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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: May 5, 2020 - 5:58:11 AM

"May God Shine the Light of his Wisdom upon You and Grant you Illumination."
By Les Visible
May 5, 2020 - 5:53:02 AM

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May 4th 2020

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Music, sound, vibration. Everything is vibration. The Prana impacts on the Akasha and rolls off of the great Taiko drum of God into audible, visible notes of every shape. Creation rolls out on the sound emanating from the Cosmic Drum. Some sounds call up the demons from the pit and some bring the angels low to the Earth. To know where we are at in any given moment, simply listen to the soundtrack.

Then there is that thing called Resonance. Resonance can be a very good thing and a very bad thing. We work with Resonance here in everything we get up to. Decades ago we met a Man on the Beach and he set up a resonance in me, which has by increments, changed the integral structure of my being that I might have a continuous resonance with him and transmit whatever he transmits and whenever that vibration hits a sympathetic string, resonance occurs. We are ALL resonating according to who or what we most identify with; whatever defines us, defines us. Should be obvious, right ? Somehow it is not.

We have a choice that is EVER BEFORE US and that is with who and what we have a resonance with. If our resonance is with Heaven and the Celestial Hierarchy then that is a profound and wonderful thing for us spiritually, but it can be exceedingly trying materially and that is why so few do it. The cost dissuades the less intrepid. Lacking the heart of a lion we default to the heart of the jackal and our taste buds adapt. This is all too common in the world of the moment and I do not mean to de-mean others who are not called to the King's Road. Ofttimes it just isn't the time. Other times, 'material concerns' override the spiritual impulse. We may not intend to degrade ourselves but we do anyway because if we aren't going the right way then WE ARE going the wrong way and ALL the qualities and dispositions that attend that road become your own. This is how we get Fellow Travelers.

IF... if we ALIGN ourselves with Heaven then we have access to The Qualities of God AS, and when... THEY ARE NEEDED. Alternatively... there are those other qualities we see demonstrated all too often in life these days. IF... if we align ourselves with Heaven, a Resonance is established. That resonance attends us and broadcasts a subtle message to the world around us as we pass through it. When resonance is established, angels are alerted and they attend as well. They don't just guide and protect us. They express THROUGH us. Whatever parts of yourself you wash clean and offer, or offer to have washed clean, will work toward you becoming a Habitation for Angels.
I try to understand why it is so hard for people to GET IT... that this Visible World is all an extension of the Invisible World and very much created by and manipulated by it; the same way that our thoughts, which are unseen to the world around us, account for most of our actions; just as our feelings account for the majority of our REACTIONS.

Once we harmonize ourselves with the will and intentions of Heaven, we become once again the Sons of God. Everything magically comes together for us. We once had everything. Then we fell out of resonance with Heaven and we lost it all. The chaotic world we are constantly trying to adjust to is all the result of our falling out of resonance. All of our following existence(s) are the product of our failed or misdirected attempts at coming back into resonance with Heaven. We keep doing it the wrong way over and over. As soon as we realize we do not know what we are doing... accept and offer that up... the guide who KNOWS THE WAY will appear. How do I know these things? I did these things.

When we come to our true awareness, Thy Will Be Done becomes our operating manual. Every time we oppose the will of Heaven and we do it many times a day, without even being aware of it, we set ourselves at odds with The Dealer and the odds ALWAYS favor the house. We wind up, in fact, playing against ourselves and many books and other works of art have addressed this. It's like playing chess with Death. When we make THY WILL BE DONE our calling card... AS IT IS IN HEAVEN automatically happens because Heaven materializes around whomever operates according to THY WILL BE DONE.

The mind is a conniving instrument when it is possessed by fallen intelligence and that is the pro forma awareness that permeates the material world. There is no need to connive. We could have everything and anything forever, if... we traded in the conniving for the obliging. There is ONLY one thing we need to understand about the game of life and that is that we, as our independent ego-driven self, cannot win, not in any cosmic sense. Yes... we can accumulate a lot of toys. Once we pass they are gone. That is an immutable law BUT a fever comes upon the acquisitive and covetous, which makes them deaf to all good advice. They are in the grip of a delirium and believe what the spirits, who rule the fortunes of material wealth, tell them. It is a very old story and a very sad story and the number of parables and allegories that involve it, as the central subject matter, are considerable.

Despite all of the stories and real-life examples of what happens to people with money, there is a cognitive disconnect that manifests every time the reality of it rears its unwelcome head. The same applies to sexual attraction and the lack of having the objects of that attraction accounts for why a great many men pursue wealth, as the be-all and end-all of their life and passion. It has certainly proven to be the latter many times. The highways of the world are littered with the dead bodies of animals in the heat of a similar hunger. It is a cosmic metaphor. We call these things, biological imperatives. It is the same for humanity but the highways are different.

