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Changing The Face Of Religion : Other Spiritual Pieces Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

"Love is THE Determiner of Your Grit and Continuance. We Make a Pearl out of an Irritation in a Different Way."
By Les Visible
Dec 21, 2021 - 4:56:21 AM

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Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Governor Newsom, the frontman for the Communist Cartel in the slave state of Kalifornia, said... when told that it was the vaccinated who were catching this latest seasonal cold, "that's a good reason for everyone to mask up." Dr. Falsie said, when talking about the double vaccinated, catching the latest same old same old, "That's a good thing. It will help them build immunity."

I live in one of The Free States. No masks are necessary. I didn't even have to wear them the first time. I just waited them out, and still went out whenever I felt like it, and I don't expect to ever act differently because... I will not live where people are in bondage to a snake cult minority of Reversed Kundalini, back-door celebrating, dwellers in the murk. There will always be somewhere to go until sanity is restored, even if that means a great deal fewer of us. People come and go all the time. Does it actually matter if a whole lot of them leave in the same period of time? They are not here with any degree of permanence in the first place.

I do not concern myself with the biorhythms of The World, whether it be the culture, the political climate, or the specific, slow-slide of religions, sinking into ridiculous intricacies of dogma and doctrine, since The Living God left the temples they built to themselves. We get wars and rumors of wars. War is one of the perpetual states of human life. There are periods of relative peace and periods of war. One can ALWAYS find expressions of either in one place or another.

At the moment, we have a stealth war of The Deep State against Humanity. Most of Humanity is clueless about this because the brainwashing took. It doesn't work on some of us. It doesn't work at all in some cases. Those who can see, know to keep their distance from the trouble spots. Help is on the way, for those seeking it. Some of us are not in need of help because we are an invisible target. Even if you make us disappear, we are returned with an army built by The Cosmos for your education.

I continue to speak of these things because it is very likely, Push will come to Shove. So many bad things would have happened long ago if they were permitted to, but... they were not. The World is controlled by unseen forces. Your mindset has everything to do with how that impacts on you. I have no quarrel with the benefic or wrathful planes or deities. I see utility in both, though I serve only one. There are all sorts of passwords and markers, luminous inscriptions... written on the forms that one encounters on The Other Side. We have similar markings on each of us at this very moment but one must be clairvoyant to see them. I call them, Karmic Markers.

They used to say that The Devil had put his mark on this one or that one. At the moment, many are in fear of The Mark of the Beast, which I suspect is, more or less, the same thing. It is probably good to be aware of The Fact that God puts his mark on us too. You'll find lots of scripture to that effect, should you go looking for it.

In the links below, in the next couple of postings, you are going to see a certain amount of sleaze that exemplifies the direction and intention of those shaping it to that end... whatever end it be. There's much worse. People who use torrents know that most of the video that becomes available is Porn. You don't have to download it, but... you see it listed if you do a general search for the latest videos, at any torrents site. It must be very compelling.

If you look at it objectively, you see it is a form of infantilism, having to do with arrested development, as well as a great deal of programming after the fact. The World is in such a state of depravity at the moment that The Culture acts as a trauma-hammer on the psyche of the young, and they can't grow up... or they grow up very incomplete... or they become a junkie. By junkie, I mean many other vehicles besides drugs; many other forms of Junk.

People have become so immersed in Material Culture that freeing them involves various degrees of pain and separation anxiety because they are holding on so tightly. The thing is... YOU MUST EVOLVE. You have no choice. It is the same as the reality that NO ONE can remain still. Of course... you could Devolve, but you can only go in that direction for so long before you are compelled to evolve again. As you can imagine, this could involve significant periods of time. Is that something you want?

Thankfully, I do not trouble myself concerning the impact that coming changes are going to have on Humanity. It is out of my hands, except in a very minimal way. I wish more people understood the degree of tremendous change that is going to come down on this theater of operation. I am expecting the highest highs and the lowest lows... demonstrated widely in real-life drama. People will be driven to grow, like it or not. Opting out is not an option. The beauty of the Mercy and Compassion that will be freely available is that drastic circumstances are not required. That is something people choose based on their level of resistance to irresistible force. It would be like waging war against The Sun, only far more difficult... or... you could surrender.

People come to a terrible pass in search of Babylon. All the locations spoken of in scripture have their modern-day equivalent. People choose to stay where they are. People eat garbage every day, with no gratitude even, and expect to remain well. Life... abundant life... flows from Heaven when the door is open and flows elsewhere if the door is closed. People seem to have very little understanding of what they are in the midst of and that all blessings flow from Heaven. Why not live in The Land of Blessings, which is possible, by the way... if you are blessing Life. How does that go? "I salute the God within you." Namaste.

People are free to be at war with whoever the target or target audience may be. I seek to be at war with nothing and no one. I wish to be in harmony with all life. That is my objective. Of course, that is a very high objective, but... if one aspires... one might at least grow closer to it. One thing that I KNOW... is you must have an ideal. For instance, I would like to become like The Sun, a giver of life and a judger of none. At that scale... it might take a while to build up to channeling that much force. I'm not after that side of it. I just want to be able to do the same thing in a smaller way, and I can, anyone can. To be an actor on this plane is to be in the drama of your moment, and there are many diverse dramas here. One can get to where they reflect the face of God in every face they meet.

