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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

"Montebanks, Charlatans, Rank Amateurs, Poseurs and Painted Prancing Ponys; take care, God is Watching!!!"
By Les Visible
Sep 5, 2019 - 4:31:44 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Cave! cave dominus videt!

Every now and again, I write something that I personally feel is important; more important... say... than usual and as usual, those postings often drop like a brick to the bottom of the lake and it's not the Caribbean. There is a momentary burst of bubbles upon the surface and then, quoth the platypus, "sqnzirgnash orbllerham" This is my take on, "quoth the raven, nevermore" That is only an approximation of the sound made by the platypus and whatever it was, was incidental to the sinking, the bubbles and whatever this posting is going to be.

Often, I don't know what I'm going to write here and... not infrequently, I don't know what I said, until I read it afterwards. It's not automatic writing, it just goes by pretty rapidly and it is influenced and colored by the one I serve. Today... I do know in advance what I am going to talk about and it very much needs to be said, before I make more enemies than I already have and... worse, for no good reason; mostly because of confusion over motive and intent (yeah, they're much the same but...)

First let me share with you something my friend, Peter Blum once told me. I had been out of town (Woodstock) for a few years. I spent 20+ years going back and forth between Maui and Woodstock. On this one occasion, Peter had risen rapidly up through the social ranks, becoming the Culture Editor for The Woodstock Times and a successful hypnotherapist. I'd been gone for about 3 years ( that was the usual length of time, give or take) and I had told Peter I was coming back. He excitedly went about saying to people, "Guess who's coming back to town?" So... he was telling me about this and he said, "Wow! I had no idea! People either really, really like you or... really really don't like you."

He continued, "I thought this was strange so I asked the people who didn't like you if they had ever met you and every single one of them said, "No." So I asked them how they could dislike you so intensely without having met you and they all said; "It's the things that he says."

I had a local cable TV show. I put it together because I thought Saturday Night Live sucked so bad that I went and put together this kinda, sorta, comedy variety thing for 90 minutes every Saturday night, at the same time as SNL. When I started, I was spending the week in NYC and on the train ride up each Friday afternoon, I would write the show. It dealt with whatever had happened in the world that week and many another thing. Basically it featured 7 different characters, all played by me and they each had a different hat and glasses, or sunglasses and in one case, a wig. One of them was a formerly high ranking covert operative, presently in hiding. One was a deathless Tibetan master. One was a serial killer; these two featured as main characters in my first novel. Well, the show was a success and I continued it from Maui, mailing a different episode to Woodstock each week to my girlfriend, Svargo who would put it on the air. It was also broadcast in NYC. It got to where people were recognizing me on the streets and companies like J. Crews wanted to buy advertising. That was when I quit.

This brings me to the reason for this posting. I have this passion for the truth. I despise lies, cowardice, slander, hypocrisy, treachery and any and all forms of Integrity gone missing. I try my hardest NOT to be holier than thou, sanctimonious, self righteous and sundry. Maybe I haven't always been 100% successful at that but I have tried my best and I have apologized more than once for being wrong, or not clear enough and I am not afraid to admit it when I am. It has made me a rigorous researcher and as scrupulous as I can be.

In recent months I have been posting my work at Pocketnet. It's the first place I have discovered in years that isn't run by venal scoundrels, opportunists, materialists, atheists and the like. Recently I ran afoul of one or two people. One person came all Fundie goosestepping on me, for saying that I had little use for the Old Testament and also implying that Jesus- the living Son of God, as I understand it, needed the Old Testament because that was all he had. It apparently escaped his notice about interior revelation and God speaking directly to Jesus. I wasn't even putting down the Old Testament, I was simply saying I had little use for it because I have the teachings of Jesus and I also have an interior relationship; rock solid and ALWAYS accessible. People can make of that what they will. I only have to convince myself and that I have done over and over.

From my studies in metaphysics and arcane subjects, I have learned that the Old Testament is a book of Gematria; where letters and numbers are transposed to create new meanings. Not being left brain, I moved on to the more intuitive and inspirational; right brain territory. NO! I am not into Neuro- linguistics.

I also criticized the video of another fellow, for representing himself as someone who can read auras and stating HOW SIMPLE it is and you can do it too. Right. Now... I have been studying in all religious traditions for all of my life. I've read most everything you've heard of and much that you have not. I owned a spiritual-metaphysical bookstore for some years for the SOLE PURPOSE of being able to read everything I wanted to. I have basically been in school, nearly every waking hour for decades. It is my consuming passion. Well... God is... but that includes everything connected. In order to actually see auras, much less accurately interpret what you see, you MUST possess the necessary siddhi. Here is a dissertation I picked at random, you can find plenty of other information if you look and that applies to EVERYTHING! Some people are born with paranormal abilities but they earned them at another time. I have a few, anyone industrious can have siddhis, they naturally appear from certain practices, including austerities, sexual continence, meditation, prayer etc. They can be a nightmare! Be aware of this. It is best when they are forgotten and only appear in the immediate moment of need. People in the pursuit of powers WILL BE used as a teaching moment, at some point, for the rest of us.

