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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 - 12:28:25 PM

Mindsets, Personal Paradigms and Human Evolvement after Stasis
By Ron Chapman
Oct 22, 2010 - 10:16:35 PM

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Mindsets, Personal Paradigms and Human Evolvement after Stasis

Ron: Much like baby elephants tethered to a peg, children in global society are tethered to a schooling system that restricts their development with the result that many develop a passive, self-limiting mindset. The elephant grows up thinking it cannot break free of a rope restricting movement while children grow up believing they cannot think and act independently. The elephant training process takes months or a year or two at most but with humans the negative physical and social conditioning process takes much longer - some  15-20 years or so.  It is sad that we limit elephants as much as we do but it is absolutely tragic and cosmically abhorrent that we treat our children's education as we do.'s note found at:


Human personal paradigms seems to be a conglomeration of mindsets on various issues encountered while growing up and being socialised and “educated”. Our compulsory full-time, factory style, state mandated schooling systems typically spend 15 years or more socially engineering most children to accept dominant societal ideologies while streaming them into socially convenient vocational avenues that generally determine what type of activities each individual  will be able to perform to earn a living.  That process  broadly determines what place each person can take in society. In effect, schooling and associated societal conditioning activities - especially TV programming and multi-media advertising - effectively mind control most people in Western society.


So what does this mind control system do to individuals? Well, it moulds mindsets, melding them to create people who are unable to think authentic thoughts or feel authentic emotions. The result is people who don’t really think or feel but largely react to external stimuli or seek to reenact prior experiences. The Wundtian-style, behavioural psychological conditioning foisted upon children often creates automatons whose sovereign human attributes have been repressed to near the point of extinction.

The mainstream news and entertainment media floods society with a false, exceptionally narrow and dehumanising flow of so-called news, information and entertainment which ensures that the schooling-created dumbing down of intellects and repression of true human heart-centred emotions, are replaced with dehumanised substitutes. Those substitute emotions and activities have a  heavily materialist orientation focussed on shopping, sex, pornography, trivia, sport and violence. In the majority of cases the resulting mindset seems  akin to sleep-walking. That result evidences a mind controlled society which moves mechanically through life oblivious to the incredible possibilities available to those who seek to exercise their God given sovereign potential.


If this analysis is correct the implication is that as soon as the grip of the bankster controlled secret global government has been broken, global society needs to give priority to deprogramming the  mindsets currently driving the mind controlled personal paradigms of most people. That process will not be quick or easy because people tend to become identified with their idea of themselves and their ideology for living.

Questioning a personal paradigm, let alone seeking to dissolve it in favour of a fresh view of self and the world is often mistakenly felt to be an attack on a person's essence. It isn’t, since in essence we are a combination of personality, mind (soul) and spirit which is not the same as our ego's veiled view of ourselves and our place in this 3d environment in which we live. But until we can think rationally about ‘who we are’ and can relegate ego to its proper role, the confusion will persist. Accordingly, in my view the first task for humanity’s educational initiatives after stasis will need to be a focus on deprogramming everyone so that we can start to absorb truth without rejecting it for subjective personal emotional reasons.


As people start to come to grips with their new found freedom of thought and action after stasis we need to focus on properly caring for and educating babies and children. In normal circumstances babies and children should have generally available to them the care and attention of two parents and plenty of parent surrogates. We need to accept the wisdom of the saying that ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ This will mean a radical rethinking of socio-economic attitudes that currently require that families have two parents employed more or less full-time outside the home; routine 40 or more hour working weeks; and long distance commuting to places of employment. This should not be as difficult as it may seem. Once harmful employment activities like armaments manufacturing and fighting wars are eliminated along with non-productive and make-work activities like most advertising, real estate selling, and health care insurance etc, it should be easy for society to drastically lower the working hours needed to produce abundance for all. This outcome will be greatly enhanced by fostering cooperation rather than competition in most socio-economic activities including the education system and political arrangements and activities.


In any event, if humanity wants to evolve rather than devolve it will need to take its courage in both hands and decide to require that parents and their local communities take prime carriage of the education of children up until age 12 whereat those children should be able to decide for themselves the direction which their further education will take. It should also be axiomatic that children should be prime movers as regards the personal proclivities they wish to explore during their childhood years, which means that factory schooling even at local levels needs to be consigned to the wastebasket of history.


If these initiatives are implemented we can transform individual and societal paradigms for the better such that humanity’s theory for living will become truly cooperative and life enhancing which will pave the way for an orderly evolvement into Light and Life for all. So be it.




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