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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Nov 5, 2020 - 5:04:45 AM

"Magic is Like the Wind and All Magic is in the Will and the Quality of All Magic is Determined by INTENTION."
By Les Visible
Nov 5, 2020 - 5:01:21 AM

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October 31st 2020


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

This is the cultural blog. That means we have to put on our hip-boot waders and surround ourselves with an aura of cleansing Love, given the toxicity of the times. Due to the level of chaos and confusion that is rampant at this turning of the age, there are MANY trends moving through the collective mind of Humanity that are being missed for several reasons. One is that people are too close to the action to see them. Another is that they are representative of the trends and have lost their objective perspective; if it were ever present to begin with. Another is that there is a cloying, hypnotic miasma that is moving like an ill wind through certain levels of awareness, and of which the victims of it are unaware. It is difficult to dispel, most especially if you are unaware of it.

Keep in mind that it is NOT ONLY money that George Soros, The Deep State, China, Big Tech and the supporters of the Progressive Left agenda bring to the battlefield of our time. There is MAGIC at work. There has ALWAYS been MAGIC at work. This is the big factor that is not mentioned and it has been at work in human affairs for a VERY LONG TIME. There are two magics in this world. They are the Magic of Light and the Magic of Darkness and they are most effective when applied to those who live in the light and are influenced by The Light and when applied to those who live in darkness and are influenced by darkness. What do I mean by this? We will explore the various features next.

The Magic of Darkness has several powerful weapons at its disposal. One is Human Ignorance. Another is Human Fear. Another is Carnal Nature, expressed in low passions and appetites. These are collectively VERY POWERFUL in Times of Material Darkness, when Humanity has the benefits of convenience and physical ease that has been brought to them by technological advances. It should be stated here, and with emphasis...

Civilization is humanities reaction to PAIN, in the pursuit of COMFORT.

This is aided and abetted by Alcohol and Drugs and millions of distractions that militate AGAINST Introspection and Self Inquiry. We, collectively have no idea who we are, in terms of purpose and true aspiration. We shall discover that in this coming Age of Brotherhood.

The Magic of Light also has powerful weapons; Hope and Faith, Clarity... and chief among all of these- LOVE. Love expresses in Unity and it is the main weapon and shield for the workers of The Magic of Light. The Magic of Darkness has Discord and Disunity. It expresses in Diversity. It makes you wonder about that word; doesn't it? I did not mention all of the powerful weapons of the Magic of Light. It is enough that I mentioned LOVE. You... the reader... can extrapolate out from that. Some of the weapons of Light seem not to be weapons, like Compassion, a very powerful weapon. Lao Tzu said that "Compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead."

If you look at what is happening in this country at this time... today, it should be VERY CLEAR to you, WHO is doing WHAT, and 'WHAT' should be very clear too. The Press and MEDIA, whose responsibility is to report the truth about events, past and present, is an industry of LIES. If you want to see who they fear, look at who they lie about. If you want to see who they support, look at who they lie and obfuscate on the behalf of. Look at what they report and what they omit. Who, presently is preaching FEAR and who is preaching Optimism? Who was it previously that started and supported wars and who is it that is presently ending conflicts and making PEACE? I need give no names here and I need not go on any further. I need ONLY to state again what The Master, The Prince of Peace said, "By their works, ye shall know them." Really... my friends; do I need to say more? I will say a little more.

Who is it that supports the riots in the streets, whose agenda is JUSTICE... so they say... so they say? Is Justice accomplished through brutality and looting? Who wants to keep the country closed down, the schools closed down and the borders opened? Who is opposing this and promoting the reverse? Who has, PROVABLY profited by conspiring with the enemy? Who has not done so? Is that enough? There is so much more but I will cease in that area now. If you care to know, then you do know. If you do not care to know, you will not.

