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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Jul 6, 2021 - 6:54:08 AM

"May I Recommend Shadow-Boxing with The Wind and Moon-Walking on Water?"
By Les Visible
Jul 6, 2021 - 6:50:43 AM

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July  5th 2021


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Someone, I don't recall who said that "We often meet our destiny on the road we took to avoid it." The Appointment in Samara illustrated this mysterious feature of life nicely, and it comes to mind now and then. I am less concerned about my fate since I have turned it over to those more capable of handling it than am I. It's working out quite well.

A reader asked me about my statement, 'sometimes God gets lonely' from some time back. Yeah... it doesn't make sense if you consider that God is all-powerful, and does not have to experience anything he doesn't want to. HOWEVER... God chooses to feel what we feel. He created us in the first place to be playmates. If, increasingly, more and more of us choose not to be his playmate; would not the human aspect of him feel lonely? God in the flesh feels what humans feel but he does not react as humans do. He can, of course, for his own reasons, act in any way he feels like. We do ourselves such a disservice by creating a separated God at a distance from ourselves. With a personal indwelling God, all you have to do is to come into resonance. He may govern with laws, but he rules with love.

Our personality lives it up in splendor, as our true self is relegated to a dungeon room, and fed on crusts. This is what we have done to ourselves. We have imprisoned what sets us free and given ourselves in subjugation to cruel masters.

Psychopaths and sociopaths are those who have cut off the connection of the soul to their heart and their spirit to their mind. We all have the influence of Heaven upon us. Some of us are shut out automatically because the intention is anathema to Heaven. They effectively disable their conscience so that there is no interior conflict over what they get up to. You can't cut yourself off from God, but what you can convince yourself of is a whole other thing.

THEY get crazier by the day and they are not shy about letting you know about it.

It is happening incrementally, so it's one of those things that can sneak up on you like a frog in a pot of incrementally heated water. (Yeah, sorry about that). Why is this happening? Why are people losing it all over? Think of humanity as being fish in a different kind of ocean and someone from higher up sticks a gigantic cattle prod into the water and fires it up. The charge, the electricity, is of a different order than what we find down here, but which comes from Up There anyway in the first place.

Okay... with me so far? This powerful charge from the Supernal cattle prod affects each fish according to its level of awareness, and the focus of its desires. In some people, Fear plays a significant role in all they think and do. In others, the Fear is much less influential so... the effect can be very different in each case. God has come to lift people out of their material fevers. It will outplay in many ways. It will be no respecter of person unless it is a respecter of that person (grin) who is respectful of it. Materialism generates INSANITY. Depending on the KIND of Materialism, and how deeply immersed one is, the degree of trauma to come will reflect that.

If God has come to free us and we are cooperative in that, our trauma will be much reduced. It may well be a healing instead of a trauma. If we are fighting tooth and nail, that is another matter. In order to prepare for your coming title bout, may I recommend shadow-boxing with The Wind? Moon-walking on water also helps to build your wind and endurance. God governs by laws but he rules with Love. God is waiting with open arms. If he had to track you down cause you are the one missing out of 99 well... he can't help you till he gets there if you went off his television screen.

They're burning down Canadian churches in an organized and seemingly unhindered fashion. They found a lot of corpses in the ground. I'm told that one of the locations was a graveyard already and when you look deeper into this Communist-driven agenda you can't find all the hoopla There-There. We've known for some time that there are atrocities in abundance to be found. The biggest extravaganza-spectacular bonanza of all time never even happened in the first place. Anyone who has looked to any depth into the matter KNOWS this. What is the ACTUAL truth?

People in America should look more closely at the (former?) Crown Colonies to see what they intend for here. They are just in a more advanced stage of it than we are. They had the disadvantage of being CONTROLLED much earlier than did we, who have not yet arrived at a greater subjugation.

Everywhere you go on The Media you hear no mention of George Soros, and anytime you do hear about him he is mentioned as a philanthropist. It is a proven fact that he finances both BLM and Antifa, as do other corporate types. We KNOW he is financing the migrant surges here as he did in Europe, yet no one says anything. No one sources the food and amenity trucks that follow the caravans. Occasionally you will see a large crowd of people marching on the highway and they all have The T-Shirt! Hardly anyone says anything.

We know he is hand in glove with a number of other Fallen, who are seeking to make the French Revolution look like Tea with The Queen. They have something more along the lines of The Bolshevik Revolution or The Cultural Revolution on PCP in mind. I observe driven souls, scurrying here and there, turning over rocks, seeing what isn't there, creating a false narrative out of moonbeams, even looking deeply where THEY don't want you to look, BUT... it's REALLY on the QT about certain people. It seems that I can now smell the smoke of Future False Flags, precipitating in ADVANCE of The Events. There is an uneasy rumble in the nether regions of The Dark Mind, as it seeks for the needed clamps and restraints to put humanity into a deeper bondage.

You've got your Smoke n' Mirrors Virus and The Death Star Vaccines. You've got a Migrant Army Invasion. You've got defunded police. You've got burning cities. You've got organized gangs shooting up the neighborhoods, and homeless crazies attacking people in broad daylight, AND... you have Crazy Leaders. I could go on and on about what you've got, and Fear is riding at the head of The Mind-Invasion of the various sums of all fears, which are added up in the human heart where the vacancy sign appears... and Love has gone wanting.

There is a general perspective available that Doom and Gloom are on the march. These are not your grandmother's locusts. Everything is being shaken AND stirred. Your Spike Protein cocktail is chillin' on the napkin. You don't want to look up and catch anyone's eyes, not in this bar, not since Normal left town. You keep your head down. Maybe no one will see you. Don't call attention to yourself.