Interestingly enough, too many of us cut every corner, plot without concern for our actions, take all sorts of risks, in order to do what we... for some reason... imagine to be forbidden... legally, morally;... as Hassan I Sabbah once said; "nothing is real, everything is permitted". The point is that so many people do not search for God because of the idea that God forbids everything they like or want to do and this is the fruit of religion, which gets most things wrong and then stratifies and institutionalizes their errors and turns them into doctrine. God doesn't forbid us anything but every action has its consequences and the consequences could also be called, THE REACTIONS; action and reaction make the world go round. Everything material has some part in the dance of Action and Reaction. Everything material comes out of the immaterial and therefore experiences spiritual consequences as well. You are present LIVING PROOF of what did away with you so many times before.

The thing is that most of us have no idea of what we are doing or what it means. It's not that particular behaviors are wrong in and of themselves, they are ...more correctly... right in certain circumstances and wrong in others. Intention defines the right and wrong of most conditions. Then there comes a time when neither good nor evil apply. One passes beyond them but that is a matter for another post. The will of God triumphs over all concerns of morality and our concepts of morality bear little resemblance to the true morality that is the automatic offspring of the one who follows the will of the Supernal Realm.

Outside of the reality of the supernal order, the whole of existence can seem one way or the other but once one is in the awareness of the supernal order, nothing is what it was or seemed to be previously. There is no way to explain what it is or how it is from the outside and once inside there is no further need for explanation and YOU STILL CAN'T EXPLAIN IT. But... YOU CAN BE IT !

That very fact renders this posting and just about everything else ever written, as being short of the mark. We try, as best we can, to tell it so that it might prove useful to others. The one thing we need always uppermost in our mind is NOT TO MISLEAD OTHERS. If we don't know, we must say so. Nothing brings the disfavor of Heaven so surely upon us as CLAIMING TO KNOW WHAT WE DO NOT KNOW. Worse even... is to profit from that which we claim to know and do not know.
It is a difficult art, this act of telling people about our thoughts and experiences as a possible guide for them; as if they carried any real weight in the scheme of things!!! A single angel possesses more wisdom than just about any human living and they gain no fame in the process. Few of us know what splendid work they accomplish on our behalf each day. Every great and noble action that happens here is inspired by an angel and how often do any of the acclaimed artists of the time admit to this, or acknowledge this or give thanks for it? How often do the fortunate among us give witness to the source of their fortune? Right. I know that any good or decent thing I have ever done has been under the angelic influence. All I have personally ever achieved and that I can take credit for, are my mistakes, of which, fortunately, there are fewer than there were.

How great and splendid is God, the ineffable and incomprehensible source of all that is good and righteous!!! How far beyond our understanding is the ineffable, so-called ineffable because he is ineffable. His angels fill the air with their borrowed light and they are so far beyond us themselves, except for those very very few who have attained to that blessed status, which is beyond the telling or describing. Such a fortune is ever-present for all but rarely does anyone aspire to it, or continue past the tests which... even there, angels accomplish for us if we only knew. It is the angel that masters it all within and we will not accomplish it until we do LET THE ANGEL IN. Just like vampires, they have to be invited.

Fear is the monster and dread taskmaster that defeats us. We have the fear of Death, who if we only knew, IS OUR GLORIOUS LIBERATOR. We have the fear of material loss, which is of no consequence, as those THINGS are the bars of the prison, forged to confine us in darkness because they are the darkness. It is no wonder we cannot see where we are going but WE WILL FIND OUT, unless we seek the aid of the angels who are ALWAYS near. It is their job to be near. We can only hear the angels when we close our ears to the world. It's one or the other. It's one or the other.

Fools imagine that they will lose the world and all of its pleasures, fleeting as they may be but we have been told on the highest authority; "SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE ADDED UNTO YOU." Need I say more? NEED I SAY MORE? What is the point or possibility of enjoying anything unless the Indwelling Supreme Enjoyer is present to demonstrate the proper methods and mediums of enjoyment?
Perhaps I don't know what I am talking about. These are only some of the self-verified things I have learned and for me they are true. Perhaps they will not prove true for another but they have proven true for me. They have proven true for me.

May God shine the light of his wisdom upon you and grant you illumination, without which there is no hope whatsoever here.
End Transmission.......

Today's Song is: ♫All the Things that I Wanted♫

Pocketnet... right... here you... going, going, gone... and the aliens win the World Series!!!


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