So... I have wandered the world, literally and virtually, on the internet. I am ALWAYS learning something, studying but mostly...mostly... seeking after and practicing the presence of God. The pursuit and celebration of the almighty is the centerpiece of my life. I am compelled (forced) to share my love and joy at the certitude of God and the experience of God in all things, most especially each other. I 'try' to make it a point to see God in the eyes of everyone I meet. It is our choice who we invoke in each other; both God and the Devil can be drawn forth.

It is VERY DIFFICULT for me, having to criticize, expose, reveal and discuss what I see sometimes but it is my DUTY, to you and everyone, to speak out on certain things because of the danger, the peril that exists in so many locations in the world of today, both externally and internally. I beg the forgiveness of each of you if I sometimes come on too strong, or if I have hurt your feelings. I can't not do what I do... heh heh.. double negatives. Do two double negatives make a positive?

Anyway, the fundamental truth about me, viscerally and what I remind myself of relentlessly is, I DON'T KNOW. I don't know. If I don't know then God does know but if I know then I have preempted God and God doesn't know and the whole world is filled with examples of people who know and very few examples of people who admit that they do not know.

Of course there are things I know (are there? Really?) but I seek to be as retiring and humble as I can manage before the awesome splendor and glory of God who... I am by comparison with, not even a fart in a windstorm. NEVER think that I think otherwise! I do not. I have had direct encounters with God and that has stripped me of any possibility of self importance... EVER. If I come across as authoritative on occasion, I am sorry. The ineffable speaks to me. Whether anyone else believes that I do not care. Once again, I have ONLY to convince myself. The truth is (and I have been told this) God speaks to everyone but... few listen. Speaking from personal experience, it can take a lifetime to get to the point where you can hear. It only opened for me about 8 years ago. Before that it was mostly one way, with intermittent exceptions.

In this Pop Tart, shake 'n bake world of instant gratification, people become experts in no time at all. I can't remember how many times I have seen the listed qualifications of some of these Nimrods; Reiki Master, massage therapist, dance intuitives, life coach, past life reader and so much more. I listed this woman the other day. Please, check out her qualifications. There are thousands of these people misleading others and charging them for the experience. I laugh when I see people advertising themselves as Tantric Yoga teachers.

Of all of the yogic systems, that is the most profoundly complex and you ABSOLUTELY have to have a bonafide teacher and they are extremely rare. Sex is incidental to the process. The process is about the refinement of the sexual force. It takes a VERY LONG TIME to master this or ANY of the yogas. The worst offenders of this sort of thing are the countless offspring of Bhagawan Rajneesh, also called Osho. I am stunned by the extremes some of his followers have gone since he's been gone. The ashram at Pune is a literal money machine. You have to change your money into their currency and you can't change it back later when you leave. It all has to be spent and it all comes dear.

I will be releasing a FREE seminar online, at some point, about The Tarot, which I have been studying for decades. I'm not doing this to showcase my knowledge or for any other reason besides clarity and proper use. Answer me this; what is the point of trying to read your future and fortune in this manner, when you can LITERALLY change your fortune and future, by properly using them as meditation aids, for the purpose of arousing the archetypes in the subconscious. Then they will vibrate their information into your self conscious mind.

I'm doing this because of all the bad information out there and this foolish emphasis on fortune telling. Aficionados of this system, please feel free to criticize my presentations (grin). Seriously. I write these postings and all the other things I do, to celebrate and talk about God. If it is not your cup of tea, have yourself some coffee somewhere else. This isn't for everyone. Find what works for you.

To make an already long story shorter. This is my way of saying, I don't know. I am a seeker, just as so many of you are and I am an opponent of sham and deception, ESPECIALLY when money is being charged. I don't have to charge money, no one does. And before some anonymous character wants to point out donation buttons on my sites, unlike just about everyone else- and I can't remember not seeing buttons everywhere else, I NEVER directly ask and you can assume that the work I do, all day long, 7 days a week, is pretty much free.

If you work for the ineffable, you WILL BE taken care of. I will do my best, not to deliberately hurt anyone's feelings, but not at the expense of the truth, should I be fortunate enough to know what that is. You can't be energetically out there in the world and not step on someone's frogs now and again; apologies to the frogs. I do try to look where I am going. Alright then, this should serve until next time.

Cave! cave dominus videt!

End Transmission.......

Today's song is-

♫ The Following Wind ♫(first time posted I think)

And for the most cutting edge and up to date news of the day there is Pocketnet


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