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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Mother Mary chats with T
By T and Mother Mary
Feb 28, 2012 - 6:49:09 AM

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Candace:  4 nice meditation reports here from T.  I have posted a collection before.

Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary happened for quite some time. The Voidness meditation continued undisturbed for almost 30 minutes. Then, I was "brought out" that state by a feeling that I was needed someplace else. For a few minutes I sat wondering what exactly it was that was expected of me. Then I heard Mama's voice (Mama Maria). Here is what she said to me:

MM(Mama Maria): "I see that things are getting a bit too much for you. Tell me something: you have been taught much, yet you continue to doubt your abilities to weather the storm. Why?"

Me: "Yes, Mama, I have been taught a lot by my Laoshi and also by you, indirectly. Yet, I am having difficulty assimilating my past deeds - of unnecessary violence and cruelty - with the way I am now. I cannot imagine how I could have done all these things. I saw myself then as a religious man, in the service of the Empire, but blindly obeying orders. I apparently did not have the courage to stand up for the weak and the helpless. I am haunted by the gory images of the battlefield and the incessant war crimes committed by myself and my army comrades in that life. I just feel dragged down by these negative vibrations. I know there is not much time left. If I cannot assimilate all these things in this short time, how the hell am I going to able to go into the higher spheres, or ascend or whatever. Oh sorry, Mama. I didnt mean to swear and say 'hell'." 

MM(smiling): " 'Hell' indeed it is, to be in such a mental state. There is no Heaven and there is no Hell save that which in your Mind and that of the Minds of all beings. These concepts were introduced to control humans long, long ago. All things reside in your Mind. What you see outside yourself is merely a mirror for that which is already within you. Mistakes, faults, and crimes committed by others that you see (in them) are recognised as mistakes, faults and crimes because they have that form already within your consciousness. That is why one soul should not judge another. Who is it that is being judged, who is the judge and who is the jury? Your ego is being judged. Your I AM is the Judge and the Jury together. Your Papa is the spectator. He does not judge you; he merely observes. What is He observing? Your spiritual growth. To see how you are coping and how well you are learning your lessons." 

"When my Son came to this planet, he tried to teach this truth. Very, very few listened. Yet fewer individuals understood. The time is up, now, for this "school learning period". All students are being told to pack up their bags. The final bell is about to sound. Yet, the school work has not been completed. And, based on the decision by the Great Father of All, this school has already been closed for a total makeover. Others schools are waiting to open their doors. Each school has a set of criteria for it's students. The students with the appropriate criteria will be placed into their respective schools. There, they will work out what needs to be worked out. Lessons unlearnt here, will be learnt there.

Time is a meaningless concept outside your world's concensus. There is no past, there is no future. There is only a "Now"; an existence in which all things occur and all things are done. In your current state, you find it very difficult to put this concept into practice, even though you have intellectually digested it. Your "past" lives are being lived as we speak.

Your "future" lives are also being lived as we speak. Nothing is as simple as it sounds. There are many versions of what you call "Reality". There are many paths being followed simultaneously; many lives being led - in parallel - by different aspects of your I AM so that it can discover more about it's true heritage and power. The I AM - being the spark of the Great Father Source of ALL - cannot be fathomed so simply. It cannot be understood so easily. All these fragments that the I AM "splits" itself into, is for this one purposeful journey back to the Father Source of ALL."

"From your current state of consciousness, you cannot see this, yet there are times when you are able feel it; especially when you are meditating. Currently you feel burdened by your past actions. Why? The answer is simple. You are latching on to them. You have already learnt those lessons and completed the homework. You have passed the exams with success. Ask yourself, if you were not successful in learning those lessons, do you think your Papa would have let you come here? He did tell you before you came here this time how bad it would be, but you insisted on coming here. Would He have let you if He didnt think you would be able to handle it, or if you were not 'spiritually capable'? No. He wouldn't. My Child, let me tell you something more about yourself that you have not been shown yet. Maybe this will help put your mind at ease. Do you know how you died?" 

Me: "Yes, Mama. I have a scar on my current body as a constant reminder. I died from a spear wound to the right hand side of my body in the battlefield." 

MM: "Yes, that is correct. But although it was a skirmish, those images were not of you on a battlefield. They were of you being ambushed and murdered by the Emperor's loyal elite soldiers. Why? Because after the wars and the slaughter you and your army comrades performed, your conscience was developed enough to stand up and rebel no matter what the consequences were. Realise that when you committed the crimes, you were merely following orders from a cruel despot. Those were times when cruelty, war, pain and bloodshed were the normal routine. You were one of the few individuals who stood up to the Emperor and confronted him. All of those who did, including yourself, paid the price. You were murdered. You see, you passed the test already! So, I say, Let go. Acknowledge your past. Bring those images back again in front of you, in their unbridled fury.

Look at them again, but this time do it in a detached manner. They are your 'demons', if you wish to use that word. And then say: "I ask all the souls who I have hurt for forgiveness, in the Name of the Great Father Source." To your 'demons', say: "I have conquered you. I let you go in Divine Peace, Light and Love". This is how you deal with converting faults and errors in yourself; through conscious analysis of the deeds, the actions needed to right the wrongs committed, asking for forgiveness from those who you wronged, and then finally letting the deeds go in a detached manner with Divine Love and Light. Last, but not the least, forgive yourself for your actions.

