over in my mind things I heard him say, times before and how those already much compromised, are looking to get a headstart outta there, are looking for the industrial size, 55 gallon drum of any... and all available compassion, as it may be gettable. It's a necessary component when the voice inside is moving toward regrettable AND turning up the volume at the same time. I am sensing this. I am strongly sensing this and my intuitive nature has consistently proven to be near ALMOST ALWAYS accurate.

These days when I see news blips from CNN and all the other sold out whore outlets AND when I hear completely bought and paid for politicians talking self destroying nonsense and when I see what I saw at the Democratic Debates, I shake my head in wonder about what these people are saying. They are clueless to the implications and how it will play in Boise. I see the laugh out loud making behavior of the Climate Deranged and the seemingly never ending deluge of B Grade Bullshit and I KNOW... I KNOW that what Mr. Apocalypse told me those years ago is now coming true and... how are things with you ?

So... this is what showed up today and I've got other options now coming up in the windshield so Hasta la Sophia my friends and so forth and so on.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is-

♫ They Got The Blues Inside Them ♫

And... if you want to join Pocketnet, maybe get in on the conversation; this is where you would go.

War is an inevitable occurrence on this plane. Our bodies are composed of 4 warring elements that were birthed from aether. If we make peace with ourselves, war cannot find us. War can only find those already so engaged.

les visible at pocketnet


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