Don't buy into ANY of this! ♫ a change gonna come ♫ Is that Cultural Appropriation? Do I care? My friends, they will push and push and push, until they GENERATE the necessary push back. It happens. You can count on it.

I want to mention something and I see I've been skirting it through the whole posting. It's got to be said. VERY LIKELY you are going to see and hear about people convulsing, catching chronic maladies, and dropping dead. This can shake you up. The first person who got the vaccine in the UK just died, and the first person in Canada also just died, (or so I am told) healthy athletes are dropping, pilots are dying because flying at those altitudes triggers a systemic reaction. The crazy-in-the-streets thing hasn't really started yet but when people start dropping you can look for an association between them. This can happen VERY suddenly, like a change of weather in the tropics. One of my failsafe memos is that one should prepare BEFORE one has to prepare. One should ALREADY be prepared; SPIRITUALLY PREPARED.

So... such occurrences... when the full Halloween armada appears on the wings of imagination, I suggest you do not let your fantasy take flight. God is FIRMLY in control of EVERYTHING at ALL TIMES. You MUST BE convinced of this. You must take your intellectual certitude and make it a visceral certitude. We've been talking about all this coming for some time, and one can see the road ahead clearly if one removes the blinders and covering over the eyes. Love WILL burn through Samsara. Love is the one thing that you have that will meet EVERY exigency. You make your love stronger by exercising it. We have to learn the difference between what we can, and cannot do and shine through our limitations with THE ONE THING that flows right past them, and melts them as it passes by; Love.

Love is the answer to EVERYTHING. It is God's Skeleton Key. It is the lock-pick to every puzzling mystery. Love IS the Open Door. If you lack anything in the area of spiritual qualities, Love will top you up. Love is instantly transformed into any needed quality or strength and it has the BACKING of Heaven in whatever it does. Do not focus on the madness. It can very well suck you in. Focus on the source of ALL LIGHT and ALL LOVE. It pours from the Heavens in the rays of The Sun. It animates and nourishes every living thing, whether this is known or not, whether it is appreciated or not.

God is your sanctuary and he knows right where you are at all times. Let him run the show.

End Transmission.......

We've got all kinds of links today on many subjects. Our Health-Correspondent sent us most of the vaccine links and the rest I found in my coming and going. Some of these are both funny and sad in equal measures. Enjoy=

This is likely the Damien from The Omen. I suppose he'll only have a few tens of millions now=

Via Fox News
Elizabeth Hurley's son Damian cut out of late dad Steve Bing's will, actress speaks out: report

Via Legal Insurrection
National Education Association Votes To Push "Critical Race Theory" Into K-12 Schools Across The Country

woke is as woke does

Via Fox Business
Target, Walgreens close early due to thefts in California stores

Via Breitbart
Native Totem Set on Fire in Canada, Suspected Retaliation for Statue Destruction

Via Post Millennial
Antifa rallies behind biological male who exposed genitals to women and children in LA spa

David James, Via The Truthseeker
Chris Whitty gave the order to give alleged Covid-19 patients lethal doses of Hydroxychloroquine to both kill them and sabotage trials

Henry Makow, Via The Truthseeker
Biden Admin's "Inclusiveness" Omits Non-Jews

Renegade Tribune, Via The Truthseeker
Why is the IDF on the Scene of the Disaster in Miami?

Mordechai Sones, Via The Truthseeker
Lisbon court rules only 0.9% of ‘verified cases' died of COVID, numbering 152, not 17,000 claimed

Arthur Firstenberg, Via The Truthseeker
Interfering With The Fires of Life

Via Breitbart
Nolte: Sociopaths at Time Magazine Want to Banish Air Conditioning

this is very interesting

Via The U.S. Sun
BITCOIN RIDDLE: Mystery as Bitcoin ‘billionaire' reported dead after ‘drowning in sea'

Via The Real History Channel
5 Young Israelis, Caught in Net of Suspicion

Via Foundation for Ecenomic Education
California's $100 Million Marijuana Bailout Tells You All You Need to Know about Its Government

Via The American Mind
Fully Oligarchic Luxury Californication

Via Breitbart
Dem Sen. Casey: Dems Have to Protect Voting Rights to ‘Preserve Our Democracy' - ‘We're at a Point of No Return'

Via Twitter? No, Gettr
Bookmark visible at Gettr

Via Fox News
Los Angeles spa protest turns violent after alleged transgender exposure incident

Via Fox News
Country singer Aaron Lewis disses libs, Bruce Springsteen in new patriotic song

Via Fox News
Andrew Cuomo's daughter Michaela declares herself ‘demisexual'

Via Fox News
LGBTQ community ‘appalled' after transgender person exposes male genitalia in front of young girls at LA spa

Via Breitbart
WATCH: Woke Law Professor Says French Food Reinforces ‘Whiteness'

Via Soren Drier
The Real Reason ‘NAC' Supplement Got Banned

Via The Light Paper
The Light Paper, Volume 10

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

Via Rumor Mill News
Banks Increasing Staff to Handle the Wave of Foreclosures. 15,000 @ day estimated cases. 14% of All Mortgages are in Forbearance

Via Your Destination Now
Self-proclaimed leader of 'Rise of The Moors' milita claims he is the 'grand chief of Rhode Island'

Via The Daily Exposé
Fully vaccinated people have a 885% higher chance of death due to Covid-19 than people who are unvaccinated

Via The American Mind
The Biden Administration's Domestic Terrorism Strategy is an announcement that they're coming for you

Via The Celia Farber
Spanish Researchers: Covid Shots Are 99% Graphene Oxide: Does GO Explain Covid Symptoms And Injection Toxicity By Itself?

Via Instagram
Zuckerberg redux



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