Until that point, we are all, in some way, hindered by our shortcomings. It's possible to discipline shortcomings... or drag them out into long goings. Love is THE determiner of your grit and continuance. We make a pearl out of a grain of sand in a different way.

It occurred to me last night that all the politicians are together in a collective conspiracy to control us. Then I remembered that I had pretty much always known this. I actually believe that they are all in a conspiracy against one another because there is only one real government in Heaven and on Earth that matters. That is The Divine... who rules them all, whether they wish that or not. This is another, very compelling reason to get with the program. It doesn't matter what those knuckleheads get up to... life goes on. We hope for the best, and we work for the best, and the rest is in the hands of God. I suspect God will handle it. That's not my department.

Sometimes I feel like a cog in a great patchwork sky... of a machine too big to see, and it is all turning perfectly, and I am turning with it. It lights me up if I let it, and then... I guess I get to be a shiny cog in a shine-making machine. This is one of the reasons I think, to be anonymous is best. You can be known and unknown in every town you pass through or you can let the town grow around you, or you could get out of town when necessary.

That is one of the plus factors of civilization. Everyone can live like a king and a queen here... if they were only more careful of what they spend their time and attention on. The survival thing is not really an issue anymore. I'm not saying it will always be that way because worlds come and worlds go, big worlds and small worlds... It only goes to good places, if you are coming from such a place, so I don't usually mind.

One thing we have noticed with this Scamdemic of a whole lotta nothing but fear... is that The Darkness has its hooks into every one of the movers and shakers of this world. The governments and religions are complicit, working from mandatory oral sex on the corporate ladder, to Fellatio on the altar of Baphomet. This is their intent, to destroy all memory of decency and Humanity... in order to create gulags of despair. They WILL fail...

I do not want to leave the reader with a darker perspective on The World. It is only coming to our attention in the way it does at present because light is breaking through all the darkness woven previously by agents of The Darkness, and it is the agitation of this light upon entrenched darkness that is causing all the unrest.

God wins... absolutely, no matter what. God is not only within every single person, knowing and unknowing. He is in all life and all else he can bring to life in an instant should he so choose. He is the stage and the players... and all the surrounding worlds, oh so very far and wide among the stars. He allows people to run loose, engineer their schemes, and even carry them out on occasion, ALL of it... for The Purpose of Demonstration. Hang in there.

End Transmission.......

Some number of links; more than I can place here today, but I remember they get sparser later in the week (grin)

What if the whole season of recent political and cultural episodes, and well before that too, has been a charade? What if Trump is just a player in a collective conspiracy of seeming opposite camps that are not in opposition at all, but work together, even antagonistically to bring about a common goal? It's the vaccines that put proof positive on it for me, AND ESPECIALLY Trump not backing away from the vaccines, once their toxicity had become common knowledge. He has to know by now. (Personal musing. There is no attending link)

Via The Oregonian
Speaking of Mr. Apocalypse...
can Jimmy Hoffa be next in line?

Robert Rackstraw, D.B. Cooper suspect with various bizarre Oregon connections, dies at 75

Via revolver
For those who may still be having difficulty separating illusion from reality, we have this=
Damning New Details Emerge Exposing Massive Web Of Unindicted Operators At The Heart Of January 6


Via Breitbart
I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am=
Joe Biden Teams Up with Jonas Brothers:
A Cappella Group to Promote Coronavirus Vaccines and Boosters


Geoffrey Grider Via The Truthseeker
Like I said, I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am=
A Shocking Number Of Physicians Who Strongly Advocated For COVID Vaccine Are Now Dropping Dead From ‘Adverse Reactions'

Dctors who have died unexpectedly

Via DW
Man! How petty people can be about money when they are already worth hundreds of millions. The people allegedly promoting my work on just about every server there is, stopped sending me anything. I guess because they felt they could. I said, "So What?" and just went my way. It's not that important. God handles these things. Mr. Apocalypse is working overtime, on everything and everybody. Imagine the fright some will get when it dawns on them what they have been up to. For those with sincere repentance, all will be well.=
Eric Clapton wins case against German woman selling bootlegged CD


Via Fox News
(drum roll)...
The unseen hand in human affairs=

Manchin kills Build Back Better and gives nation - and Republicans - a big win

Via U.K. Daily Mail
Well... you don't see this every day=
Enraged monkeys kill 250 DOGS by dragging them to the top of buildings and dropping them off 'out of revenge' after pups killed one of their infants

IF you find the time, this is well worth reading=
Shambhala - The Magic Kingdom


Via Variety
When people go down they proceed into the dense hot glowing heat of Materialism. The case with this once-inspired artist is that the muses deserted him after The River.
Money is all he has left=

Bruce Springsteen Sells Catalog to Sony Music



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