The Magic of Darkness has been VERY effective. The common souls do not know the truth about Bill Gates. They do not know that Dr. Fauci funded the research that brought COVID out of Wuhan. He gave them 3.7 million dollars, BUT... the Deep State protects its own... UNTIL IT DOESN'T. We would be in deep shit from the Deep State were it not for THE AWAKENING. I thank my fortunate stars EVERY DAY that I am able, through the industry of previous lives, to KNOW that God is Supreme over all and to have no concern for the Deep State or the Infernal Kingdom. You do know that the Infernal Kingdom exists as a location for those who seek to exist in and BEHAVE IN a certain fashion and the Supernal Realm is the same? These are states of being manifested from states of mind. You get, INEVITABLY, the fruits of your intentions.

There are many people, incarnate here in this moment who are in Hell. There are others who are in Heaven and there are LEVELS to reside at in each of them. Heaven and Hell are states of mind. There are also states beyond mind at the Buddhic, causal, and Atmic locations. Other systems list the planes on which our different bodies exist as being the Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Divine, Logoic, and Monadic. Each tradition has different names. The Astral is the plane of Feelings. You can see how Heaven and Hell might have locations there but NOT ONLY there. You do not have to be anywhere you do not want to be, and anywhere you wish to be... you have ONLY to go about with the certitude that you are ALREADY THERE, and it WILL form around you. Everything HERE starts as an IDEA. Then it becomes a blueprint. Then it goes through a process of construction. Then it is materialized. The only difference between us and a fully realized being is how long it takes for our visions to materialize.

What you do comes back on you. PERIOD. You are where you put yourself and right this moment, the way to anywhere stretches before you. As you think, so you are. This is VERY POWERFUL magic.

These magics have impacted on Human Consciousness for a very long time. At certain times, the priest class was the repository of magic. At other times, the magicians served the interest of Rulers. There are Black Magicians in the halls of power around the world. They are the powers and principalities, the rulers of the darkness of this world, and the spiritual wickedness in high places. Some of them are in physical form and some of them are discarnate and work through the minds of the incarnate. When you live and act a certain way you are open to the influences of certain magics. You are the recipient of the forces you invite in. You have to invite them in! It's like the stories of vampires who cannot cross your threshold unless invited.

Magic is a funny thing. I am NOT talking about Stage Magic. Magic is invisible. You can see the effect of it but not the cause of it. It is like the wind and all magic is in the will and the quality of all magic is determined by INTENTION. We practice magic all the time but are unaware of it. Healing is a similar thing. Some people heal you just by your being around them. Others make you sick the same way. If you knew how powerful you are, your life would be very different. HOWEVER... one must ALWAYS keep in mind the tale of The Sorcerers Apprentice and MANY ANOTHER 'cautionary' TALE. One MUST have a righteous teacher. Jesus Christ comes to mind. He is teaching ALL THE TIME. You simply have to be able to set your dial. You have an internal radio. You have to fine-tune to WCRST... or WKRNA or... whatever font of Ageless Wisdom you SUBSCRIBE to.

LOVE is the MOST powerful magic of all. It immediately overcomes any other magic but you must be fixed in the expression of it... UNSHAKEABLE. FEAR is the tool of darkness and the interesting TRUTH Is that Fear and Love CANNOT exist in the same space at the same time. They displace each other. Your course of action should be clear. The power and force that is generated out of DISCIPLINE is amazing. Take command of your mind and your thoughts and you take control of your world.

My friends... I say the same things again and again in a different way. I am now saying that again and again (grin). Hopefully, I do not get to where I am saying this again and again. It is simple, my friends. It is simple. Love God and Love your neighbor. You need to do no more than that, other than to Serve as you Go. There needs be no complexity about this. Cast out intruding thoughts and hold one high ideal in your mind. Plant the seed in your subconscious. Let it sprout. Water and attend this fragile growing plant with your attention. It WILL grow strong. It will shelter and protect you like a mighty tree. This is magic too and it is in your hands.

End Transmission.......

Our latest discourse from The First Church of the Presence of God is up now and we hope to add a new one this weekend. You can find Discourse #8 below.

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