Prayers have their use; but only those coming from the heart and the soul. Incessant standardised prayers spoken like a machine do nothing. Many have not learnt this. They continue to be wrongly guided by those who should have known better. Do they really think that a 100 Ave Marias and 100 Pater Nosters will somehow magically make situations better, or rectify transgressions of the Sacred Laws of the Universe?"

"No. They do not. One word of Love spoken from the Heart and Soul is worth a million rosaries of standardised recited prayers. So, my dear child. Smile. Forgive yourself. Be as YOU ARE. Accept that your Papa thinks well enough of you to have allowed you to not only be present on Earth at this moment, but to be a member of His team."

Me: "Mama, to tell you the truth, I have no response to what you have just told me. My mind is a complete blank."

She smiled to me and said, "Then speak no more. Rest and get ready for what He needs you to do shortly. The time has arrived. It is beginning. The Dark just do not care, and My Son can give no more quarter of compassion - as Mother Earth cannot wait - and the Gift from the Great Father has arrived." (I had a feeling that the "Gift" was the Wave). 

Then she left, and that "interview" seemed to complete a very major event in my life for quite some time. I am sitting here at the computer with a continued sense of urgency and expectation ...a residual from this morning? Maybe. Maybe not. Let's wait and see.


Time for a meditation report. And it was a nice one!

During the time when I was sitting in that feeling of "voidness" after my usual beginning protocol, I began hearing what I can only describe as "music". I cant describe the music, but it was absolutely out of this world!! Tones played together in a complete harmony, like an orchestral symphony. It was like the Universe was alive and singing! Everything was producing musical tones. 

Then my vision began. I began to see spacecraft that were in orbit around the Mama Gaia. They were emitting pulses of Light; each pulse producing harmonic tones. Altogether, these craft were "singing"!! Oh my, words cant even describe it! Beautiful!! These craft were living beings and were singing such wonderful music!!

As I sat looking at the craft pulsing light and singing their music, I felt beams of Light coming from far off in space that seemed to connect me and many other people on the surface in a huge web of Light. I began seeing people too. They appeared to be meditating. Although, I could not discern the physical details of these people, I sensed that these were astral bodies of living people; they were being used as channelling instruments of Divine Light. I had a feeling that these wonderful beings were possibly brothers and sisters here performing their daily meditations.

One person seemed to be a lady sitting upright in a chair, with her hands on her lap, palms upturned. Another was clearly a man sitting cross legged in meditation. There appeared to be a small animal of some kind - either a cat or a small dog - that was sitting next to him as he meditated. The dog or cat seemed to be taking part or assisting in the man's meditation in some way. A third man was sitting next to some plants, giving energy to them for healing. Yet another lady was sitting cross legged inside (what looked to me like) a pyramid made of light. There were several other people in this giant web of Light. 

The vision ended abruptly, and so did my meditation; but for several minutes after I could still hear the that fantastic music! Amazing experience.


After the usual protocol beginning, and going into the voidness, I was shown this vision:

I standing on a white edged stone cliff overlooking the sea. On the beach below, there were several people (men and women) running and dragging boats into the water. They seemed to looking over their backs and were running away in panic - from something that I could not see. 

As I was looking at them, I heard a high pitched cry coming from above me and looked up. I saw a bird flying high, circling. I was able to narrow my vision and saw that the bird was an eagle; not an ordinary eagle, but a completely albino one. And then I witnessed several other eagles come and join it - all circling in the same manner. I felt that this was something to do with the people running on the beach. My focus went back to them.

These people were now on the boats and were riding the waves, trying to escape. I still could not see what it was that they were running from. They were not far from the shore, when I saw the eagles swoop down and pick off the people one by one. These albino eagles were huge compared to the escaping humans. Some of the eagles latched onto the boats and capsized them. Others just plucked the humans from where they stood and carried them off. Soon, there were no humans or boats on the sea, but only the sound of the eagles as they flew away with the humans. The vision closed with this, abruptly.

Before I closed the meditation, I heard my Laoshi say "Sometimes, harsh discipline has to be administered to those who would abuse innocent life." I understood what he was talking about and the relevance of the vision to current events. I am sure that, to us in AH, the details of the vision are self explanatory with Papa's most recent comments.


Meditation report time. Indeed, I have to mention this. I have had the same vision as my last post ..for the thirdtime running. Exactly the same one, with the same cast, and with the same occurrences. BUT..... this time, when the tall blue-skinned man looked at me, the vision continued as follows:

I saw his eyes clearly this time. They were beautiful and golden coloured. Totally amazing!! Never seen the like before!! And as he was smiling at me, he pointed up with his left hand to one of the walls. I looked at the wall and saw the stone plaque. At it's centre was some kind of flag. It was a white background, with a circle of dark blue pentagrams. At the heart of the circle was a pale blue-coloured Star of David. The tall man stopped smiling, became stern and austere again and walked up to the plaque. He touched it and it promptly melted under his touch. As he did this, I heard him say: "Who are they who dare to make themselves as gods? We come now to settle the matter once and for all." And as I was hearing the last few words, the scene vanished and I regained consciousness with a sense of urgency and expectation [of what exactly, I am not sure].

And, that is it. I am still feeling that sense of impending expectancy of some occurrence which I cant quite pin down. I just had to post this here......... I leave it with you all to make of it what you will.

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